Revenge Ep14: “Perception”

Revenge ABC

Revenge ABC

It’s official. I’ve finally caught up with these recaps. Not too soon either since the Engagement Party episode is tonight which we have all been waiting for.

Everyone had received their tickets for the “Fire & Ice Ball” as Victoria has named the party. Engagement photos are taken, dinner with Grandpa Grayson occurs and the secret of Charlotte is announced.  Even in a flashback, you see that Emily has known Daniel for a long time, back in his college days.

While Amanda Clarke has left the “Revenge” party, Jack is nursing his broken heart with the Treadwell tape found under his bed. He asks Nolan to find something to play it on. Jack does not let it out of his hands. He calls Amanda and tells her if she wants it back, she has to meet him. Emily still the owner of the phone, hears this message and decides for Amanda to come back into the game. Amanda between tears at a Riverhead hotel explains to him, “The little girl you loved isn’t me.” Jack still does not hand over the tape.

Nolan tells Emily that he has a way to demagnetize the tape to get rid of the footage, but he isn’t sure if he is willing to do this. In the end, he lets Jack see the small conversation between Amanda and Treadwell. She explains how her Dad loved the lady with the black hair. The lady would definitely help. Jack obviously knows this is not true. Amanda learns that he has watched it and passes the information on to Emily. This could be the reason that Nolan and Emily have an disagreement at the engagement party.

Before Jack comes into the picture, Victoria tries to hold a civil dinner with her father-in-law who absolutely adores her. Declan is also invited to dinner because Victoria is trying to be the best for Charlotte after all that Conrad has done to his daughter. Victoria for once tells Conrad, this is between you and me. You need to apologize to your daughter, it isn’t her fault.

Ashley sees Conrad before the dinner for a list of invitees for the engagement party, but  Conrad wants to know what the part Ashley wants to play in this game. He warns her that she is playing for the wrong side.

Conrad after all,  decides to try to make it up to Charlotte. Conrad gives Charlotte a big speech about being strong whatever comes her way. At first in the episode, we are led to believe that Emily will be the one who will spoil her half-sister’s life. She has a burned DVD to place in Charlotte’s vantage point, but instead she retracts this idea. What a nice sisterly deed.

However, a mess is made surely when Jack comes stomping through the house. Jack asks to Victoria, “What did you do to make her run away? You did nothing. You could’ve saved her.”

No one has any idea of what’s going on. Daniel thinks Jack is lying. Eventually Victoria must tell the truth as does Conrad.  Daniel can’t believe his mother lied about her relationship. Grandpa Grayson is not pleased. He wishes that his son could’ve just kept it in the business. Grandpa wants Conrad to step down as CEO and Daniel to step up. Charlotte is horrified, runs away to the Stowaway and drinks away her hurt in the form of tequila. She tells Declan, “I have no father. He is dead.”

The most important part of this episode comes when Emily walks into her house. A light is on where her infinity box is usually hidden, but it is gone. In its place is a RSVP card for “Fire and Ice” party and this mysterious person will be attending.  I’m desperate to know who found her out! Aren’t you?



Revenge Ep10: “Loyalty”

Revenge ABC

Revenge ABC

I’m going to call this episode, a filler episode or in a nicer way, adding to the backstory.

Nolan and Emily find out that Tyler isn’t who appears to be. Emily finds out a little bit more and sees that Nolan has been paying a little extra for some sex business from Tyler. She is not pleased.

Eventually Conrad will come to get the footage. He wishes to fire him, but Tyler steps in. Tyler believes this is a bad idea since he knows how the Graysons really ended Flight 197.

Besides the hot mess that is Tyler who ran out of his medication, you have the Grayson’s divorce starting. No surprise there, right? The children start to take sides. Charlotte obviously chooses her daddy’s side. Daniel is stuck into the middle until he learns that Tyler was not fired. Daniel is now on Team Mommy and is willing to get her information that she needs to get what she wants.

A new character is introduced by the name of Ryan Huntley. This person is very important. Ryan is Victoria’s attorney for the divorce proceedings. He is also the lawyer who turned down the appeal of David Clarke. Remember this person because Emily certainly does.

