Tonight’s Television Pick: Grey’s Anatomy

This is probably the Grey’s Anatomy episode that I’ve been excited in a while for. They have had eight seasons, but they have never done this.. an alternate universe episode. Meredith get’s Alex, Derek is still married and Lexi is a little vampire druggie like. Also Alex is preppy, awesome.  I’ve seen the first few minutes and I can’t wait to see the rest of the episode.  It’s gonna be a great night of some old style Grey’s Anatomy.

Check it out tonight on ABC at 9 PM


Grey’s Anatomy Ep 2: Take The Lead

The Fifth Year Residents a.k.a. the characters we actually care about since we’ve followed the ones still left from Season One, are finally embarking on what they’ve studied for… solo surgeries.

Also important: Richard stepped down as Chief, gave the position to Owen. Bailey is not happy and Torres warns Owen not to anger Bailey. You want her on your side.

What also is being decided during this episode is another bet…the characters of “Grey’s Anatomy” wager a lot. This time the wager is whoever has the poorest outcome with their surgery, has to teach all of the skills labs.

 Meredith (Aneurysm):

Meredith has the hardest surgery because a) it’s an aneurysm b) she and Derek are still not getting along. They still don’t know about Zola and Derek’s clinical trial was moved to Texas. Richard tells Meredith that, “if you can’t communicate with your Attending, you have no business in that OR.”

Derek backs her up when the patient questions about her success right with it being her first surgery.  The OR is a little shaky when Derek and Meredith start to argue, but Meredith clips the aneurysm successfully.

 Avery (Cleft Lip on Child)

Avery’s confident in that he will have a successful surgery. However Arizona is not. She wants the procedure a certain way… the way Avery is not doing it. She wants Sloane to do it.  Avery eventually concedes in the operating room when Arizona starts to fret about how the smile will change this child’s life. Will he be bullied? Will he get married? Will he die alone?

Cristina ( Mitral Valve a.k.a Heart)

Cristina has this complicated surgery that she is dying to do, but something stops her. Her patient has to get her appendix out. Trouble is Cristina can’t remember how it’s done. She goes to the skills labs and tests the interns on the test. It all goes well until the middle of the surgery when she forget the next step. Teddy chastises her, but she also can’t remember. The one who does remember: the OR nurse.

Alex Karev ( Bowel Resection)

As the seasons go on, Alex is turning out to be my favorite character because he gets complex. We all know Meredith is a hot mess, but Alex was always a quiet hot mess that we slow learn about his insecurities. Everything thinks he takes Dr. Webber’s easy bowel surgery because Alex wants to win the wager. April finds out that it’s quite the opposite. Alex is just so terrified and nervous to do it on his own. In the end after all his prep work, he learns the bowel is too badly damaged to fix.

When it comes to who loses the wager, everyone says Alex, but April steps in. She being his intern during the surgery knows how he is really feeling and turns the blame to Avery who loses by default.  He didn’t even touch his patient.

With April, she learned from Torres, that you might not make friends as the Chief Resident, but you also want to work things out so that they respect you and end up on your side.

The episode ends with Crisitina and Owen get over their awkwardness of aborting their baby when they eat bad Chinese food. They are in the process of healing.

The same cannot be said for Derek and Meredith. Derek won’t divorce her because of the post it note promise. They end up learning that to make their marriage work, they can’t work together. Derek can no longer be her Attending.

This episode was better than premiere. It went back to focusing why people are still trying to watch Grey’s Anatomy… the characters. Meredith is whiny, but we are still dying to know if Derek and Meredith’s relationship will ever work and personally for me, I get curious about Alex all the time.

“Grey’s Anatomy” Season Premiere Discussion


Lord, no more natural catastrophes. It’s like Seattle Grace is a magnet for anything and everything. We’ve already had a ferry crash, car accidents galore, shootings, bombings, George getting hit but a bus… oh wait let’s add a sink hole because those are so common.  That’s the first problem I had. I’ll get to my other problem….



So first you have to wrap your head around that like I mentioned a sinkhole surrounds this episode, but then you also have to remember what happened in the season finale which might be a bit hard for some, by which I mean me.

Here’s what I was supposed to remember:

  • Meredith messed up Derek’s trial because she wanted to give Adele the medicine for her onset Alzheimer’s.
  • Alex catches her doing it.
  • Cristina is pregnant, doesn’t want the kid. Owen does… issues ensue
  • Also I failed to mention that Derek finds out about what Meredith did and thus they separate.
  • Did I forget to mention that they still have Zola, a foster baby girl from Malawi that they’re trying to adopt?
  • April is also Chief Resident
Fastfoward to tonight’s episode:
  • Meredith gets fired.
  • Everyone still hates Alex…except maybe Arizona who wants him to succeed in Peds.
  • Derek is still not talking to Meredith.
  • Owen and Cristina are still not speaking, she’s still pregnant
  • Avery wants to do plastics. Sloan does not want him because he feels some resentment toward him because of Lexi.

