House Episode 4: “Massage Therapy”

It’s a general rule that cases on medical shows will somehow link to the characters. Sometimes I’m oblivious to these links, but at least “Massage Therapy” provided a link that I could see. That said link was all about whether to sever the link to a relationship?

House and Cuddy seem to have a “fine” relationship. Cuddy doesn’t stay over. They sleep together, hang out for a little bit and then she must leave to go home to care for her daughter. House explains to Wilson, he doesn’t like Cuddy’s daughter. Cuddy has never asked House to stay over. House still has his prostitute/masseuse come over. Cuddy isn’t so pleased with the last one. She tells him to use a physical therapist for his leg pain. He tries to sway her by providing her with a gay hooker who House tells her is a masseuse.

Cuddy’s reaction: You are trying to sabotage our relationship because you are afraid of serious relationship.

House: You won’t let sleepover because of your daughter.

Cuddy: I need to protect her.

House: Call it what if it is, I’m no the only one holding back.

The patient, Margaret comes into the hospital with sever vomiting, abdominal pain. House’s team including new lady doctor, Dr. Kelly Benedict figure out that “Margaret” really isn’t who she says she is. Once again as in last week’s episode, the same mantra comes about…. Everybody lies. They find out that Margaret is really Jenny who says she got into a cycling accident which broke her ribs. Another lie, they break it down again and she admits to having an abusive first husband five years ago. She was in Trenton that previous day for a help meeting.  Or that’s what she says at the moment.

Her husband, Billy ends up leaving to go and find said abusive husband. He comes back with a bloody nose. The said abusive husband was not her husband, just a colleague. There wasn’t even a support group for abused women in Trenton like she said.

This case with Margaret is a test for the new doctor, Dr. Kelly Benedict who Chase hired. Everyone thinks Chase hired her so he could sleep with her. I was hoping this wasn’t true, but it turns out I was wrong. I’ll explain later.

House goes through different options to why Chase hired her. Maybe because she reminded him of Cameron, maybe because, after a getting an answer wrong and is fed the information Chase, House thinks that she is a dumb version of Cameron and that Chase wants revenge to fire her. Last option was that Kelly Benedict reminded Chase of his mom. House actually goes through the process of actually obtaining a slide of Chase and his mother to compare the similarities.

Chase says that he hired Kelly because of that she is fresh off her psychiatrist degree and second she was editor of her College Paper so he thought she could handle pressure. Bad thinking on Chases’s part… Kelly tells him editor just means a writer. A person in charge of the paper is called Editor-in-Chief.

Foreman is unhappy with Chase. I kinda thought they were buddies after working together for seven years, but I guess that isn’t the case. Foreman talks with Chase about how Kelly is dead weight. Chase confronts Foreman and asks why do you act different, you think your job is higher up then mine? He ticks off that his title, salary and responsibility is no different than Chases. The only thing that is different is Foreman’s ego and attitude.  He only picks on  Kelly because he is afraid to take no House. That shuts Foreman up.

As Kelly’s job hangs in limbo, the patient’s symptoms start to disappear. She no longer has a fever or needs a pacemaker. House finds out that her fever disappeared a yesterday, but Kelly never informed him. Kelly tries to save her job by reasoning that since the patient’s delusions still remain that maybe it is biopolar disorder.

It’s not biopolar disorder. House comes to the conclusion that after speaking to a doctor in Trenton that Jenny does have an underlying disease that she has dealt with for awhile. She changed medications which led to her symptoms. Jenny is schizophrenic.  House scoffs at Kelly saying a psychiatrist should have figured that out.

House tells Chase that he can give one more chance, but as Chase sees Kelly packing up her things and he now has a chance to go out with her, he doesn’t mention the second chance. This is when I got a little annoyed. I thought Chase would tell someone about a job opportunity rather than a lay he wants. I just thought he was better.

Carl asks House what he should do. How can he still stay married to her. House says if you want to give up , that’s a reason to leave her. Carl says he can’t, that’s too hard.

Mirroring his own relationship, House says to Carl, “It’s always too hard.”

Both Carl and House do not give up. Carl goes back to comfort Jenny and House stops seeing his masseuse. Cuddy in return let’s him have dinner at her house and let’s him meet her daughter.


House Episode 3: “Unwritten” Recap/Review

I loved this episode, but that might have to do with the fact that I’m a writer. Fun fact for me at least: I figured out what was going on straight from the beginning. I’m surprised it took House so long, but I guess that’s because he didn’t see the imaginary Jack Cannon disappear and reappear.

