“Extradition II: The Actual Extradition Part” Review

I know I normally do longer reviews, but as I did this for my school’s paper, I thought it would suffice my opinions on the latest episode as my schedule is very busy. This is also posted on my main psych blog… pineapplechunks.wordpress.com

The cast and the writers of “Psych” prove what they do best after coming back from hiatus: they make you laugh and feel something at the same time.

The case was easy to solve, but as it’s the fifth season, it’s probably not the main reason why fans stick around. Fans stick around for the relationships whether it be Shawn’s infatuation with past art thief Despereaux or Shawn’s relationship with Juliet moving from friends to something more.

In “Extradition II: The Actual Extradition Part”, Shawn and Gus return to Canada to meet up with a criminal they put in jail, Despereaux. He wants to show them he is still the best. Shawn is excited and Gus is annoyed. So it’s usual business for them.  The case gets a little messy when two people are killed. Shawn knows Despereaux doesn’t kill, he just goes for the expensive art.

The case wasn’t too hard to solve especially after a new character was introduced halfway through the episode, but once again the fans maybe aren’t too concerned about that.  The Shawn and Gus classic jokes and bickering made up for that.  So did the “Shules” romance.  In case you were wondering, “Shules” is like the “Brangelina” of “Psych”.

The last episode before the hiatus ended with the kiss between Juliet and Shawn that the fans had all waited for.  When the show returned, the relationship was where the audience had left off.  Shawn wanted to talk to Juliet about what they had. It wasn’t a good time for Juliet. Juliet wanted to talk to Shawn then. It wasn’t a good time for Shawn.  Juliet told him, maybe their moment passed. “Shules” fans winced from that hurt. Could it really be over for this couple before it even started?

The “Shules” fans were saved the agony because Shawn didn’t let the moment pass.  Thank goodness for Shawn taking control of his heart for once!

Shawn as always makes a gushy moment somewhat witty. He wants give up his motorcycle a.k.a. his freedom and really wants to buy a car because of Juliet. James Roday who plays Shawn always knows how to do the lines justice when Shawn’s love for Juliet is on the line. Also a good thing for Roday because we know he hates to ride that thing.

Roday and Maggie Lawson who plays Juliet are probably happy with this result. The two date in real life.

P.S.: I loved that last ten minutes especially with the bridge in the background and that an old lady called Juliet a slut, haha…loved it!



Really? No Psych?

This post is not about my awesome trip to Nashville and enjoying the best days of my summer in the heat. No today is a rant about how my favorite show doesn’t get the publicity it deserves….

(photocredit: tvguide.com)

This past week the newest issue is all about the boys of summer on the USA Network. I’m a fan of all shows on USA and I’m particulary pleased that TV Guide decided to focus on this awesome network. Love Matt Bomer, love Mark Feuerstein, and Jeffery Donovan. My only problem along with my other “pysch-o’s”, is two boys of summer were not included. That’s right I’m talking about James Roday and Dule Hill of “Psych”.

“Psych” is now the longest running show on USA Network and I believe it deserves some recognition for its amazing comedic timing and talent of the writers and the cast. It currently is going into its fifth season on July 14th.  Also simple fact, “Psych” airs during the summer just like most of USA’s shows. Only problem is I haven’t seen any advertisements for “Psych”

I’ve seen some “White Collar” and I’ve seen some “Burn Notice.” Obviously I’ve seen “Royal Pains”, but that’s because their second season just started about two weeks ago.

The TV guide issue is only one of my problems with USA’s forgetting of “Psych”.

Currently the different networks are pushing for emmy considerations and I was pleased to see USA network going all out promoting all their shows, but I don’t know if you noticed, once again, “White Collar” and “Burn Notice” are getting the most attention. I did see one ad for “Psych”, but that was one compared to the many other ads I saw.

I know some people don’t like “Psych”‘s humor or think the cases are too easy to solve, but I can’t understand why “Psych” is being shortchanged.

The message boards for “Psych” are fuming including myself. We want “Psych” to be acknowledged for it’s awesomeness.  I know the cast and crew  are happy with what they are doing in ‘Couve. They aren’t too worried about all the trappings of Hollywood’s media award circles,  but I don’t think they would be upset if an Emmy Nomination came their way.

There  I’m done venting.