Main things to take away from this episode:

  • Meredith is no longer fired. Richard takes the blame. (I thought this was a smart decision. Apparently he can still be a doctor. I think he was in the preview of next week’s episode and now he can spend more time with Adele)
  • Bailey takes over Richard’s trial.
  • Meredith and Derek however lose their baby since Meredith disappeared for four hours with said baby to hide from social worker. Lots of miscommunication. Oh and they’re still not talking.  Side note, Derek’s finally building his house he has been talking about for the past three seasons.
  • Alex is no longer hated by everyone. He and Meredith make up because Arizona tells him to do after Cristina accidentally stabs him with a syringe of something which makes him faint.
  • Cristina has the abortion, but Owen is back with her.
  • Sloan and Avery are in agreement to work together. I think.
  • Teddy and Henry are adorable. Just needed to be said.
That’s the gist of what  I felt I need to know. Sinkhole, not important. Not to me personally.
Back to my problems of this start of a new season… I’ve missed the cast of “Grey’s Anatomy” by which I mean Season One and Two before Izzy got cancer and George got run over by a bus. I’m sorry I’m horrible at adjusting to change. Don’t get me wrong, I love Avery, Lexi and April. They are the last ones left and I don’t have a problem with them, but when this episode started I realized I missed the camaraderie they including Alex, Cristina and Meredith had since they’ve been through so much together. It took a while to get back to that. It took about two full hours for them to become friends again.
It’s in it’s 8th Season. The actors are getting tired which means the characters are getting tired… I’m even getting tired. I will continue to watch this show because I’m a fan of it, but am I getting tired of the different scenarios? A little bit.
The one reason why I do stick around is that Shonda Rhimes and her team remember to implement humor into some of the scene, but also that the writing staff still writes beautiful quotes and writing to make it flow like a drama. They can still write good open and closes you can hear Meredith reading.
Favorite quote: (Meredith to Owen in response to why Cristina doesn’t want a kid) “Trying pretending to love a kid as much as she loves surgery will almost kill her…Do you know what it’s like to be raised by someone who doesn’t want you?  To know you stood in the way of your parent’s career? I do. I was raised by a Cristina. My mother was a Cristina. And as the child she didn’t want, I tell you don’t do this to her. She’s kind and she’s caring and she won’t make it. The guilt of the child she resents will eat her alive.”

Grey’s Anatomy Season 7 Premiere: ” With you I’m born again”

How can anyone forget the season finale of “Grey’s Anatomy” with Derek getting shot, Meredith miscarrying, Alex getting shot and Percy and Reed getting killed? The Season Premiere couldn’t forget and neither could we.

The first episode starts one month after the shooting at Seattle Grace and everyone is adjusting. Miranda Bailey went home for a month to get away from the hospital, Derek has adrenaline rushes, drives at 100 mph and ends up in jail, Alex wanting to keep the bullet in his chest, Cristina getting married and Meredith still not cleared for surgery. That’s alot isn’t it.

Our first glimpse of Derek’s recovery is him in jail. My first thought was he turned into Dr. Webber, he became an alcoholic. We later learn that no, he’s not an alcohol, but he is addicted to one thing… adrenaline. He returns back to the Hospital to return to his job as Chief. Ten seconds into the job, he resigns. His real heart in surgery and gives the former chief his job back, Dr. Webber.

Derek’s first job: To attack a brain tumor on a teenager. The way to do it, split the teenagers face in half including jaw, tongue, nose, etc. Meredith tells him “You are driving to fast, Dr. Shepherd, ,the least you could do is wear a seat belt.”

The only way to operate, the audience learns, the surgeons must be “okayed” by a counselor, Andrew Perkins.

The odd first case of clearance: Lexi.

A flashback occurs where all the surgeons are sitting with Perkins during a counselor session. No one is talking well about the event. Alex, Meredith, Cristina and Avery begin to talk about lunch and the taco truck… that is until Lexi interrupts them. She begins to tell them about what type of shooting it was in between her twitching her leg and talking really fast. The editing matched perfectly the actions of Lexi.

She also freaked out the next day in the pit. We learn she is brought to the psych war and is able to sleep off her street. She had been diagnosed with PTSD, but is cleared.  Also Lexi is no longer Alex’s girlfriend?!? Alex’s reasoning: I’ve had too much crazy for a lifetime.

Cristina and Hunt are getting married…. um…okay… a little sudden. Her reasoning: I don’t want to be alone anymore. Okay Cristina, hope it works out for you. Because you know you and Burke worked out great. Best of luck Owen and Cristina. Wedding details later….

Alex and Derek get cleared. Miranda get cleared after explaining to Perkins that the day her son was born and her husband was in an accident the same time was a bad day, but her worst day was the shooting. It was the worst day of her life. Perkins clears her… maybe out of fear.

Miranda also breaks it off with Ben because she can’t handle a relationship right now. “I’m busy  holding myself together with tape and glue. I wish you didn’t play golf because you would be like me, we could be all held together with tape and glue.”

Meredith and Cristina still can’t cleared….

Why can’t Meredith? She can’t come to terms with her miscarriage. She hasn’t told Derek yet. She even begged Cristina, Hunt and April not to say anything.

Why can’t Cristina? She isn’t showing up for her meetings. She gets cleared obviously for the next episode where she is doing surgery, but in this episode she isn’t. She’s too busy pulling out pages from bridal magazines..WHAT? Cristina crazy over marriage? Not over surgery?

As always the team of writers and actors carry out beautiful words. I wish when I spoke it would come out like Shonda Rhimes wrote for me.