“Unwritten” is an episode where a writer, Alice Tanner finishes her last book of the Jack Cannon detective series. She puts it in the manuscript in the safe as she talks to a boy with a scar on his face. She says, “I’ll be done with you.” She takes out a gun and tries to kill herself. The boy disappears, he appears to be a figment of her imagination.  As she goes to place the gun in her mouth, she has a seizure. The bullet instead hits the side of her face as her housekeeper finds her lying on the floor.

Meanwhile House is very happy to have as his patient. He’s a BIG fan of the book. He wants to find out why she wants to kill herself because he wants to save the Jack Cannon series. House being a big fan of this book series makes Foreman, Wilson, Taub and Chase laugh because these books like the “Twilight” series are meant for teenage girls.  House ignores them.

Alice tries to get out of the hospital. House won’t let that happen and proceeds to put her on a 72 hour psych watch.

Alice does not help House’s team in any way. She will not tell them anything about her medical history. When they go to do an M.R.I. scan she cries out in pain. She has three screws in her leg. They couldn’t have prevented this because she never told them on her medical forms about any metal screws in her body. House proceeds to tell his team, well he writes on the back of Taub’s jacket… EVERYBODY LIES.

House must find a way for Alice to cooperate with them as they are running low on the number of hours they have left. He offers her a new way to die besides shooting herself…. a needle with a narcotic in liquid form.  He tells her to take to choose between life and death. She stabs herself with the needle. It was just water. With that little stunt, Alice has gained herself another 24 hrs in the hospital. Alice, angry at him, tell hims that Jack dies in the last book.

Now in the middle of trying to figure out what’s wrong with her,  House also wants something else… the next Jack Cannon book and to find out whether she was lying. He proceeds to take Cuddy out on a date to Alice’s House without telling her whose house it is. When Cuddy finds out, she doesn’t object. They are both trying to find things they have in common besides work. Well, at least House is. He believes Cuddy is.

While at Alice’s house, he starts to rifle through her things. He finds out from the housekeeper that Ms. Tanner keeps her manuscripts in the safe. The safe is obviously locked. House than proceeds to do the most drastic of things, take out her typewriter ribbon and takes it back to his office.

He then enlists Sam, remember Wilson’s ex-wife that he is now dating again?, to reconfigure the MRI machine so he can read the typewriter ribbon. House is able to read the book and finds out she was lying, she ends the book on a cliffhanger.

House is able to however to accomplish one ting with reading the book, he can compare Aunt Helen in the book to Alice. Alice did tell them that authors write what they know. Chase asks how he can be so sure? House proceeds to tell his team that Alice kills herself halfway through the book. Both Alice and Helen have symptoms of joint pain,  sensitivity to light, depression and fatigue. The team decides on Lupus. House can’t let it be that because Lupus has no cure, Alice will kill herself and the Jack Cannon series ends on that cliffhanger.

He finds out what half of Alice’s problem is when he and Cuddy double date with Wilson and Sam. They go go-carting where Sam and House are both ubber competitive. Sam almost wins, until House pulls her go-cart plug with can. Cuddy ends up spraining her shoulder thanks to Sam. She rubs it where the seatbelt was. The sprained shoulder leads House to think about how Alice’s housekeeper mentioned that Alice’s shoulder were always in pain.He comes to the conclusion that Alice was not in a skiing accident, but a car accident.

The car accident led to her an adrenaline secreting tumor that leads to her seizures. She has hyperthyroidism. House tells Alice she can finish and give Jack the proper ending. Alice responds, you don’t know what Jack wants.

This solution is all fine and dandy until when talking to House, she has paralysis. Taub comes up with post traumatic seroma which when left untreated can end in paralysis and seizures.

The team can’t find records of the car crash. House thinks she’s still lying. Working with Cuddy, they realize that Alice Tanner is her penname, Her real name is Helen.

Helen had a son who had died in the car accident. He had only a learner’s permit, it was raining, he died and she let him drive . He was her world and writing she could hold and feel him still.  House wants her to keep writing. He investigates and says Jack had a brain aneurysm and that’s why he crashed.

This is a very nice thing because we find out that House made it all up so she would continue to write.  House was being selfish because he loved the books and wanted her to changed the ending. When Helen tells him she won’t change the ending and she will leave it as a cliffhanger, he is closing to tell her that he lied and that Jack died because she let him drive.

