Do’s and Don’t of the Oscars: 2012 Edition

You won’t find a list of winners here. Just check ever other entertainment blog on the face of the earth. Here we just have the Do’s and Don’ts of the Oscars: 2012 Edition.

Do’s and Don’ts: 2012

  1. Do check your sound. My television couldn’t been the only one with weird audio feedback and sound.
  2. Do let Billy Crystal host every year. Maybe he can switch it on and off with Hugh. Billy does it simple, classic. It might seem boring or safe, but overall he carried the show well. The audience seemed to agree.
  3. Don’t do fun facts before commercial breaks. I don’t care. I don’t like it when you do it during the Emmys so I’m definitely not going to like it during the Oscars.
  4. Do let Emma Stone come on stage more often. She will be my best friend. She was so funny and charming. Not in an obnoxious way either. I thought she and Ben Stiller played very nicely.
  5. Don’t let RDJ do that documentary thing again. I love him, but it was very awkward. Let me say it again, I love him, but don’t let him do that again.
  6. Do switch up your presentation such as Cameron Diaz. She does present like every year. Let her have a little fun. Same for Sandra Bullock. She was Ms. Congeniality, let her speak that German Chinese! Find the right balance. Yes to the ladies. Just let RDJ stand there and be handsome.
  7. Don’t do little jokes that aren’t that funny. Do a test audience on the test audience skit. You can save time. Speaking about time… look to the next one.
  8. Don’t say you’ll end at 11:30. Be honest with yourselves… you always end at 11:40.
  9. Do allow Colin Firth to present all awards. You can’t say no to that face or that voice.
  10. Don’t let there only be two Best Song nominees. Also Do let them perform. It’s more entertaining.
  1. Do play a side game on tumblr or twitter with other fans of an actor.  Benedict Cumberwatch ’12 on tumblr. It was highly entertaining for myself since I’ve just become a fan.
  2. Do make a twitter for Angelina Jolie’s leg. Pretty funny when going through your feed and you see that.



5 movies that I am excited for…

It will come as no surprise that the movies I want to see in 2012 are all science fiction or fantasy. What can I say, I am that kind of girl. I’m sure there are other movies coming out, but the ones below are the ones I can’t stop watching and waiting for. Movies are listed in order of their release date.

The Hunger Games: March 23,2012

These books by Suzanne Collins are amazingly addicting. They may be young adult, but I’ve seen anyone and everyone reading them. Harry Potter will always be my first fantasy love, but honestly these books have become a close second. The books are considered the next Twilight, but I beg to differ. The only thing I can say they are the same as is, the fast pace fan growth. I wrote about these books previously on here, but let’s talk about the trailer.

When that trailer came out, I was jumping up and down. This trailer was wonderfully made. It did just what it was supposed to do…. stir anticipation. I think I need to thank T-Bone Burnett and James Newton Howard. The music is intense and it has this great sound to it.

Speaking of great sounds, Taylor Swift has just released a new song that will most likely be used as the end credit song. She performs “Safe and Sound” with The Civl Wars. I was a little nervous because I love T-Swift’s music, but I didn’t know how it would fit in with the gritty nature of The Hunger Games. Quite frankly, I love it. It has this great southern, coal miner daughter’s sound to it and that’s just what you want. Hello, Katniss Everdeen is from the District 12, the coal mining district.

Click below to listen:

Taylor Swift’s Safe and Sound


The Avengers: May 4, 2012

I’ve already discussed this two months ago… I just want to see this movie to see more of Tony Stark. This movie is gonna be pretty sweet because it combines a lot of comic book heroes together. They are the Avengers… duh. The only one I’m not excited for is Black Widow. She’s just not my favorite person. Hopefully Hawkeye and Tony Stark make up for it. I do still have to see Thor and Captain America before I see this.  I even think Mark Ruffalo is going to be awesome.

New Fact: Disney has decided to make The Avengers available in 2D and 3D format. Before, it was just 2D. Personally, I don’t see 3D movies because I’m poor and I’m biased that Avatar is still the only movies with outstanding 3D.


The Amazing Spiderman: July 3, 2012

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone… do I have to say anything else? I’m sure everyone was anxious that Columbia decided to reboot this franchise. Tobey Maguire and James Franco kinda put it to bed after the third one. Director Marc Webb’s trailer looks promising and the only thing I’m slightly afraid is when the audience becomes Garfield and is web-slinging around the city. I know Webb plans on doing parts of the film like this, hopefully it doesn’t feel like a bad video game.


The Dark Knight Rises: July 20, 2012

Hans Zimmer and Chris Nolan do it again. Nolan does not kill a trilogy, he drives it up and makes it exciting. You have Christian Bale back plus Tom Hardy as Bane, Anne Hathaway as the slinky Catwoman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard and more. I don’t even know how to describe my excitement. I don’t know what all the fans think of the trailer, but from a movie-goers point of view, I can’t wait.

One interesting thing that came out of the trailer: Warner Brothers is afraid that Bane is too hard to understand. Fans started to complain that Bane’s voice is too muffled. According to the Hollywood Reporter: Nolan is up for altering the sound mix, but not that much. Click on the picture for the Hollywood Reporter for more details.

The Hollywood Reporter

The Hollywood Reporter


My sister loves Lord of the Rings. There is no denying this. For a while I liked to ignore this movie. I couldn’t watch it, but eventually I fell in love with the trilogy that Peter Jackson helped shape into reality. Peter Jackson has a way with transforming worlds and I’m so glad he ended up with this project. For a while, this project was anchored to Guillermo del Toro. It felt like it was never getting off the ground, but I’m so glad Jackson came back. He knows the way of the land and the work with WETA. He’s done great production diaries for the fans and always keeps them informed. He knows who counts.
Trailer note since I got sidetracked in my love for Peter Jackson: Gollum is back….
To watch any of the trailers, just click on the movie’s title and you will be directed to their youtube page.