Wait for it……Psych Season 4 Finale Discussion: “Mr. Yin Presents”

Omg…omg… I think I have totally revived myself from the epic season 4 finale of “Psych”. Now if you haven’t seen it, 1) Don’t read this discussion and 2) How haven’t you seen it yet? You must.

So “Mr. Yin Presents” was directed and co-written by Shawn Spencer himself a.k.a the lovely and fantastic James Roday. It was also written with Andy Berman who has written fantastic episodes in the past including “Shawn Takes A Shot in the Dark”.  This episode has gotten alot of buzz in the Psych message board community due to the picture posted on the Psych countdown calendar back in January. It was a long wait, but March 10th finally arrived with all it’s Hitchcock flair.

Side note: I was unable to watch any of the Hitchcock films before this episode, but my family helped clue me in. In the coming weeks since there is a lack of Psych, I will post a part two discussion of this episode that relies heavily on Hitchcock motifs.

“Mr. Yin Presents” is the second episode in the Yang Trilogy and it didn’t dissapoint, well at least not to me. Ally Sheedy returned as the cracked out Mr. Yang, Jimmi Simpson reprised his role of awkward, but hysterical Mary and Rachel Leigh Cook also returned from her trip to Uganda as Abigail Lytar.

Unlike the first Yang episode which had no flashback, we had a flashback to little Shawn going to see “The Little Mermaid” and which quickly shufffles to a shot of the Marquee of present day with Gus and Shawn seeing a Hitchcock film festival.

At first I wasn’t sure how this Yin and Yang episode would play out. Would this episode be like the last? Like Mary said, I had to take into consideration that Yin has his own game and it’s nothing like Yang’s game that was clearly defined by rules and riddles. I did miss the riddles and the yang music,but who doesn’t love a mock movie set up and trying to decide how to save two people you care about?

Before I get ahead of myself, I want to point out that I did love the one riddle they gave in the beginning with the combination of the crossword puzzle and the movie theater seats. I thought that it was a brilliant Shawn vision with him counting the seats.  Probably his best Shawn vision in this episode, though the crane shot in the beginning of the episode was a second favorite with Shawn mentally seeing the body of the waitress and the rocks resemble a yin-yang symbol.

In this episode, I didn’t have to wait long for Mary to return. They of course had to bring him back because he was hysterical in the first episode. He was a good balance of humor against the drama that was happening in that episode. Sadly, the Mary humor didn’t get to stick around long in this episode.

Before Mary’s death, I too questioned like Shawn, Mary’s involvement in the Yin-Yang murders. He always seemed to know to know so much, but it’s been noted that a big thing of Hitchcock’s is to have misleads which turn out to be wrong. Duh, Jennifer that is the definition of a mislead. Juliet was right, Shawn did question Mary’s involvement in the beginning of the first Yang episode.

Also about Mary, his house was so creepy, but yet so Mary especially with pie written across the ceiling, all the empty sardine containers and having his closet devoted to Yang. Fun fact: The crew of Psych said the pie number was written all over that wall before they even go to the location…creepy

The saddest fact revolving around Mary is that I can’t believed he died. I knew someone was supposed to die, but Mary’s came as a slight surprise. It was a bummer that he and his limp handshake couldn’t stick around for the whole episode and he won’t be there for the conclusion of the Yang saga. I always will wonder if he ever knew who Yin was. His funeral was so sad and I was kinda surprise that Lassiter and Juliet didn’t go. Yeah he was a little creepy, but he still worked with them. I adored Shawn and Gus dressing up in Racquet ball gear.

In Mary’s death scene, I do wanna point out a couple things. I loved.. I mean absolutely loved the framing of the shot when Lassiter and Juliet were leaning up against the door. Roday started the camera off by the Bird drawing to reference Hitchcock’s “The Birds” and then panned over to Lassiter and Juliet and then panned over just a little more to Shawn and Gus leaning up against the wall. It just captured my attention and I had to rewind it a couple times after the first viewing, just to drool over that shot. What can I say, I’m easily amused especially by perfectly framed T.V. shots.

Next, Gus and Shawn having trouble opening the door, before they get trapped in the room. I love how everyone on the cast continues to play up the inability of Gus and Shawn to open things that are so easy to open. Also when they do get trapped and Gus is pushing against the door, didn’t they push it to go through? So shouldn’t they have to pull it? You know opposites… I think I’m thinking way too much.