Here’s Cristina’s quote:

“God, these women in these magazines…they are not all models, some of them are actually brides, all smiling. It’s like the only thing that matters to them, to pick the shoes for that perfect dress. God, I knew these girls when I went to school. I used to feel sorry for them. They are simple girls. They just find the guy and get married…live. I don’t know… you are either born simple or me… I want to be the girl who gets happy finding the perfect dress. I want to be simple because no one holds a gun to a simple girl.”

The end of the episode concludes with the wedding at Meredith’s house. Derek can’t come and fulfill his best man duties because he’s in jail again. Meredith stops by, not to get him released, just to pick up the ring.  The wedding is beautiful and simple. Cristina doesn’t wear white because she doesn’t want to. She’s just happy to have Hunt.  I may now pronounce, Mr and Mrs. Hunt.

Side notes:

  • Teddy is dating Perkins
  • Arizona is asked to move in with Callie. Arizona thought it was going to be worst, like children or marriage.
  • Lexi tells off Alex for being so hot for keeping the bullet in his chest to counteract his crying out for his wife when he was shot.

That about covers it for the season premiere… next episode Cristina seems to have a relapse of the shooter and collapses on the operating floor.

Grey’s Anatomy Finale: Ep 23/24 “Sanctuary” and “Death and all his friends”

This title card sums up basically this recap in two ways.  One,  I needed to find the dark and twisty title card because the episode was a dark/twisty/adrenaline pumping episode.  Two, I couldn’t find it for awhile and it sums up how long this recap took to type up.

Finally here’s my last recap of the Fall 2009-2010 T.V. Series

Shonda Rhimes and her team of writers, cast and crew always nail their finales. Remember last years finale with George in the elevator? How do they top it? Uh… a shooter in the hospital going after McDreamy. Say it ain’t so!

You know something was going to go down in this episode when ABC flashed a viewer discretion warning and Meredith’s opening lines. I love it [Seattle Grace], correction, I loved it here.

I was very impressed that Rhimes continued with the whole Mr. Clark story line. Generally, I thought it was going to just be a random shooter, but no it wasn’t, it was Mr. Clark.

The episode starts off normal with Meredith take a pregnancy test, finding out she’s pregnant and goes to tell Cristina. The rest of the hospital is having a normal day with a hectic e.r. The only person not pleased is Mr. Clark who can’t seem to get a straight answer from anyone where Derek Shepard is. My question is how did Mr. Clark bypass security and get into the E.R. room? Anyway, no one is helpful to him. Well actually Cristina is, but I’m jumping ahead.

Gary Clark, that’s his first name right?, goes into a supply room (shouldn’t this be locked) and asks Reed where Derek is? Reed is too busy and waves him off. He decides to shoot her. I guess the viewer discretion was probably for that shot of Reed getting shot because it was like Bam! one two three, done. Next, Alex walks when he hears the sound. He barely utters two words and gets shot!

Then Alex crawls to an elevator. During this whole episode, I’m like damn it Seattle Grace employees you are always using the elevators, but you can’t use them this one time.

While Alex is in an elevator, Meredith happily wants to tell Derek her good news. She doesn’t because he’s grumpy. He states ironically that he hopes he gets something jammed in his brain so he can see the inside of an o.r.  Very close in predicting his future, except it’s heart and not his head.

No one knows about the shooter until April ( who I still don’t like) finds Reed dead. Once again, I don’t like April, but I felt for her because Reed was her best and probably only friend. Kidding… but Reed was still her best friend. Derek calls lockdown. First he has to rifle through his manual to find the procedure. He doesn’t understand how they have a procedure for a bomb, but not for a shooter and I totally agree with him.

Cristina goes in an elevator and Mr. Clark joins her. Cristina for once is pleasantly nice and tells him how to get to Derek’s office. Obviously she doesn’t know he is the shooter.

So lockdown happens….

Arizona and Callie who are fighting with one another are stuff in the Peds ward with 30 or so children and a couple staff. Bailey stays with her patient who I didn’t know but thought she looked familiar, Mandy Moore.  P.S. I think Mandy Moore did a wonderful job in this episode along with Chandra Wilson. Also Percy will end up joining Bailey and Mandy Moore. Owen and Teddy are down in an operating room as is Avery to work on a patient involved in a car accident caused by Mr. Clark.  Richard who is 6 months sober is the only one not in the hospital at the time and he can’t get in to help his people. Meredith and Cristina meanwhile wander the hospital.

Cristina: Why does it matter anyway?  I never leave here anyway…psych patient got lose, baby missing from the nursery, or an axe murder is here?

Meredith:: An axe murderer would be fun.

When Cristina mentioned the baby misssing from the hosptial, I chuckled remembering the House lockdown episode because of a missing baby.

Well the shooter wanders into the main reception area, can’t get any helps so he shoots the head nurse. Mark and Lexi are in this room, but Marc pulls her down to the floor and saves her. Yeah! They both move to the elevator to escape and  they open the right elevator to find Karev bleeding out. Marc and Lexi to the rescue.