Her reason for the cliffhanger: She says everyone can choose Jack’s fate however they want. How many answers do you get in life?

House sees Cuddy and resists telling Helen the truth. He just tells Helen, her son was lucky to have a mom like her.

What Cuddy and House learned from Jack Cannon: They don’t have to have anything in common. Their relationship works differently.

Cuddy: “Who cares about common? Common is boring. I like being with you. You make me better. I hope I make you better. What we have is uncommon…”

What I learned from this episode: I want a safe for my future manuscripts and a typewriter just because they make cool sounds and old fashion font that I love.

House Episode 2 “Selfish”: Recap/Review

House and Cuddy sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S – wait they haven’t told anyone yet? “Selfish” is all about just that, after their relationship gets out can House and Cuddy still work as employee and employeer? Cuddy wants to go to Human Resource and let them know about their relationship. House doesn’t really care either way.

Oh and Alyson Stoner is the patient is in this episode. ( I thought she was quite good in it. Very different what I saw her in *cough* Camp Rock *cough*)

House tells his team of all men( I miss 13 and Cameron) about his relationship when he first walks in.

Here’s out it goes down. Taub: in favor, Foreman: indignant and Chase: in different. Wilson still doesn’t believe him. When House tells him that he’s going to Human Resource and Wilson says that no big deal, House has been to H.R. 74 times.

House’s case this week as I said is about Alyson Stoner. Alyson Stoner a.k.a Della, Junior Ms. Everything, collapses suddenly at a skateboarding event. Important fact:  Hugo, her brother, has muscular dystrophy. Looking through all her activities including basketball, science club etc… House realizes that Della is living  life for Hugo, doing things he can’t do.

Della eventually has kidney failure and starts to spit blood. House has to do a procedure on the lung. He has two options. He takes the more riskier option to Cuddy. She says yes and House is surprised. He tells the team that he didn’t get cleared for the trickier procedure. ” I heard yes, but I really saw no.”

Hugo and his parents tell the doctors that Della has never really been sick. Della unfortunately tells them that she has been lying.  She has had an ear ache and chest congestion for over a year.

House and his team are once again running out of time. She gets a new lung, but eventually rejects it. House’s team finds out that she has sickle cell trait. The only option left is to get a half of lung and her brother Hugo. Cuddy warns House not to tell the parents of this option.  She says to him, ” we don’t compromise one life for another.”

House eventually goes against Cuddy’s wishes and tells the dad when he comes in House’s office asking if there is anything left to be done. House tells the dad this last option., The Dad and Mom must now decide saving their daughter or keeping their sick son alive a little bit longer. If they take half of Hugo’s lung, his life span will be cut in half. Della eventually learns what they plan to do.

In the middle of the night, Della escapes from her bed and is found barely hanging on, on one of the hospital staircases. House proclaims, “The brother, the saint… the sister, the martyr.

House asks what is the parents answer… they won’t take the lung. House begins to yell at them which then Cuddy comes to join this conversation. She is furious to learn that he went behind her back. House tells the Cuddy, “Life has handed them a crappy choice. It’s easy to choose.” Cuddy responds angrily back, “Not everything is a math equation.” They declare that their first fight is the first honest reaction they had all day with one another.

Hugo overhears their whole conversation with his parents and immediately tells Della, she must take his lung. She say’s she can’t. Hugo says he can’t leave without her.

Hugo: “You do so many great things, but I just get to watch. It’s not me, it never will be.” Giving half of his lung, his answer is this, “Then I really can share everything you do. Don’t make me live without you.” Eventually Della concedes.

Oh I forgot to mention their H.R. thingie, didn’t I? House and Cuddy tell H.R. they it won’t be a problem. Through the course of Della’s case, they learn that they are lying to one another and hurting the patient. House realizes the only option is to get a new supervisor. Problem, no one can handle supervising House. Only Cuddy has been able to control him for the past seven years.

The next episode as I’ve already watched it, but have yet to post on it,  discusses their two relationships, their work and their personal. It really is a work in progress.


House Season Seven Premiere: “Now what?”

Finally after seven seasons and a very long summer, “House” fans finally have Huddy or House and Cuddy.

Season seven picks up where Season 6 ended with the death of one of House’s patients from the crane collapse. Remember those last seconds where it was House and Cuddy… and you were thinking is he hallucinating and then OMG! He’s not!