Last part of Mary’s death scene that intrigued me was the flare gun, the color of the gun was so bright, it grabbed my attention. I don’t know if it was suppposed too, but in the dark lighting, it just popped.

I guess if this episode was divided into three parts, you have Mary’s death, the movie set and Juliet/Abigail bit… so onto the whole movie set part of the episode. That idea was brilliant.

I loved the whole idea of it especially when I first saw it played out on the screen. That first shot of the whole gang excluding the chief, all lined up with flashlights looking around it. It was just set up very nicely and aesthically pleasing to the eye.

Everyone had parts, but did anyone notice how for Gus’ part, he actually didn’t get to do anything? Shawn went up to the wheelchair and watched like in “Rear Window”, Lassiter and Henry both got into the car and Juliet went into Ernie’s bar for “Vertigo”, but Gus’ door was locked. Did Yin really have nothing set up for him?

Going back to Shawn’s “Rear Window” part, my sister got a kick out of Roday’s mimic of Jimmy Stewart. Roday said in an interview that he didn’t think it was that good, but my sister and my parents throughly enjoyed it.

Also Juliet’s choice of clothing… She was already wearing a turtleneck before she got down to the movie set. That’s your choice of clothing during hot Santa Barbara weather? I see you were trying to mimic “Vertigo”, but still I wasn’t sure if it played out right.

Now  when Juliet’s disappeared, it freaked me out the first time I watched it. The second time however, I questioned why she didn’t scream when she dropped down and why before she pulled the draft lever, didn’t she move to the side? Anyway, after she fell, I loved, the scene that followed. The eerie silence and just hearing the lone voice coming from the police radio with “Detective Juliet O’Hara is missing. Possible Suspect of Mr. Yin”.  Then panning to Buzz with that sad stare in his eyes.  Question:  When Vick reassures Shawn that isn’t his fault, doesn’t Shawn kinda come out and say that he isn’t a psychic to her in a way? I’m pretty sure she already knows she knows he’s not a psychic, but still. Also loved how Henry also took the job Vick offered him… yeah more Henry!

I can’t tell you how much I loved the whole choosing between Abigail and Juliet. It totally reminded me and my sister of “Dark Knight” when the Joker told Batman he could only save one. At least in “Psych”‘s case, he was able to save both of them. Okay, so when Buzz came to pick Abigail up, he was acting a little strange. I don’t know if he was meant to be a mislead or something, but he had met Abigail before so I don’t know why he had to be all formal with her? The creepy stare before being gassed was frightening… I could see why Abigail screamed besides the fact that a faceless man was staring at her after Buzz fell.

So for choosing between Juliet and Abigail, I understand Shawn’s logic. He kinda did have to go after Abigail first because she was his girlfriend. It would seem a little odd and a little wrong if Gus or Lassiter came to save her and not her boyfriend, so even thought I wanted him to go after Juliet, I completely understand why he had to go after Abigail. In Abigial’s drowning scenario, I questioned why Abigail couldn’t just hold her breath while Shawn worked to untie the ropes, but granted, I probably would have panicked and screamed as well. I loved the whole swiss army knife liners because my dad does in fact always carry his army knife on him. The hug between Henry and Shawn was also great at the end.

Now Juliet’s terrifying almost drop to her death scene… that really freaked me out. I’m not a fan of heights so that could have been why. I loved the recreation of the Hitchcock shot of Gus and Lassiter running up the stairs. Think of the timing Roday had to set up to make it work out perfectly. Also, I applaud Lassiter going after his partner and destroying his gun for his partner. What a good Lassie boy!

The music montage which wrapped up this terrifying adrenaline rush of an episode was awesome. Okay I’m not a fan of montages in general, but Roday did it in a tasteful way. Favorite part of the montage was the Juliet crying bit. It was the post stress of the situation and I loved that Lassiter was the only one who could calm her down. The  Abigail and Shawn scene was bittersweet with the whole parallelism of starting and ending at the pier. I loved Shawn’s line that she changed his life, but she was right, she just couldn’t do it. If you think about it, the five episodes she was in, 2 of those she was faced with the duo killing pair of the Yin Yang Killer. That might be a little too close for her.