The shooter continues through the floor to shoot anyone in his way. Bailey finds out from Percy that the shooter is on the floor. She tells Mary Mandy Moore to play dead and Percy to hide in the bathroom. She hides under the bed. Of course, Mr. Clark goes into this room. My question was why was he hitting up random rooms? He wasn’t after patients. Anyway he uncovers Mary who plays a remarkable dead person, he starts to cry remembering his own wife. He goes into the bathroom and finds Percy. He shoots Percy because Percy admits he is a surgeon. Mr. Clark leaves the bathroom and spots Miranda under the bed. He pulls her out and she lies and says she’s a nurse. He oddly enough doesn’t shoot her. Does anyone else find it odd that he shot the nurse in the lobby in the hospital, but not Miranda?

Meanwhile up in Peds, Callie and Arizona move 30 kids to one room. I laughed during this part when Callie introduced one boy to another little boy. “Christopher, Tyler. Tyler, Christopher. You both hate chicken…discuss.”

Callie and Arizona start to bicker with one another about their relationship status.

Arizona: “When you do something to convince me that you are falling in love with me, not with the idea  of being in love. when you convince me that I’m different from George O’Malley, Erica Han, Marc Sloan, the girl from the coffee cart. You have a huge heart and I love that about you.  I dont trust you, though.”

Derek who is in the hospital, runs into Cristina and Meredith. He is so upset they are wandering. They ask why? He tells them about the shooter and pushes them in a storage closet and tells them to stay put. That sounds like a good idea until Meredith realizes she’s about to be sick due to her pregnancy and Cristina won’t stay in a room with vomit.

Down in the operating room, Avery was told by Derek to not let anyone leave, Owen and Teddy don’t listen. They got out into the hallway with their patient.  I think they say later on in the episode, we came back from a war, not getting shot and then we get to a hospital, the safest of all places and there is a shooter there, just killing people willy nilly.

The climax of the episode, tying both episodes together is when Derek faces Mr. Clark on the unispan. Gotta say, if you are going to have a showdown, it must as well be on a dramatic piece of the set.

Mr. Clark flips out on him and tells him, your a doctor, being all god like which Derek cares to differ. He also lets us into his reasoning of becoming a doctor. His dad was shot and died during a mugging.

Derek Shepard: I didn’t become a doctor because I wanted to be God. I wanted to save people. I make mistakes. I’m flowed. We all are. I think today was just a mistake for you. You want justice. You want someone to pay. You’re a good man. I can see it in your eyes. Can you see it in mine?

I wonder if he would’ve have gotten shot at all if April didn’t come out and distract the focus away from Mr. Clark lowering his gun and dropping it.

The monologue to start off the second hour of the finale: “The human life is made up of choices…. Live or die…that’s the important choice and that’s not always in our hands.”

Okay so it’s in this episode where Teddy and Owen discuss making throug iraq alive and now being stuck in the hospital with a crazy shooter. This is also the crucial time when Teddy tells Owen, you have to choose. Owen decides, “I choose no one.”

Now with Derek dying in the inside literally, Richard is dying figuratively when the SWAT Time won’t allow him into the hosptial. He starts hearing all the 911 calls from Cristina to Owen to Marc. I thought it was nicely sound edited together to show the non-stop 911 calls.

I didn’t forget about Alex. He’s currently lying on a  conference room table with Mark and Lexi trying to operate on him using only the materials they can find on the floor they are on. Alex is also rambling at this point. He believes the key to a good life is “bacon and lots of sex.”

Lexi leaves the rooms to get more supplies and runs into Mr. Clark. He wants to shoot Lexi because he remembered she was on Derek’s team that killed his wife. A gunshot goes off. Lexi drops to the floor! Not to worry, she just ducked out of the way when the SWAT team show Mr. Clark in the hand.  I was annoyed that the SWAT team didn’t go after him, but according to Shondra Rhimes who talked to a SWAT team and apparently it’s procedure to not go directly after him. Great…moving on.

Mr. Clark still wandering the halls, approaches the PEDs ward where Arizona and Callie are. They are about to perform an appendictomy on Ruby whose appendix burst.  Callie saves the day by talking to calmy to Mr. Clark, handing him bandages for his wound and tell him to leave. He thanks her and leaves. Maybe Callie should go on a SWAT team.

Dying Derek: Meredith is convinced someone is coming, they know no one is. Meredith then tells Cristina that she has to operate on him. Only rule: Meredith can’t come into the operating room. Why?  Cristina: “With your big sad don’t kill mcdreamy eyes.”

This next part is probably 1/2 sad parts that had me bawling.

Alex talking to Lexi as though she was Izzie.

Alex: Izzie… ahh aww… I’m sorry, don’t go. We got married, don’t go.

Lexi pretends she was Izzie and soothes him. It must have been painful for Lexi to realize that even though  Alex was in a deluded state, he still loved Izzie.  I wonder if he will remember what he said in the next season? Probably not..but Lexi always will.

Lexi: I’m not going anywhere.

Alex: You came back for me.

Lexi: I came back.

Alex: Don’t ever leave me again.

Lexi: I won’t. I won’t ever leave you, ever, again.

Now this last line, do you think Lexi was still pretending to be Izzie or was she trying to relate to her real relationship with Alex? She still has the whole dilemma of Mark wanting her back. She like Owen wants both, but she knows she can’t have both.

After this dramatic scene, the SWAT team tells Lexi and Mark, the floor is all clear. They clear out to the outside where Teddy and Owen are waiting. They have already transported their own patient. Lexi goes with Teddy and Alex to the nearby hospital.  Owen asks where Cristina is? I think… Point is: Owen sneaks back into the hospital as does Richard.