Right so the question is asked between the two of them, “so this is it?” A one night stand in a sense. It turns out it’s just the beginning. Let’s hope this bodes will for the rest of the season. Remember now Cuddy is no longer engaged to Lucas, House is still a mess and don’t forget, they both work in the same hospital. That’s covered in the next episode.

This whole episode is about Cuddy and House trying to figure out how to make it work, but also taking a sick day from the hospital. They promise not to answer their phones. House proceeds to tell Cuddy’s assistant to use his brain and figure out the hospitals problems without Cuddy.

The #1 problem for the assistant and eventually House in the end: The head neurosurgeon, Dr. Richardson is throwing up and wants to be sent home. House says why not… Problem is if the head neurosurgeon goes home, the hosptial is no longer the #1 trauma center and there emergency room and ICU patients have to be moved.

Time to call in House’s team…well, really just Chase. House calls Chase after he learns of this neurosurgeon problem. He tells Chase, go be a nerurosurgeon. No one is going to know any differently as long as  Chase doesn’t operate.

The other problem I forgot to mention is 13. 13 has decided she wants to take a leave of absence. She supposedly wants to go to Rome to try in a new trial for Huntington’s. I know I said supposedly, we’ll get to that.

(I think I read about Olivia Wilde’s leave of absence on Ausiello to do some movies I believe. My only problem is, is Cuddy going to be the only woman left on House? First Cameron, now 13 which just leaves Cuddy. I know the preview showed a new woman, but I’m getting  ahead of myself once again)

So back to the recap:  House and Cuddy are still holed up in House’s apartment. There is an instant where Cuddy and House both find the pills he was after in the season finale, but they somehow move past it. They are two kids playing hooky, playing games both bored and physical ones.  That is until Wilson comes by ringing House’s phone and knocking on his door. Wilson is afraid that House has become an addict again thanks to his patient’s death. House proceeds to ignore him in a series of hilarious phone messages where House pretended to be the answering machine.  Cuddy asks why can’t they let him in?  House jokes that Wilson is like a stray, he’ll eat everything and sleep in his bed. The real reason: he wants to keep things private.  We can see this is going to work out well. And it’s only episode one…

13 and Chase meanwhile have to go to the sick neurosurgeon, Dr. Richardson and bring him back to the hospital to have a physical presence. Why? Cuddy’s assistant thought like House told him to and contacted the DPH, telling them the hospital no longer had a neurosurgeon and thus could no longer be a #1 trauma center.

They find Dr. Richardson throwing up. He won’t come back, he feels too sick. 13 suggests taking a very powerful medicine to get rid of the nausea a.k.a her Huntington’s medication (I believe… I can’t remember correctly). While waiting for the medicine to have an affect, Chase and 13 play chess. During the chess game, 13 asks what he thinks about her trip? Isn’t going to stop her? He responds no… but will she have sex with him before he leaves? That totally makes 13 do a double take. Luckily the medicine kicks in before 13 can think about Chase’s request.

As Cuddy and House find ways to pass time, they hear a noise. House goes to investigate and finds out that is Wilson trying to break through his window. House being House, doesn’t let him through immediately and asks if him he wants a cup of tea. Eventually he let’s Wilson in.

Through some very nice shot set ups, looking through the doorframe, House tries to explain to Wilson that he has a woman over. Wilson believes it’s a hooker. House says it’s Cuddy. Wilson now believes he’s hallucinating. House promises to show him shutting “Hunnybuns” as he approaches the bedroom. When they enter, Cuddy is nowhere in sight. Wilson is lead to believe he is hallucinating and leaves. House investigates and finds Cuddy in the closet. She explains she wasn’t ready for anyone to know. Clearly, they both have their own share of problems.

Once again we shift back to the Hospital and the looming DPH agent. Chase, Foreman, 13 and the assistant are doing enough to distract the DPH as they set up a mock surgery in the OR so Dr. Richardson can’t be disturbed a.k.a. can’t be talked to. Too bad, Dr. Richardson comes bursting through the door and begins to strip. He is very stoned off the med, but also from something else. That’s the real reason why Chase wanted to bring him back. Dr. Richardson is House’s team’s new case. DPH doesn’t care and shuts down the hospital. Now House’s teams must really figure out what’s going on so to save the Hospital.

They think heptitatis, peptic ulcer. Finally they ask what has he down in the past couple of months. Dr. Richardson responds he’s been to the Seafood Fest where all types of different food are served. One of those things include toad eggs. Ding, ding! House’s team has found a solution. In a couple hours, a couple minutes in T.V. time, with the right medication, Dr. Richardson is back to normal and is able to reopen the hospital. Hospital saved!