The last shot of Yin caressing the picture of Shawn and Yang was completly wtf? for everyone including me. . Theories that have been knocked down by the writers is that Yang isn’t Shawn’s mother…thank god. After some careful sleuthing by fellow psych-O’s, it has been concluded that Yang badly photoshopped herself ontop of someone else’s head…but whose? Theories have been made and will keep being made until Psych returns for it’s fifth season in the summer

The whole episode was fantastic and all the actors did a fabulous job including those not in the lead cast including Ally Sheedy, Kirsten Nelson, Rachel Leigh Cook, Sage Brocklebank and Corbin Bernsen.  Everyone was fantastic and since Psych doesn’t come back until Summer 2010, there will be another Yin Presents discussion in the coming weeks. Stay tuned…

Side notes:

-See Kelly Kulchak, the mouse, Ben, has returned. He was in Mary’s pocket for most of the Yang episode, but Mary didn’t forget about him. He made him a pet and even a little hat out of Gus’ money.

– Whose voice was used on the phone call for Yin and who was used as the body for Yin? Did the network really hire someone for the part since we never did see his face or did they just someone for the cast or crew as a way to save money?

-Loved the dig at Hill’s Jamaican Culture.. Dominoes with the Jamaicans on Sundays, hehe

-The reference back at “An Evening with Mr. Yang” when Lassier told Gus that he wouldn’t stand him being the court jester for round two, loved that bit.

-Vancouver in the fall when the shot it looked beautiful and it showed especially in the scene when Shawn and Gus were driving to Mary’s House. I loved the bright autumns colors… it was beautiful. I know it was February in Santa Barbara, but I don’t care… I loved the fall foliage…

Favorite Lines:

1. “She’s overstimulated by color”- Lady guard friend of Yang. “What about my face?” Gus to Shawn

2. “Oh little brooding brown one…”- Yang (Yang would have some of the best lines, wouldn’t she because she’s crazy?)

3. “I promise to not try anything while I’m down there.”- Shawn to Abigail when saving her.

Spit out a Crazy Theory Process: “The Head, the Tail, the Whole Damn Episode”

Psych-O’s, weren’t you so glad that good old Psych had all its delicious flavor that we love, return last night? “The Head, The Tail, the Whole Damn Episode” was directed by Matt Shakman and written by Steve Franks and Tim Meltreger. Franks had hinted over the past season that he wanted to do an episode with homage to “Jaws”. Well there you go, Mr. Franks you got your episode and let’s just say I throughly enjoyed it.

Before I begin even further, I’ll be honest, I’ve never seen “Jaws”. The first time I tried to watch it, I was terrified of it because I was like ten or something. Don’t worry my mom laughed and helped spot out all the references to the shark movie. One of these days, I’ll see it.

Flashback: I appreciated Shakman’s use of the camera in the water. Very Shark POV and from what I saw of the two minutes of “Jaws” before I closed my eyes, I remember shots just like that in it. So very nice reference that I was able to understand.

This episode was great because who doesn’t love a good Lassie centric episode or shall I say, Detective Dipstick? I was kinda a fan of Officer Whoopise too. I love that name and I love the fact that Shawn had copyrighted that name two months ago. That’s why I love Shawn because he wouldn’t miss the opportunity to do it.

That whole scene in SBPD had so many good parts that included Shassie, Sharlton, the spit out a crazy theory process and Gus responding to Lassiter, “How do you think we stayed in business for four years?”

Lassiter and his relationship with Juliet O’Hara is starting to mirror that of Shawn and Gus,albeit maybe not with the fist bumps and reading each others mind, but it’s still there and I approve. I especially loved the whole run of shut it especially Juliet’s response the second time around. “If you tell me to shut it one more time, I might have to shoot you.” I see Lassie is starting to rub off on her. She’s becoming very trigger happy.  Also I love how Juliet has all this hidden knowledge about fishing, let’s not forget that she knows quite a bit of baseball knowledge. You go, Juliet!

Another relationship that keeps developing in a good way is Shawn’s relationship with his dad. In the first episode, it was pretty clear they hated each other. Now it’s been over 60 episodes, four years, and they are developing a system. Whenever Shawn gets in a tough situation with a case, he calls up his dad and tries to finagle an answer out of him. Shawn’s still his jumpy self and Henry is still a very critical father, but I think they are starting to find a happy medium. I thought Corbin Bernsen was wonderful in this episode and it was good to see him for more than just the flashback. P.S. You knew he was going to be the one that caught the shark.