Remember how much I dislike April? Well so does Meredith.

April and Meredith are sitting on the floor of the prep room before the Operating room and April starts to sob. Meredith tells her that she can’t cry like that.

Meredith: “It took me a long to find  him to know I wanted him. You don’t get to cry about that.”

April clarifies why she has the right to cry

April: “Reed was my best friend, she died today.”

I guess she has a fair point.

We switch back to the other dying patient/surgeon: Charles Percy

Miranda and Mary try to get Percy to an elevator so they can bring him down to an operating room. Only problem is the SWAT team turned off the elevators. Chandra Wilson once again does a phenomenally performance of her frustration and knowledge that Percy is going to die and she can’t save him.

First Chandra Wilson silently cries/screams her frustration and then she and Mary must comfort Percy who will inevitable die in the coming moments because he can’t the help he needs. Now before when Charles Percy was shot, Miranda told him she would never lie when he asked if he was dying.

When he asked earlier if he was dying, she said no because she believed there was chance for Percy to be save. Now she realizes, he doesn’t have  a chance. She tells him the truth when he asks.

Charles: Am I dying?

Miranda: Yes Charles, you are dying. I don’t want you to worry. iI don’t want you to be afraid. I’m not going to leave you. Mary and I are going to be with you the whole time. You are not alone.  You are not alone.

Back to the other dying surgeon: Derek

Owen comes back to the operating room. One of the best scenes again in my point of view because we the viewer  like Meredith can’t see what’s going on.

Meredith asks Owen what’s going on in the operating room, why isn’t he scrubbing in etc. We then realize when Owen tells Meredith to stay put and he enters the Operating Room that Mr. Clark has also found a way into the room.  He is holding the gun to Cristina’s head and tells her to stop working on Derek and to let him die.

Of course Meredith doesn’t listen and follows Owen. She tells Mr. Clark to shoot her because “You want justice. If you want to hurt them like you are hurting now, hurt me. An eye for an eye.” She explains to Mr. Clark that Derek is her husband, Lexi is her sister and Richard Webber considers her like a daughter. Cristina intervenes and tells Mr. Clark that Meredith is pregnant and he wouldn’t shoot a pregnant woman. He doesn’t. He instead shoots Owen.

Mr. Clark wants them to stop, but Cristina can’t. Dr. Avery to the rescue. He makes Derek play dead! How do you make a person play dead? By pulling the cords providing the vital signs off Derek’s body sneakily and quickly replace them when Mr. Clark leaves. So clever Dr. Avery! I’m impressed as was sobbing Meredith and confused Cristina.

A compromise is reach by Cristina and Meredith.

Cristina: You save my man while I save yours.

Right so once again we flip flop back to Percy’s death scene I guess you can say.  I believe this is the second part of the episode where I cried. The dialogue was beautifully written as was the performance by both Chandra Wilson and Robert Baker a.k.a Charles Percy.

Percy:  I don’t hurt anymore. The pain is gone, that’s a bad thing. Can you do something for me? Can you find Reed when this over and I always had a crush on her and I don’t think she knew. Can you I tell her anyway? Can you tell her I loved her? I loved her so much. Can you tell her tell her I was a catch, and she missed out on a great catch. I was brave. Don’t tell her I turned coward, and started asking fro my mom. Tell her I was brave.

Miranda: You are brave, Charles. I was the coward telling that man I was a nurse.

Percy: You were smart. I wish i wish was that smart. Tell her i loved her. don’t forget. I know you don’t like me.

Miranda: That’s not true.

Percy: You were always my favorite doctor, I thought you should know.

Miranda doesn’t have a chance to respond because Percy then dies. How horribly bittersweet was that Charles and Reed died? As I like to call it, it was the killing off of the sub-characters of Mercy West. I would have actually preferred if Charles had been allowed to stay on and April got shot. Is that mean to think that?

Switch back to Derek/Owen saving situation

Meredith saves Owen because the shot went straight through him so it’s an easy clean. As she’s sewing him up, she has a miscarriage. Poor Meredith! Of course April states the obvious while Meredith is trying to maintain her cool. Once again, poor Meredith. Maybe McDreamy Baby next season!

The last set up or interaction of Mr. Clark and the hospital is with Mr Clark and Richard Webber.

Mr. Clark explains that he didn’t bring enough bullets because he wanted to make room for his flask. Now he only has one bullet left. Should he shoot himself or should he shoot Richard? He offers Richard the flask to which I am happy to say Richard remains 6 months sobers and does not take a swig.

Richard lays out the different scenarios for Gary Clark.

Richard: Shoot yourself, then you are free, maybe get to see your wife again. Shoot me, swat capture you and a life of prison a head of your without an afterlife with your wife. See I’ve lived. I’ve really, really, lived. I failed, I’ve been devasted, i’ve been broken. I’ve been to hell and back. ANd I’ve also known joy, and passion and I have had a great love. You see, death is not for me justice, it’s the end of a beautiful journey and see I’m not  afraid to die, the question is, are you?

The episode ends with one bullet shot. What ends up happening?

Derek is alive, Owen is alive, Richard is alive. Meredith is no longer pregnant, Alex is alive, Callie and Arizona get back together. Reed and Percy both died. Marc’s relationship with Lexi is still in limbo with Alex and all.