Phew! Almost done… I haven’t recapped in awhile, but genreal these are long. I have to learn to shorten them.

Anyway through a game of Boggle House and Cuddy come to that word: Love.   He doesn’t spell it, she asks why. . He tells her he doesn’t have a “V”. He can only spell “I lobe you.”   He tell her he’s screwed up and she has a kid. It will never work. Cuddy responds: ” I know you are screwed up, you are always screwed up… You are the most incredible man I’ve ever known.”

Cuddy’s a fixer in the relationship, don’t you think?  The words “I love you” are uttered.

One last thing that doesn’t even involve Huddy and it involves 13.  Before 13 leaves, she tells sex with him is a no and gives him a long hugh. Foreman goes to her and explains if she needs anyone, call him. They have reached the stage of friends in their relationship, finally. Taub tells 13 go, he has nothing against her. New twist to the whole 13 thing: In the end, 13 was lying the whole time. There is no Huntington’s trial in Rome. She doesn’t have any plane tickets. She’s disconnected her phone, anyway of contacting her. In away she’s disappeared of the face of the planet.

On to episode 2!

House M.D. Season 6 Finale: “Help Me” Review/Recap

These last two “House” have been ah-mazing. I think it’s the lighting of the sets, the dialogue from the writers and the performace from the actors that made these two episodes awesome.

Tonight’s Season 6 Finale was all about a crane collapse in Trenton and House and Cuddy going to check it out, but not before House gives Cuddy the book written by her grandfather as a housewarming gift. She’s a bit taken aback, but doesn’t say anything. She has to get down to the accident.

At the accident, House meanders through the debris doing some of his doctor duties, but also finding a soda machine and breaking into to get a cold one. Everything changes when he hears a clanging. He alerts the search team which declares they can’t find anything. House of course decides to investigate on his own to find Hannah, a woman with one of her legs trapped below.

On a side note: House takes the crane operator to the hosptial and has his team look him over. The main thing I got from the crane operator is that a second changes everything. The crane operator fell asleep and thus the crane crash. House believes he passed out. Further test confirm he has a sack or something by his spinal cord making him pass out.

Anyway, not really important… this episode is all about Hannah and it’s connections for House.

Now House is extremely nice when dealing with this woman for numerous reasons. 1) It’s her leg and he also has leg issues. 2) Cuddy tells him that she’s moving in with Lucas, but also that she is engaged to him. Oh Snap!

Hannahs says at one point, “I always thought if i did the right thing if i treated people right, good things would happen to me. do you think that ‘s how it works?”

House responds, “I used to. Recently, I tried and now I don’t know.”

Isn’t this the short shtick of life… you never know if Karma is going to be a pain, you never that what you do in life will reward you later on.

Back to the episode:

The whole dilemma that weighs around this patient is how long to long? Should they wait longer or should they amputate the leg? If they wait too long, her body can become infected with crush syndrome. Swell.

House says to wait, they can save the leg. That almost sounds good up until the Fire Captain’s plan falls to move the beam and her leg is crushed even further.

Cuddy speaks to him while bandaging him up after the collapse. She asks why he won’t let her amuptate. He responds, “am I the only one who knows how much a leg is worth?  Oh by the way, he bursted an artery that had to be bandaged in case you were wondering.

Cuddy then point blank tells him that he can’t be using this patient as a way to deal with his own feelings. She’s a person.

C:I don’t love you. Just accept it and move on with your life and instead of making everyone miserable.

H:Great a life lesson from a middle ages single mom who’s dating a man-child.

C: Screw you. I’m sick of making excuses for you and I’m sick of  other people  having to tiptoe around you, making their lives miserable while they try to keep you from collapsing. I’m done.

H:Fantastic. Just stay away from my patient.

C:What are you clinging to, House? You’re gonna risk her life to save her leg. Really worked out well for you didn’t it? Tell me what do you have in your life, honestly, tell me. I’m moving on. Wilson is moving and you have nothing House, nothing.

House thinks about it for a few seconds and then follows Cuddy into the pit. He tells Hannah to amputate her leg. He explains how he wishes he hadn’t kept his leg.

H:You asked me how I hurt my leg. I had a blod clot and the muscle was dying.  AndAll these doctors were telling me to amputate my leg and I said no.  Then they did this very risky operation where I almost died.