Also two quick questions I would like to pose: 1) If Lassiter, Juliet, Shawn and Gus needed a boat, why didn’t they just borrow Henry’s boat? They’ve used it before. 2) At the end of the episode, Shawn asks Gus if he knows how to drive Tanner’s boat, but doesn’t Shawn know how to drive a boat such as in the Shabby Episode… maybe he only knows how to drive his dad’s boat.

You know who also was spot on in this episode besides the rest of the cast, Dule Hill. He was terrific with the whole gag reflex thing and “iron side stomach”. Also enjoyable is Hill’s performance when he says “I don’t know” and “I don’t care” in a high pitched voice. Had me laughing quite hard. It was also nice to see the return of the super sniffer and Gus being the solution to Shawn’s visions for example his safe cracking in “60 million years off” and “Gus’ dad may have killed an old guy.” Gus was also great for throwing the fish at Shawn and hitting Tanner over the head. Did you also notice that Gus is the only one that knows obscure words such as ferroequinologist, paleontologist and the latin name for the tiger shark? My mom and my sister would also like to point out: Gus is fit…hehe

Psych is probably the one show that likes to reference their own show and their episdoes. I can’t help it but adore it when they do it especially when Shawn tries to rattle them off.  Some references included 9 lives, Weekend Warriors, Six Feet Under the Sea,Game Set …Muurder?, Let’s Get Hairy and Any Given Friday Night 10PM,9PM central.  

Favorite scene of the night was in Henry’s house where Shawn and Gus try to get the Shark from Henry and Lassiter shows up.  Every time they said a line, it brought a laugh out of me. It was awesome. That whole scene summed up the episode: It was awesome.

Side notes:

  • I love James Roday’s sound effects he uses to demonstrate the killing of victims.
  • Coroner guy is growing on me: I love how he calls Lassiter, Lassie and that he draws on the dead body
  • Dramamine: I think these were subtle hints that someone doesn’t like boats… Psychwrites said on twitter that Roday didn’t do so well on the boat.
  • Psych-Out: It was so funny and it only makes me want to sneak onto the psych set more and hang out with everyone
  • beflusterment.. they should use confuzzlement next, my friend and mine’s favorite made up word

Favorite Quotes:

1. “Hey, haven’t seen that thing in two years.” – This was just funny because it was so true. I love how Psych can just make fun of themselves.

2. “…hunt some Marlins.” “Waynes? Get out there, quick before they make another white chicks.” – This just came out so easily and so funny that it had to be up on this list.

3. “Did you just pretend to be a psychic, to me?”- soo good once again. Also love the facebook line.

4. Lassiter: “Banks are not knocked ( I don’t know what the word was here) over by crazy angry cats with laser beams”

Shawn: ” I never said they were angry, they were just following orders.” – hehe

AND OMG “MR. YIN PRESENTS” is next week! I need to watch some hitchcock this weekend to catch up. Roday co-wrote and directed it and I love his episodes so I know it will be awesome.

I would like some Skittles with my “Psych”

It’s Thursday and you know what that means.. it’s Psych time.

“Think Tank” was directed by Steven Surjik and written by Andy Berman and Steve Franks. I thought it wasn’t their best episode. It was good, but I wasn’t laughing as much. I was slightly poking the episode trying to see if it had any witty banter left. Still I didn’t hate it. It’s Pysch, you can’t hate Psych. Also it was Berman’s birthday yesterday so I can’t hate someone’s work on their birthday. It’s a rule in my book.

Flashback: Charlotte’s web, ’nuff said. I asked myself which pig died? Was it Wilbur or Babe that died? Obviously Henry confirmed that indeed Wilbur is the one that dies. “If you get an A on this report, I’ll take you to disneyland”… I love Henry’s parenting skills.

Regular Time ( There needs to be another word for that…Regularback?):  I’m not a  fan when Shawn is off his game. It bums me out. If he has a photographic memory, shouldn’t he be spot on. Granted, he does get adhd and can’t focus at times so there might be the error for him. I love how Henry stepped in and asked Shawn, really? Are you so sure?  Shawn and the pizza dough.. hehe that entertained me.

I got a little nervous when Henry was talking to Shawn and Gus outside because the Chief wasn’t that far away. Luckily Shawn quieted him down. Walter Snowden( Christopher Sarandon).. can we say creepy how much he knew about Shawn and Gus? Even creepier when you watch the rest of the episode and you find out he’s the bad guy. Terrific, right?

