Do’s and Don’t of the Oscars: 2012 Edition

You won’t find a list of winners here. Just check ever other entertainment blog on the face of the earth. Here we just have the Do’s and Don’ts of the Oscars: 2012 Edition.

Do’s and Don’ts: 2012

  1. Do check your sound. My television couldn’t been the only one with weird audio feedback and sound.
  2. Do let Billy Crystal host every year. Maybe he can switch it on and off with Hugh. Billy does it simple, classic. It might seem boring or safe, but overall he carried the show well. The audience seemed to agree.
  3. Don’t do fun facts before commercial breaks. I don’t care. I don’t like it when you do it during the Emmys so I’m definitely not going to like it during the Oscars.
  4. Do let Emma Stone come on stage more often. She will be my best friend. She was so funny and charming. Not in an obnoxious way either. I thought she and Ben Stiller played very nicely.
  5. Don’t let RDJ do that documentary thing again. I love him, but it was very awkward. Let me say it again, I love him, but don’t let him do that again.
  6. Do switch up your presentation such as Cameron Diaz. She does present like every year. Let her have a little fun. Same for Sandra Bullock. She was Ms. Congeniality, let her speak that German Chinese! Find the right balance. Yes to the ladies. Just let RDJ stand there and be handsome.
  7. Don’t do little jokes that aren’t that funny. Do a test audience on the test audience skit. You can save time. Speaking about time… look to the next one.
  8. Don’t say you’ll end at 11:30. Be honest with yourselves… you always end at 11:40.
  9. Do allow Colin Firth to present all awards. You can’t say no to that face or that voice.
  10. Don’t let there only be two Best Song nominees. Also Do let them perform. It’s more entertaining.
  1. Do play a side game on tumblr or twitter with other fans of an actor.  Benedict Cumberwatch ’12 on tumblr. It was highly entertaining for myself since I’ve just become a fan.
  2. Do make a twitter for Angelina Jolie’s leg. Pretty funny when going through your feed and you see that.



I need some RDJ fix: “Iron Man 2”

Didn’t I tell you that I would be posting a lot this week? Thanks Spring Break! I’m avoiding my real work and having more fun doing this.

All right, I am an “Iron Man” fan for numerous reasons, but the number one reason is I love me some cocky RDJ. That’s right, special effects are awesome, but what really keeps me going to the movies or watching the first one over and over is the lovely RDJ. Can we get an amen ladies?

Okay so the following two videos are in anticpation for “Iron Man 2”. First is the trailer that you all should have seen because it came out months ago and the second just aired during the Kid’s Choice Awards on Saturday which I am sure, most of you did not see. Enjoy your RDJ fix for this rainy monday on the east coast.

You so fine RDJ.. can’t wait until May 7th…

RDJ + Holmes: awesomeness

After seeing Robert Downey’s Jr’s (RDJ) comeback in Iron Man and Tropic Thunder, it comes as no surprise that Sherlock Holmes did well in the theaters. Besides his good bad boy looks and the way he’s so direct, RDJ plays his characters well. But isn’t that why they pay actors? To play good parts in movies.

Sherlock Holmes, directed by Guy Ritchie, is a film that transports the audience back to the Victorian Times where Sherlock Holmes is the man the police love to hate. Before I begin discussing this film, I must say I have never read any of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s books so I just took it as it was, a movie. If you ask my sister, an avid reader of the Holmes books, she will probably say Ritchie didn’t do a bad job.

The plot is a fun mystery that the auience can see how Holmes works as an eccentric scientist/professor/musician along side with his best friend and almost brother, John Watson played by Jude Law. I likened the plot to the movies “The Illusionist” and “The Prestige” The mystery does get solved by Holmes stating it matter of factly. Richie does a lot of flashbacks of previous events to link it together with Holmes words.

The connection between Watson and Holmes has been likened by RDJ himself as homoerotic. I believe he got in trouble for trying to promote that message, but that’s why we love him.  During the film, I likened it to a Bromance. They are just very good friends who have each others backs. The squabbles between the two of them helped make the film what is was. Ex: “Get that out of my face.” “It’s not in your face, it’s in my hand.”  Holmes and Watson are very protective of one another, for instance when Holmes protects Watson’s reputation as a doctor and vice versa. They just make a good team and RDJ and Law have done their jobs as actors very well.

Now the lovely Rachel McAdams also did her job of becoming the girl that the audience loves to hate, hates to love. She looked fabulous in her wardrobe and was probably the only one who had a hint of color in her outfits. She was the lover that Holmes couldn’t keep away from, but she was also the best in her business, a hired killer. Their relationship kinda reminded me of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.”  The chemistry between the two I thought was quite fantastic. She liked to trick him, but he liked to trick back. Deep down they cared for each other too much to rat one another out.

One of my favorite moments in the movie was RDJ sitting in the chair in front of a wall, trying to figure out the mystery, that had words written all of them. Maybe it was the stark contrast between the white of the wall and the black writing. Whatever it was, I was a fan of it. My other favorite scene was the fire explosion. I won’t got into details so I don’t spoil anything, but I thought the sound design was fantastic. The sound slowed down and was even muted at one point and then sped up, when Holmes caught his breath. Really catching to the eyes and ears.

The color choices in costume, scenery, art direction,etc had a good theme going. No bright colors. Very dreary greys, browns and whites. It expressed the time period very nicely. Even McAdams’ costumes were in color, but were in dark shades so as not to stand out that much.

The one thing that did bother me was the newspapers. I don’t know why, but it looked like computer paper it was printed on. C’mon Guy Ritchie get some worn looking papers to look old fashion newspapery to me.

Out of the two Oscar nominations it has received, I was very happy to see that one of them was for musical score composed by Hans Zimmer. Now Hans Zimmer’s recent projects have included composing Pirates of the Caribbean 2 & 3, It’s Complicated and the Holiday. If you have listened to the POTC 2 & 3, you might have heard a familiar sound like in “Jack Sparrow”. Other than that the music became it’s own. Zimmer seem to use to his advantage that the Holmes played violin and used a majority of strings in his score. No complaints as I was a former violinist.  The whole sound being very Irishy was also wonderful sounding. It was just a good score. Well done Zimmer.

Overall, Sherlock Holmes brought the adventure, the RDJ, and just good time fun.

Oscar Nominations:

1. Best Achievement in Art Direction: Sarah Greenwood and Katie Spencer

2. Best Achievement in Music: Hans Zimmer