Hannah: But they saved your leg?

H: I wish they hadn’t. They cut out a chunk of muscle the size of my fist and left me with this mutilated useless thing and I’m in pain, every day. And it changed me. Made me a harder person, a worst person. And now, now I’m alone. You don’t wanna be like me. You have a husband who loves you, you have friends, you have a family to start, you have a life ahead of you. And this, this is just a leg.

Now since I didn’t watch House from the beginning, can any other viewers clarify if how his leg condition was ever discussed in past seasons? I always thought it was from a motorcycle accident, but I guess not.

House ends up being the one to amputate Hannah’s leg. It looks all wonderful when Hannah is a survivor, brought out of the tunnel, meets up  with her husband and has to go on an ambulance ride to the hospital. It’s even cute when she jokes to her husband that she’s sorry she got rid of her leg because she knows he loved that part of her body.

Then came the ambulance ride and the fat embolism. Then Hannah’s death. Was it not heart breaking with Foreman rushing down the hallway to meet up with House? The doors open and the ambulance is silent. Ahhh, I wanted a happy ending.

Wait… it’s not over.

Foreman catches up with House later and tries to tell him it’s not his fault.

Foreman: You can’t blame yourself for her death. This wasn’t your fault.

House:That’s the point. I did everything right,but she died anyway. Why do you think that would make me feel better.

House then sends Foreman away. House goes home and breaks his mirror to uncover to containers of vicodin! Noo! But wait… Cuddy comes. Like House, I thought she was a hallucination.

It turns out she wasn’t.

The moment the Huddy shippers have been waiting for has arrived in the last minute of the finale. Cuddy admitted to loving him and breaking off her engagement with Lucas. Funny, how an 40 mins ago she was like I don’t love you. It’s not so easy to deny the truth. I guess no more Michael Weston. Boo.

C:I just need to know if we can work.

H: Do you think I can fix myself?

C:I don’t know.

H:Because I’m the most screwed up person in the world.

C:I know. I love you. I wish I didn’t, but I can’t help it.

We can’t help love the people we love. We are all damaged after all.

It was cute in the end when House asked if he was hallucinating. She said did you take vicodin? He shakes his head. Cuddy then responds, I think then we’re okay. Then my favorite part of this whole Huddy interaction, he drops the pills to the floor.

Such a difference from last season’s finale when House checked into Mayfield. I have to say I loved the contrast and I can’t wait to see what Season 7 brings.

Side notes:

  • 13 has gotten worst. Taub, being “her friend” asks why she was late to work, etc. In the end 13 leaves a letter on House’s desk asking for a leave of absence.  I know we didn’t see much of House’s team in this episode, but hopefully next season we will get more of 13 and how her Huntingtons is progressing.

House M.D.: “Baggage” Review/Recap


Well I am throughly bummed that my tivo only taped half of this episode. I had to wait a couple days until someone uploaded it to the web and thankfully I was able to watch it before tonight’s finale.

This episode was I think depending on the finale that airs tonight, will be my favorite episode. “Lockdown” and “The Day in the Life of Cuddy” were excellent, but this episode was diferent for me. Once again,  I love when shows break away from their standard format of making the case the main focal point of the episode. “Baggage” was just the episode to do so.

House returned to Mayfield for his psychiatrist appointment with Dr. Nolan who he has been seeing for a year. Dr. Nolan is concerned that a) House was late b) House didn’t notice the new painting in the waiting room. Something must be troubling him.

Dr. Nolan asks how House was this week and House immediately discusses his amnesia patient. Dr. Nolan of course being a psychiatrist and knowing how House functions, asks why House takes the case with no negotiating or exchange of clinic hours. More importantly what was he doing in the E.R.?

The real answer: House was avoiding Wilson. Sam is moving in with Wilson which means Wilson told House he had to move out.

House returns to his old apartment to find that Juan Alvarez a.k.a Alvy living there. He’s avoiding the immigration agents, but House doesn’t kick him out. He allows Juan Alvarez to stay even though Alvy has sold some of House’s possessions including his coffee table and stack of books so he could repaint House’s apartment.

Alvy has become the Wilson substitute. As House says, aren’t they so similar especially when Wilson starts rapping about the hood?

Dr. Nolan and House examine the case he’s working on. A woman who is a long distance runner has amnesia. Instead of letting his team who are predominately absent through this episode, investigate where she might have gone, House goes himself to investigate with the woman. Alvy tags along.