Shawn’s requests reminded me of “Gus walks into a Bank” when Shawn made sure that the guy made a list of outrageous demands. Skittles, check. NBA Airhorn, check. Trampoline, on its way. Awesome.

The Think Tank’s meetings best part was Shawn making a giraffe/lochness monster out of big chew and his idea of an electric sponge. Electric sponge? Get clean and get electrocuted! Also the pillow comb… I think I am a fan of that idea the first time he said it. The second and the third, maybe not as much.

I was getting a little concerned when Shawn and Gus were in the meeting. I thought I was not going to get my SBPD detectives in it, but of course Franks and Bermand don’t disappoint me on that point. Lassie shows up when Shawn and Gus needs some help. Tim is awesome with his expressions, acting like a little kid because he wasn’t put on the security team. Also loved, Shawn thinking the situation over and saying.. crap. The way he said it was perfect.

Why didn’t Shawn see that the security thing was a fake? I guess he was too excited about his skittles and his trampoline to realize. It’s okay. I forgive you. Just don’t do it again.

The Chief, Kirsten Nelson was spot on and fabulous. I missed her in the last episode and I am glad she has come back with some good lines and being all Chiefy.

Question: Boyd was paid 9500, but said it wasnt about the money. Shouldn’t this have given us the hint that he was one of the bad guys? Hmm…

Shawn’s overall Shawn-itude in general was bad in this episode.  First, Think tank meeting, eh. Second meeting of Think Tank as leader, very bad. I thought he worked well under pressure. Third Shawn’s speech. It wasn’t my favorite Shawn moment. It seemed a little forced and like Gus and Lassiter, I thought during this episode, what the hell is he doing? Shawn in last episode, come back to me.

Lassiter and Jules being all detectivey was what I needed to balance out the episode. It made me anxious. and not as anxious like Yang or last week’s anxious, but it was still there. It helped move the episode along.

Also I loved the bad guys reaction to Shawn’s behavior. “I thought you were an idiot.”

In the end at least Shawn followed Bonaventure into the car…It could have been the worst since Shawn is slightly off on his game in this episode.

Okay  so the USA administrator on the Psych message boards sometimes drops hints and one was that Henry’s conflict would be a part of “Mr. Yin Presents”( the finale for Season 4)  So either 1) he comes on as a liason even though he said he wouldn’t 2) Karen said he retired early and the Pysch-O’s chimed in that in the Yang episode, Henry said that the last time Yang was out, “Karen, need I remind you what happened with the last detective?” Karen: He lost and an innocent girl died.” Hmm… maybe Henry was involved because he did retire early.

The last scene on “Think Tank’s Episode” showed  some good old banter which I was missing in this episode. Hopefully it will be here to stay for next weeks episode.

Side notes:

-Shawnito Rodriguez: I found this funny because Roday’s real last name is Rodriguez before he changed it.

-Psychout: I highly enjoyed it. Probably the best part.

-Iris’s picture behind Nelson’s shoulder when talking to Henry: Shouldn’t it be an older one since Iris is like 4 years old?

-Ashton Bonaventure: He really wanted to make this speech at all costs, did it have any importance? I learned from reading Harry Potter when a character is interrupted, it usually means something important. Maybe it doesn’t,  maybe I’m over thinking it or maybe it dose mean something.

-Psychwrites on twitter said that this was the last episode they shot so maybe the cast and crew were tired. I don’t know sometimes you have an off day.

Quotes Podium (last week of the Olympics)

  • Gold: “Gus, they might as well be talking australian.”
  • Silver: “Spencer, I’m not gonna say I’m not gonna hold it over your head forever because I am.” Lassie’s smirk help win this quote over.
  • Bronze: “I’ll hold. I love holding.” – this just reminded me of the friends episode were Phoebe waited patiently on hold forever.

At least we have Lassiter and Sharky next week. Yeah!

“To Don’t List”: Psych

*Spoilers: stop reading if you don’t wanna know what happened on last night’s episode*

It’s the fourth season of Psych, the psuedo-psychic detective show on USA where Juliet O’Hara (Maggie Lawson) finally gets to have her very own episode. “A Very Juliet Episode” was directed by Steve Franks and written by Franks and Tim Meltreger.