Callie/Arizona back together: “people died. people died. i don’t wanna have kids if i can’t be with you. we will have all kinds of kid. I didn’t thikn I was cut out to be a mom, but you will be a great mom.”

The monologue of the second episode is played over again: Yes or no? in or out? up or down? live or die? coward or hero? The human life is made up of choices. To live or die? That’s the important choice.

My apologies once again for the almost one month delay of this post.  Once again though, what an awesome 2 hr finale! Adrenaline pumping to say the least and a good amount of tears too.

Grey’s Anatomy: “Shiny Happy People” Recap/Review

This episode has been sittting on my tivo for a while, but I finally had a chance to rewatch it and write down some quotes I needed.

Right, so like always Grey’s has medical cases that tend to relate to their characters and what they are going through.

We had the story of two old timers who got reconnected: This story involves Christina, Owen, and Teddy ( I guess Meredith can be included in this)

Then we had Demi Lovator’s schizo story line: Alex’s

A burn patient: Miranda Bailey’s story line.

Actually all the stories are interweaved… let’s see how it goes…

Two Old Time Lovers/ The struggle of Owen loving two ladies/Marc loving Lexi

Betty comes to the E.R. after getting into a fender bender. Henry comes to the E.R. because he passed out. The doctors found out that he has an irregular heart rhythm. The two patients come in contact with one another and realize that they were both each other loves from so long ago.

Henry fell in love with Betty who happened to be the best friend of the woman he was engaged to, Irene. Betty decides not become the maid of honor at the wedding because she couldn’t tell Irene that she was in love with her soon to be husband. Both Henry and Irene ended up marrying other people, but both were still in love with each other.

Henry: I loved Irene, but she wasn’t Betty.

Betty: I thought there would be another Henry, but there never was.

Eventually Henry tries to persuade Betty to live with him at his house to which Betty responds, “I got over you, Henry. I married Mike. I had four kids and grandkids. I’m sorry, but I got over you.”

After Henry goes through one of his episodes  of irregular heart rhythm, Betty changes her mind and decides to lives with him.

Now how does this cute little romantic story tie in with the doctors of Seattle Grace? Well for starters, Owen is wondering if he is still in love with Teddy while he is still in love with Cristina. Owen asks Cristina to move in with her, Meredith isn’t pleased, but she can’t say anything. Meredith knows the whole story due to Derek about Owen trying to send Owen away. Only problem is she can’t tell Cristina because she promised Derek she wouldn’t. Doesn’t mean she can’t give stink eyes to Owen?

The best analogy from Cristina about her triangle of sorts: “I’m thatcher? Owen is Dr. Webber and Teddy is Alice?”

Cristina: “Do you think your mom ever got over the chief?”

Meredith: “My mom loved Richard until the day she died.”

Interesting to see what will happen with Teddy if Cristina and Owen stay together? She will definitely be in the picture still because the actress has been picked up for the full season.

The big scene happens with the love triangle in the stairwell where at fist we are led to believe it is only Owen and Cristina discussing their future. Owen is confused because Teddy is a trigger for him for all his memories of Iraq.

Owen: “I don’t know is working for me right now. I don’t know what I feel for Teddy. I don’t know because she is all wrapped up in everything going on in my life. I do know I have feelings for you.”

Then a beeper goes off… It’s Teddy’s. Can we say awkward much?

I lie saying that it was only this triangle going on… we also have the whole Lexi and Marc thing  still brewing.

They are no longer together, but we know there’s still a pull. Marc is spending his time sleeping around with woman including Teddy and Reed because he’s not exclusive with Teddy. Lexi is with Alex, but she’s trying to figure out what they have with one another.

Callie has a discussion with Marc that the problems that seperated Marc and Lexi are gone so why shouldn’t they get back together. He points out that Lexi now has Alex.

Callie: “You still love Lexi…. Betty got over Henry and married Mike” I paraphrased, but really my point was that both are still in love, but are trying to move on.  I of course loved Marc’s expression, asking who is Henry and Betty? He asks what about she and Arizona because they have broken up? Callie defends herself and says she still has reasons.

Over the seasons, I’m starting to love Marc’s and Callie’s friendship over Meredith’s and Cristina’s. I just love them.

Schizo Demi Lovato/ Alex

A girl who suffers from Schizopherina, Hailey (Demi Lovato) comes to the hospital to get committed because for starters, she tried to claw her eyes out. Alex saves her from stabbing herself in the chest with a needle. He wants to run a few tests to try to figure out what’s the matter with her. The parents eventually agree even though they explain she’s been through so many tests.

After running an MRI with Derek and Arizona, the two of them find nothing wrong and believe she is crazy. Alex disagrees with them.
Alex: “I know crazy.  I grew up with crazy, I dated crazy. This girl isn’t crazy. Aren’t we supposed to be the advocate for our patient? Her parents went through stuff, but she went through a lot worse.”

Eventually Derek grants him 4 hours to figure out what’s wrong with her. Alex ropes in his newly christened girl friend who has the photographic memory to try to figure out what’s wrong with Hailey.

Lexi tells him: pg 162, June 2004 and an issue with a mint/green cover. She can’t remember what the title is and Alex remarks, “It’s like the computer froze.”

Meredith questions why Alex likes Lexi.

