“Rango”: Yeehaw!

This move just needs to win Best Animated Picture. It’s not because of the storyline, but because the way it was constructed. I included below how Director Gore Verbinski used a type of motion capture to get his actors “playing.” Johnny Depp who plays the leads liked to call it “emotion capture”.

I saw this behind the scenes footage and the film a while ago, but I decide to rewatch it today to catch anything I missed before the Oscars.

“Rango” is about an identity crisis Chameleon who must change his life to fit his new life situated in the Wild ¬†West. Chameleons would have an identity crisis. He has lived his whole life in an aquarium as a pet. His only friends are a headless Barbie, a dead bug and orange fake goldfish. When his tank suddenly falls out his owner’s truck and into the highway, he must learn the Spirit of the West.

As he learns about the Spirit of the West from a roadkill Armadillo, he comes to the town of Dirt that is dependent on water. Too bad, their water supply is looking pretty bleak. The chameleon creates the persona of Rango, a tough westerner who must find the cause of the missing water. Another notable character is Beans who has semi-states of unconsciousness. Hysterical!

Gore Verbinski assembled a great cast of actors to play dress up including his good friend Johnny Depp. Verbinski was the director on the first three Pirates of the Carribbean movies. I’m sure you know who Johnny Depp played. More of the cast includes Isla Fisher as Beans and Bill Nighy plays Rattlesnake Jake.

This movie might not be the most kiddy movie because the characters are quirky, but this film is definitely favorite for fans of Western films. Verbinski litters his film with them.

Check out the indiewire which did a great interview with Verbinski on all his Western homages! Just click on the picture for the article. The music is a great mix of Western tunes especially with Hans Zimmer returning to work with Verbinski.

The Playlist from the Indiewire

The Playlist from the Indiewire

While I am sure “Puss in Boots” is entertaining, I don’t think it is going to win best animated picture. “Rango” definitely plays a unique take on animation thanks ILM or Industrial Light and Magic. This is their first full length future film.

Oscar Nominations: 

1. Best Animated Picture