Alvy is actually the one who urges House to go to a doughnut shop. At the doughnut shop, House uncovers that the woman who works recognizes the amnesia runner and has a name with Sandy or S- something. She knows that she came in with a guy. The guy left his buisness card in one of the doughnut shop’s lottery drawing.

House goes to the woman’s house and finds out that she has a husband of four years, she’s a civil rights lawyer and her name is Sydney and that she used to surf.

Dr. Nolan questions once again: Why is this case so important to you?

House doesn’t know, or does he? We will find out shortly.

Important interaction: Dr. Nolan notes that the husband is trying to talk to her like she’s his wife, but to Sydney he’ a stranger. They should start out slower. House actually takes this into consideration when she is healed.

So what’s wrong with Sydney? Well first, House wants to caught out a piece of her brian, husband says no. By the time,  House tries to negotiate, he realizes it’s too late.

House believes she has TB and makes his team give her a dose of medicine and then put her in a room with UV lighting. When under the UV lighting, House realizes that she has a tattoo that wasn’t permanently removed thus leading to an allergic reaction. The tattoo, Eddie Wall,  was from her times surfing. Funny how the past affected her?

Now Dr. Nolan believes that this case is all about the past affecting House with Wilson kicking him out. Instead after House and Alvy had recollected all the items Alvy sold to a pawn shop including “The Approach to the Acute Abdomen” by Ernest T. Cuddy M.D. and watching the husband interact with the woman does Dr. Nolan realize this case  has to do with relationships.

Relationships include friendship and romantic ones. Wilson is moving in with Sam, Alvy leaving to bunk with his cousin in Phoenix and Cuddy moving in with Lucas.

Wilson actually tells House to move back in, but House believes this is because he talked with Cuddy. Thus ensues my favorite part of the episode, discussed below in side notes.

Dr. Nolan questions why he hasn’t heard that Cuddy was moving in? House says no big deal. You know, when anyone says no big deal= it is a big deal. It turns out the book that House had to have back was written by Cuddy’s great grandfather and he was going to give to her at some point. At some point? Man it’s been six seasons, House.

Now with Alvy, he  is moving in with his cousin because House made sure the immigration services wouldn’t be coming to find Alvy. He faked DNA results stating that Alvy was of Puerto Rican descent. Once Alvy was guaranteed his freedom, he found it safe to move on. The only one who can’t move on is House who starts drinking, goes to bar and gets into a fight.  Dr. Nolan asks why he got into the fight? House can’t remember why.

In the end, House afraid to admit what’s going on, decides he doesn’t need this therapy crap anymore.

“To hell with this.  When I first came to you, I told you I wanted to be happy, but I’m just miserable now. How is this working for me?”

“It takes time-“

“For a year? I’ve done everything you asked. Everybody else is happy. I ran on the treadmill as you sit there and watch. You’re a faith healer. You take advantage of people who wanna believe. There’s nothing in your bag of tricks. Whatever the answer is, you don’t have it.”

Side notes:

Now why I loved this episode? It was the way it was shot and how Dr. Nolan could interrupt House’s thoughts or House tried to change what people really said.

It felt like a play production at one point especially with House and Dr. Nolan off to the side and the lighting adjusting to fading in slowly when House wanted to talk about Cuddy and Willson. It was beautifully done in such a simple way that theater companies have been using for decades. The fade in and fade out of lights and then Dr. Nolan says turn on the lights of your brian which of course the set brightens immediately by the turning on the actually lights of the room.

Loved when House has Taub interrupt Wilson and Cuddy during Nolan’s sequence of events. Dr. Nolan goes, this didn’t really happen? House rolls his eyes and explains, “Your version needed to be ended, it was crap. It was all sweetness and light about me choosing the right path.”

House’s version of Cuddy and Wilson talking was about how House is self-destructive and shouldn’t be left alone. Dr. Nolan’s version is about friendship.

Once again one of my favorite episodes with the focus on House, the interruptions in House’s days and the mirroring of the way a play is done. So great!

So now I have some 5-ish hours until I have to recap and review the finale. Good times.

House: “The Choice” Review/Recap


Yeah it’s Thursday and “House” was Monday. I think I’m starting to see a pattern. School is inevitable making my reviews and recaps useless because I can’t get them done on time.

Anyway, Monday’s Episode consisted of a pretty much centered Taub episode again, ehhm, but at least there was more of House. C’mon I do expect a decent amount of House since this show is called “House”.