On the other side of love in Suffolk county, Jack is falling deeply in love with Amanda. Too bad, Amanda has a foggy childhood. Also, Sammy hates her and Jack can’t figure out why. Come on Jack! Why does Sammy adore Emily? I don’t think it is because she smells like beef jerky. Emily acts pretty nice to Amanda which you know can’t be good in the end.

Daniel also meets Amanda and is shocked to see her. Emily acts dumb and pretends she has no idea who David Clarke is. Amanda is being set up soon to meet with the Graysons, can’t you feel it?

Declan and Charlotte are also trying to buy an apartment with the bribe money that Victoria gave Declan. Surprisingly both families find the idea of two teenagers having an apartment is very stupid.

Disclaimer: It really bothers me that I’m a japanese minor and Emily speaks better Japanese than I do. I’m confused she just learned it phonetically. Anyway, pretty much Satoshi is like you’re screwed if you fall in love with your enemy. You forget what you are really after. Disclaimer: This is not me translating the japanese, just the subtitles.

Satoshi is also sick of his position in this show. He has had it up to here. He gives Daniel business, but warns Emily to leave her emotions at the door. He warns as he leaves, “With your emotions you are destined to fail..”

With Satoshi leaving, Nolan also parts ways for a little bit since Emily ruined his plans with Tyler. Nolan tells her, “I’m glad your father isn’t here to see what you’ve become.”

Onto the fantastic clambake episode!

Side note: I hate the new graphic… a lot.

Revenge Ep8: “Treachery”

Revenge ABC

Revenge ABC

This post is going to get confusing. We have Amanda and Emily who is really Emily and Amanda. You get what I’m saying?

Not to worry, I’m not going to change anyone’s name. I’m going to try to keep it consistent. This is a pretty basic episode anyway…

Two people arrive at the Hamptons. Lydia returns to the Hamptons to convalesce at the Grayson’s house and Emily has stashed her one time juvie buddy at Nolan’s. Nolan is not amused. I like when he goes, “How long am I running a daycare center?

Emily doesn’t give a name to her friend, but promises she will return to get her. Nolan allows the girl a.k.a Amanda Clarke in the pool when Jack comes back, looking for Nolan. Jack has a new interest in his life. Nolan tells him to avoid her against all costs. He has seen blood on her coat.

Flashback common sense: Emily and Amanda switched names. The warden at Allenwood told Emily to get the real “Emily Thorne” to trust her and then you can have her work her. Emily gave “Emily” a half a million dollars to switch her name and story for hers.

While Amanda is staying with Nolan, Franks wallet is uncovered. Nolan is not happy, one bit. Harboring criminals is one thing Nolan won’t do.

As Lydia moves in, Emily asks Nolan to do her another favor. What is Emily going to do without Nolan? Nolan is such a good friend to her especially after she wants the photoshop picture of New Years in under an hour. What a nice relationship they have. Another lovely relationship is Lydia and Victoria. Victoria is making sure if she remembers anything, it is only the right things.

Emily is working on a new identity “Kara Wilkins” for Amanda because as Emily says, “it’s not safe for you here.” Let’s send you to Paris, but Amanda won’t have this.

The police show up at Emily’s house asking questions, but she has a fish alibi. After picking Amanda up that morning she had gone to pick up some Lox for Daniel. How convenient…  The police tell her that Frank was investigating her for Victoria. Emily then explains about the Allenwood facility. She uses the real Emily’s story about how she ended her abusive father’s life. Daniel is horrified that his mother was having her investigated. He moves in with Emily. Score one for Emily!  The Police do mention that Frank’s car was in Long Island, but the body was not. Not so good Amanda. Too bad she’s going to stick around and have some fun.


  • Daniel is quitting his job after two episodes at the Stowaway. Congrats Dan! He joins back up with his father.
  • Ashley is sick of working for the socialites… she wants to be one of them.
  • Kara Wilkins is Emily’s mom name.
  • Nolan and Jack’s friendship is restored. See, I didn’t even mention this in the last post because I knew they would be still together.
  • Lydia overheard the truth between Victoria and Conrad on how her fall happened.
  • Emily leaves Frank’s phone at Victoria with the GPS turned on after she and Nolan wiped the memory.