Okay so O’Hara did have “Talk Derby to me” and “Scary Sherry” were she had big parts, but in this episode we got to see a little piece of her life before Santa Barbara.  Each of the other main characters besides Shawn (James Roday), have gotten their own episode focus in a way.

Lassiter (Timothy Omudson) had “Lassie did a bad, bad thing” and “High Noon-ish”. The Chief ( Kirsten Nelson) had “Rock-A-Bye Baby” and “Earth, Wind and…wait for it.” Henry Spencer (Corbin Bernsen) had “Disco didn’t die, it was murdered!”. Gus had “There’s something about Mira” and “Gus’s Dad May Have Killed an old guy.” There are more, but I’m moving on. Maybe another time.

So normally we start off with a flashback of child shawn (Liam James) and his father, but this time, one of the few times that has happened in the series, we see someone else’s flashback. This time we see a flashback from Juliet’s past which helps set up the story line. I kinda liked this one. It was nice to see Juliet in her college girl days.

Normal time which is 7 years later at 4 o’clock, she is waiting for Scott Seaver and let me tell you when Maggie Lawson doesn’t have to wear suits, it’s such a nice relief. Just when she wore her hair down and the blue sweater in ” An Evening with Mr. Yang”, I personally loved her clothing options this time around including the red dress she wore and the black dress she wears later at the SBPD. Suits don’t do her justice.  Good job costume department!

So at the SBPD, it always nice to see Buzz McNab (Sage Brocklebank) and the Chief though I’m still getting used to her longer haircut. When did she start to grow it out? Other question is why is Gus at the station by himself? Is he picking up a paycheck or something? Probably. Moving on, not that important.

Shawn finding out where Scott (Josh Braaten) is plays a nice reference to the “Psy v. Psy” episode. I always enjoy it when the recall their own episodes and I know what they are talking about. I did not however like how the scene shifted to a shot in the F.B.I. Department. Couldn’t we have just found out that info when Agent. Wayne arrived at the SBPD and yelled at them?

80’s references are a big point in Psych, but I do enjoy it when I can get the references, being a kid from the 90’s. I especially enjoyed the Mentalist jab as always. I enjoyed the J.K. Rowling line (see favorite quotes below) and even the Conan one was pretty good. Shawn also brought up his favorite actor in discussion, Billy Zane. If it’s not Chad Michael Murray, it’s Billy Zane. Though it’s obvious that Zane is a fave while Murray is a foe.

You know what’s also enjoyable? Seeing Shawn back on his motorcycle. It’s been awhile hasn’t it? Sure there are mentions of the Norton or a strategic placement of the bike, but I think this is the first time since the Spelling Bee Episode that he actually gets to ride it. Can we say that Roday has definitely improved in his motorcycle acting? I think so.

Right after the motorcycle chase, the fight was pretty epic. I’m not gonna go into detail, but I enjoyed it a lot. What can I say? I get an adrenaline rush when watching it. Also whenever there’s an action scene, I developed a fun game for me to try to figure out which is the stunt double and which is Roday. Obviously the editor did a very a good job or I’m just really bad at playing my own game. Kudos stunt team, editors, Roday and Franks. P.S. I enjoyed Shawn’s fight tactics of biting and slapping. Those are my top two fighting strategies also.

Side notes:

-Shawn using a bluetooth phone: nice adhering to the law!

-Really glad that Kelly Kulchak didn’t get rid of the fist bump. It was very epic in this episode.

-As they once said in the commentaries, why do Shawn and Gus have discussions that aren’t so quiet in the room with other people a.k.a Scott?

-Shawn and Juliet look at the end, aww!

Top Three Favorite Quotes of this Psych Episode:

  1. “Didn’t you read the trial transcript?” “Yeah Gus, it’s right on the top of my To Don’t List.”
  2. “J.T. Waring.” “Who’s that?”  “C’mon Gus you know, that’s the lady who wrote all the Harry Potters.” “That’s J. K. Rowling.”
  3. “I’m sure any of us would have done the same if we were his place.” “No, we wouldn’t. Remember when we saw that accident? You pretended to be blind.” “That was because our movie was gonna start in 8 minutes.”

Overall I liked the episode and all its throwbacks to previous Psych seasons!

Something to look forward to: Judd Nelson next week. Remember Psych at 10 P.M. on USA!