Alex: “I am acting like a duck. I figure if start to walk like a duck, quack like a duck, you start to act like a duck, and Lexi is nice and normal and healthy so I’m acting all nice and normal and healthy.”

Meredith:  “You’re becoming a duck.”

Now Lexi is in a gossipy mood and remarks to Meredith that Mark slept with Reed? Meredith is like why do you care?

Deep dow, we know she does care as does Mark.

In the end when Alex solves the case which involves Hailey having a hole in her hear which aggravates and enhances all sounds inside and outside of her body, Mark steps forward.

M:”Lex… I’m still in love with you. I tried not to be, and Sloan’s gone, no baby and I don’t want to sleep around. I want another chance. I’m in love with you.”

Lexi: ” I have a boyfriend.”

M: “I’m saying you could have a husband.”

Woah! Well Lexi pushes it to the back of her mind when Alex comes out to celebrate his win that Hailey wasn’t crazy.

Side note: I thought Demi Lovato did a great job at playing crazy. Such a drastic change from her role on her disney channel show.

Last Patient case to discuss: Burn Victim Amber/ Bailey

Miranda Bailey has finally decided to open herself and allow herself to fall for another man, Ben, the anesthesiologist a.k.a guy from “Eli Stone.”

The next morning after spending a night with Ben, she’s in a extremely good mood. She’s even humming in the elevator. After she gets off, Derek and Mark still on the elevator witness Ben get on and starts to hum the same song.

Derek: “Go Bailey.”

Mark: “Indeed.”

Now Amber, the burn victim from a car accident, is supposed to get a hair transplant, but she can’t because she has an infection in her fingers. Her frined form the burn unit, Trish, tells her to stay positive.

Previously, Miranda has run into Ben who happens to be flirting with a nurse. Dr. Bailey is not happy.  She tells Amber that is is okay to cry when she learns that she will lose three of her fingers.

Bailey: “You can cry, Amber, its fine.  It’s alot to take in at once.”

Trish: “No. She needs to stay postivie, that’s how we get through things.”

Bailey: “No. She was excited, hopeful and eager, and that has been crushed. She has the right to some feelings. She can be positive tomorrow. Amber, you can be positive tomorrow.”

After Mark witnesses Miranda’s unhappiness when she asks why men aren’t happy with just one woman. He believe he can do the hair restoration because he believes that “we are all in need of a little magic today.”

Miranda runs into Ben and explains in Miranda fashion that she doesn’t have time for these games because she has a child, she is going through a messy divorce, etc.. Ben acknoweldges this and they start to begin to work on their relationship and what they have.

In the end of the episode, Cristina decides to not move in with Owen. Meredith pulls out blue prints for The house in the wood which I was sure the writers forgot about and points out that one of the rooms is for Cristina. What are friends for?


Meredith: “At my parties we drink beer and dance on tables.”

Derek: “Are you insulting my party?”

M: “It is getting pretty lame out there.”

D: “Duty calls.”

Now of course as this review is extremely late, I don’t have to wait a week to discuss the adrenaline pumping finale. Coming up shortly, review for the shooter in the hospital episode.

Grey’s Anatomy: “How Insensitive” Review/Recap

“Grey’s Anatomy” sure knows how to mix it up with Cristina being kind to kids and Meredith trying to control her face!

“How Insenstive” was all about the Doctors of Seattle Grace being sensitive to their patients, especially since an extra sensitive case was coming in. The extra sensitive case= a morbidly obese man.

If anyone makes a joke in front of the man or behind his back will be kicked off the case. Number of doctors to get kicked off: 4

1. Bye Avery: He’s kicked off as soon as they bring the patient in. He comments that this man is an elephant. Dr. Bailey says bub bye to Avery.

2.  Bye Cristina: She’s kicked off because she says no fat jokes. She points out that she didn’t make one, but Dr Bailey still tells her to take a hike.

3. Bye Percy: He’s kicked off because he asks if the zoo has a big enough CT for him? He was being serious and so was Dr. Bailey when she kicked him off the case.

4 . Bye Lexi: She asks how the wife managed to get pregnant? This was the more funny one when Dr. Bailey mouths “Off the case”

It’s a miracle Lexi decides and the audience agrees that Alex is still on the case. Why is it a miracle? It’s a miracle because he’s making a betting pool of how much the patient, Bob Corso, weighs?

At lunch, a funny conversation ensues with a french fry and burger metaphor for the wife and the patient and how she got pregnant. Only problem was the wife saw this happening. She then tells them, “you must all of a freak show of your own going on. Tell me about it” All of the doctors get silent because they all do have their own freakshows going on. C’mon this show is a drama! The wife then responds,  “It’s probably none of my damn business anyway.”

We find out that Bobby Corso got so fat because he had nothing better to do. He got laid off 5 years ago and stopped trying when he couldn’t get a job. He consumed his feelings with food. The patient actually jokes with the doctors about being fat, but gets serious when he and Alex are alone.

Corso declares he rather die than be around for his kid. “I wanna be gone before my kids knows who I am.” He says he tried every kind of diet and knows there is no help for him. He doesn’t wanna be around his kid because the kid would just remember their father as someone they had to get food for. He doesn’t want the surgery and would rather be sent home to die.

