Revenge Ep14: “Perception”

Revenge ABC

Revenge ABC

It’s official. I’ve finally caught up with these recaps. Not too soon either since the Engagement Party episode is tonight which we have all been waiting for.

Everyone had received their tickets for the “Fire & Ice Ball” as Victoria has named the party. Engagement photos are taken, dinner with Grandpa Grayson occurs and the secret of Charlotte is announced.  Even in a flashback, you see that Emily has known Daniel for a long time, back in his college days.

While Amanda Clarke has left the “Revenge” party, Jack is nursing his broken heart with the Treadwell tape found under his bed. He asks Nolan to find something to play it on. Jack does not let it out of his hands. He calls Amanda and tells her if she wants it back, she has to meet him. Emily still the owner of the phone, hears this message and decides for Amanda to come back into the game. Amanda between tears at a Riverhead hotel explains to him, “The little girl you loved isn’t me.” Jack still does not hand over the tape.

Nolan tells Emily that he has a way to demagnetize the tape to get rid of the footage, but he isn’t sure if he is willing to do this. In the end, he lets Jack see the small conversation between Amanda and Treadwell. She explains how her Dad loved the lady with the black hair. The lady would definitely help. Jack obviously knows this is not true. Amanda learns that he has watched it and passes the information on to Emily. This could be the reason that Nolan and Emily have an disagreement at the engagement party.

Before Jack comes into the picture, Victoria tries to hold a civil dinner with her father-in-law who absolutely adores her. Declan is also invited to dinner because Victoria is trying to be the best for Charlotte after all that Conrad has done to his daughter. Victoria for once tells Conrad, this is between you and me. You need to apologize to your daughter, it isn’t her fault.

Ashley sees Conrad before the dinner for a list of invitees for the engagement party, but  Conrad wants to know what the part Ashley wants to play in this game. He warns her that she is playing for the wrong side.

Conrad after all,  decides to try to make it up to Charlotte. Conrad gives Charlotte a big speech about being strong whatever comes her way. At first in the episode, we are led to believe that Emily will be the one who will spoil her half-sister’s life. She has a burned DVD to place in Charlotte’s vantage point, but instead she retracts this idea. What a nice sisterly deed.

However, a mess is made surely when Jack comes stomping through the house. Jack asks to Victoria, “What did you do to make her run away? You did nothing. You could’ve saved her.”

No one has any idea of what’s going on. Daniel thinks Jack is lying. Eventually Victoria must tell the truth as does Conrad.  Daniel can’t believe his mother lied about her relationship. Grandpa Grayson is not pleased. He wishes that his son could’ve just kept it in the business. Grandpa wants Conrad to step down as CEO and Daniel to step up. Charlotte is horrified, runs away to the Stowaway and drinks away her hurt in the form of tequila. She tells Declan, “I have no father. He is dead.”

The most important part of this episode comes when Emily walks into her house. A light is on where her infinity box is usually hidden, but it is gone. In its place is a RSVP card for “Fire and Ice” party and this mysterious person will be attending.  I’m desperate to know who found her out! Aren’t you?



Revenge Ep13: “Commitment”

Revenge ABC

Revenge ABC

A storm is coming and can we say in a big way?

After the big bombshell from last episode, Emily decides to show Nolan the tape about Charlotte. Emily decides these tapes have to destroy two people… Victoria Grayson and Amanda Clarke. Emily starts to weave a web that starts with Amanda. She plants the idea that Victoria thinks Amanda torched Treadwell’s house and that she needs to leave town. First however, Amanda is invited for tea at the Graysons.

Conrad and Daniel are the only ones left out of the loop, for now. Conrad has decided to pay prep school tuition for Declan because Declan has made his daughter’s life easier. At this same discussion, he receives a flash drive with the information that Charlotte is not his daughter.

He first conducts a paternity test. Charlotte’s DNA is easy, but to get Amanda’s, that must come from Victoria’s at tea. Victoria believes that Amanda isn’t who she says she is. A DNA test proves that this is not true. She is Amanda Clarke, Charlotte is her half-sister and Conrad is obviously not the father.  Now how Conrad treats his daughter is disgusting in the next two episodes. His treatment of his wife also goes downhill, but that’s Victoria’s own fault. This is not the first time that Conrad remarks after the divorce that Victoria will return to be “the desperate, penniless bitch that you were when I first met you.”

Charlotte is told to move back with her mother, but she can’t understand why her father is doing this. I’m going to be honest. You know I hated the whole teen romance between Charlotte and Declan, but I really feel bad for Charlotte in this episode. She’s a Daddy’s girl and can’t understand why he is pushing her farther away from him.

With all this baby daddy drama, can you believe there is something more important going on? Daniel proposes to Emily. He loves her whether or not the trust was involved. He proposes to her on the Yacht where they met, but it suddenly begins to rain. It doesn’t ruin their night as black umbrellas are swiftly put in place to still let the magic happen.

Jack and Nolan find out this news as Ashely goes to the Stowaway. No one here is pleased with the news. Besides these three, Victoria and Conrad are also not thrilled. Conrad tells his son to really ask his mother what the secret she has been hiding from her family. The only one who is thrilled about the engagement is Charlotte. Charlotte says, “You don’t know how badly I wanted a sister!” Ironic, no? Charlotte still does not know about her baby daddy.

In this process of this happy news, Jack encounters trouble when he goes back upstairs. An accomplice of Victoria’s was searching for the tapes from Treadwell. They were in Amanda’s bag thanks to Emily. Jack is beaten in the process. When Nolan and Amanda find Jack, Nolan questions how far Emily will go?

Emily tells Amanda to get out or she and Jack will be hurt further. She tells Amanda the truth about the Graysons. Emily gives her a new phone and tells her to run without saying goodbye to Jack. Emily keeps Amanda’s phone. The only thing that Emily doesn’t get is the last remaining Treadwell tape still hidden under Jack’s bed.

Daniel also talks with his mama about the secret. She tells Daniel about Charlotte and David Clarke, but she twists the tale. She tells Daniel that David Clarke forced himself upon her. Yeah, okay. Too bad Daniel believes her.

Now the question I know you’ve been dying to be answered as well as I was was, who faked the paternity test? Apparently Mr. Ryan Huntley. He had been working for Emily the whole time. Back in the day, he was willing to do an appeal for her father. However, David did not want it because child Amanda would’ve had to be brought in to the trial.  Huntley like Satoshi warns Emily to reassess what she’s doing.

At first she believes them. Emily tells Nolan that she is going to press pause on all of this and she’s going to give the ring back. That’s far from the truth. Especially when she finds out the tale that Victoria has weaved.