The patient case: A husband to be, Teddy, can’t speak and  faints at the altar. House believes it’s just nerves like all husbands to be gets. He proclaims he is faking when pokes Teddy with a needle and he cries out. House sends him on his way, but Teddy only returns when he faints outside in the hospital’s parking lot. House then sends his minions off to check Teddy’s two living spaces, his love nest and his last bachelor pad. When 13 and Taub go investigate the bachelor pad, they run into the new owner. New Owner= Ted’s ex-boyfriend, Kotter. Fun right? This kinda boost the episode for me because I was surprised by this added fact.

Teddy tells House and his team that he isn’t gay and that it was an accident. House proclaims sodomy is “top ten household accident”. Teddy explains that he went to a conversion camp to get out of being gay which included injecting him with testosterone and with electro-therapy.  Loved House’s quote, “It zapped the fabulous right out of him.” Of course his fiancee is not happy to hear any of this, she expected to be marrying a straight dude.

When Teddy explains to Nick, his fiancee about almost coming out to being gay: “I didn’t hate the thought of admitting I was gay because I was ashamed.  I hate the thought, because I wasn’t gay and that was the day I  sought help. They cured me.”

13 later counteracts in the episode, “To be faithful to his wife, he has to ignore his identity.”

I think this two quotes mirrored so much of what is going on in today’s society. We have people who know they are homosexuals and aren’t afraid to come out because they accept who they are, but then we have people in today’s society like Teddy who can’t believe they are gay and try to change the situation, try to alter their identity.

This idea comes back to solving the case when House is talking with Wilson. House says to Wilson about their own situation that, “wisdom is knowing what you can change and what you are born with.” This of course makes him jump up and immediately go to Teddy’s room. House then figures out that Teddy has a kr malformation or a narrowing of the base of the skull. He was born with it and it’s just become enhanced from anti-gay boot camp. In the end Teddy gets better, but his fiancee leaves him.

Result of Patient arc of the episode for me: Put Wilson on House’s team. It always gets solved when House is having a discussion with him.

Right, now onto the House’s Arc in this episode:

House is found sleeping on rocket ship sheets. At first, I was like why is he sleeping there? Answer 10 seconds later: he feel asleep in someone else’s an apartment, on  a kid’s bed because he was so drunk. My question is how did he get into that apartment? It’s not like he has a key.

Next Taub asks House out to dinner. House just believes this is a set up for Taub so he has time for his nurse friend lady. House goes to dinner and invites Rachel, Taub’s wife along. House tells Rachel that Taub is taking a ceramics class on Fridays and that she should join him.

Next day at the hospital, Taub finds a ceramics class that meets on Fridays in Trenton that is all booked up so Rachel can’t join. House counteracts that he still needs to bring home a craft for his wifey and that that week is 4th of July according to the syllabus. Taub then gets into a bidding war for these napkin rings with kissmyasthma99. Kissmyasthma99 is House. Who didn’t enjoy that when Taub found out it was him?

Next 13 asks House out to a lesbian bar. House goes to the lesbian bar where 13 is getting hit on and is being bought drinks by a ton of lesbians.

One important quote from this lesbian bar outing. 13: “My self pity is optional, what about yours?” I think we find out that answer at the end of the episode.

House puts it together that something is going on. He goes to Wilson and Wilson tells him that he did in fact bribe his team to hang out with him. Wilson knows House has no one else to hang out with now that Wilson getting back together with Sam. He paid the whole team $100 except for Foreman who held out for $200.

Last outing is going to a karaoke bar with Chase and Foreman! Favorite part of the episode with all them singing “Midnight Train to Georgia”

In the morning during his chat with Wilson, Wilson heard from Chase that they had a good time. House than says, “I realized they can become my friends and then I sobered up. I also think I sleep better on rockets ship sheets.” Only House would twist a serious conversation into a sarcastic, witty manner.

Now the last person trying to help him his Cuddy. She asks him out to dinner and House asks if Wilson paid her too.  Cuddy responds she is just being nice and that she wants to be friends with him.

House’s last words: “Funny, that’s the last thing I want us to be.”

This interaction with Cuddy leads to shots of him putting and drinking more hard liquor in his coffee cup. His I-buproufen is also right in the camera shot too.

Next week’s episode mirrors his downward spiral back to addiction when he visits his therapist. It’s unclear whether he is forced to go, but being this is House, I’m gonna say yes. So only 2 more episodes to go this season!