Alex then responds later in the episode: What did he call the guy who was so fat he couldn’t leave the house? What? Dead and selfish cause you left a 700 Lb mess for your wife to clean up. I’m sorry that we’ve been tip toeing around you  all day trying not to make jokes, but you’re the one that’s got a stop. Stop calling yourself the fat guy, you’ve got a wife that loves you, you know how stuck with you through all of this.  You must have did something right to deserve this. I know what its like when life’s like when it hands you so much crap and you just sit on the couch and die, but you’ve got to look at what’s in front of you. You can’t just walk out on her now, she deserves better. chances are you going to die on the table and you’ll get what you want and at least your wife knows you tired. She’ll tell your children you tried. Give them that at least.

He ends up having the surgery, survive and he’s going to have to make serious life choices.

Now, what else is going on in the Seattle Grace Hospital?

Well since Avery and Cristina are both of the case, they go find Teddy to help her out. Turns out they have a mom and a young daughter in the pit. The mom turns out to be having a heart attack without knowing it. Teddy and Avery rush off to take her to surgery and Cristina is left to deal with said daughter. This should be interesting because we all know how much Cristina loves kids? When she actually is allowed to go to surgery, she rejects the offer. She has a strong connection to the daughter, because she went through the same deal with the car accident that her dad died in. Nice that Rhimes and her team of writers didn’t forget about this emotional baggage of Cristina’s.

Now Cristina actually doesn’t turn out to be that bad of baby sitter. She actually plays cards with the kid and tries to explain what’s going on. I really liked this change in Cristina because it was a reminder that Cristina like Meredith is a damaged person.

When Cristina finds out that her mom didn’t make it, she tries to explain to her how to grieve properly.

Cristina’s quote: If your mom dies, you’ll feel a lot of things. First, you feel like you’ve could have done more to help her, but its not true. You did every thing you could. It won’t feel that way, but remember me telling you this. You did everything you could and it’ll hurt every time you think of her. Every time if will hurt less and less and eventually you’ll remember her and it will only hurt a little.

This quote showed how strong a person Cristina has become to get over something so traumatic. I especially liked her conversation with Avery where she tried to shield her persona life from him.

Avery: Your dad then [When asking who died]? I’m sorry if that’s too personal. It was just really clear the way you were talking to her today. It was a long day, I thought maybe you would want to talk about it.

Cristina: That’s very insightful of you. You’re a super super sensitive man. Let me tell you what you saw today. I reflective listened to apatients concerns. g, I spoke to her in a language she could understand and I talked about complications and probably outcomes. That’s all you saw today, me kicking patient sensitivity’s ass today. So go be someone else’ s dishrag.

The emotion and the music propelled Cristina’s sadness welling up in her throat. I was kinda annoyed when she pushed Meredith away and asked for Hunt because doesn’t she and Meredith solve each other’s problem?

It was such an emotional tug for the audience when Cristina just sobs in Owen’s shirt that she misses her dad. Some days especially after this one, makes her buggage fly open exposing all her scrubs,bras and underwear. I thought it was a bittersweet moment. Shonda Rhimes and Sandra Oh really know how to make a 20-year-old bawl.

Now what’s going on with the Chief of Surgery, Derek Shepard?

Oh, he’s dealing with a wrongful death suit. I don’t really remember this case with Gary Clark that well, but obviously Derek does. The most important thing to get out of this whole situation is that this is Derek’s first time dealing with this kind of lawsuit. The worst result of this was he being called a coward and killer. That’s one way to raise your self-esteem. Not to worry, Derek blows off steam by hitting golf balls off the top of the roof with Marc. One rule: no talking.

The other important part of this episode is the result of Derek telling Meredith about the whole Owen/Cristina/Teddy problem, specifically that Owen insisted that Teddy be relocated and not to keep her contract. Meredith, of course when she runs into Owen gives him a look and thus Owen, not being an idiot, puts one and one together and realizes that Derek told his wifey.

Meredith of course is confused by this which Derek explains: “When you’re pissed, your face shows everything.” Meredith asks what should she do, Derek replies, “Control your face.”

In the end of this situation when Cristina is crying in the end, Owen fears that she has found out about him and Teddy. Luckily it was just about her father. Derek on the other hand is having alot of issues. He’s now unhappy about the lawsuit, but also that he can’t tell anything to his wife in confidence. I have to be on Meredith’s side though. She’s a woman and we like to protect our best friends.

Derek, just wait until next episode, I’m sure the truth gets out. Also Demi Lovato guest stars next week as a schizo which is quite a difference form her Disney persona. It looks quite good. Actually, here’s a preview clip I saw on Justjaredjr.

Little fun things:

  • Bailey won the pool: Corso weighed 678 lbs. Lexi marks upon the hypicrosy of the situation. Alex calms her down by kissing her.
  • Alex also divorces Izzie in this episode, no appearance of Heigl which we weren’t expecting. Alex is officially a single man, well kinda. He has Lexi.
  • Callie gets hit on by a woman runner and is given her number. Callie tells Arizona that she tried to wipe off the number, but it still remains. So does the thought that this woman might want kids while Arizona still does not. They end up sobbing and kissing each other to make each other feel better.
  • Grey’s Anatomy Spelling Lesson: Cristina has no “H” in her name and Derek is spelt like this and not like “Derrick” this. I found this out the hard way.