Revenge Ep11: “Duress”

Revenge ABC

Revenge ABC

It’s the blowout episode you’ve been waiting for. Okay, well, it isn’t the engagement party episode, but this one was pretty cool. Cue the Tyler chronicles as Nolan would say!

Tyler is still creating havoc in the Hamptons as Victoria prepares for Daniel’s birthday party. She wants extravagant, he does not and neither does Emily. Clambake it is! Jack and Amanda are invited to help set up the party and then join in afterward.

Before the festivities are underway, Emily and Nolan decide to patch things up after their kerfuffle. He tells Emily, “Tyler stole my whale cam.” I love them calling it that.

Nolan decides to track Tyler’s phone by GPS which will be Nolan’s downfall in this episode. Emily goes into Daniel’s house where Tyler is staying to find the whale cam. She also finds tons of empty prescription bottles. They look up and found out his drugs were anti-pyschotics. You never want to run out of those. As Nolan says, cold turkey equals hot mess.

Emily and Nolan decide to call Tyler’s brother, Alex Barroll to come pick him up. ( I thought their last name was spelt differently… oh well. Now, I know)

Emily prepares for Daniel’s birthday. As she makes him a scrapbook of all his favorite poems, Nolan is attacked by Tyler. The gps says Tyler was on a plane. Too bad, Tyler just shipped his phone ahead of time. Tyler wants to know where those videos are along with the web cam. He stabs Nolan and ties him up in a chair after he sees the camera at Emily’s house. Add another plate setting to the clam bake.

It’s a nice evening with the Grayson not really speaking to each other due to the divorce proceedings, but they try to make it the best for Daniel. Victoria gives Daniel a scrapbook, how inventive of her? Emily thinks no, not really. Amanda is also introduced at the party and Conrad and Victoria have now both become very suspicious.

When Emily goes to get the cake, she runs into Tyler. Tyler comes out to the rest of the party and plays a game of Truth or Die. He wants to know what really happened to David Clarke? He points a gun at Emily’s head as everyone gets a little frightened, even Emily. Nolan meanwhile is rocking back in forth in his tied up chair. Alex comes and helps Nolan.

Emily acts defenseless even though we know she has awesome crazy fighting skills. Instead Jack and Daniel will take down Tyler right around the time Nolan and Alex show up  and Alex tries to persuade his brother to come home.

When the police come, they find Frank’s wallet in Tyler’s coat. He is the new suspect.I wonder  how it got there. Just look to the lovely Emily Thorne of course.


  • Nolan to Emily: You seemed like a mere mortal tonight. Emily: the gun was empty. Nolan: You surprise me.
  • In a flashback we see Victoria with David. He wants to introduce Victoria to Amanda, Victoria could care less.
  • During Divorce proceedings: Victoria wants custody of Charlotte. She claims she was pregnant when she signed the prenup so they are filing she was under duress. Victoria later tells Ryan that she was never pregnant, she miscarried.
  • What happened to Big Ed? Nolan’s bodyguard? Stupid rich boy move.