Pre-Emmy Discussion

The Summer has kept me quite busy that only until recently did I remember that the Emmys are on today! I think in my mind all award shows happen in the fall or winter so the Emmys caught me by surprise this year.  I saw the nominees when they first were announced, but I finally have taken the time to look and fill out my ballot.

However before I get to that, the 2010 Creative Arts Emmys a.k.a the Schemmy’s as Kathy Griffin likes to call them aired on E last night. I saw the results about two weeks ago when they aired online. Interestingly enough I found some cool charts down  by the Emmy Website to tally up how the networks and shows fared.

Clearly HBO took home the most awards for the Pacific.

Some Notes:

  • John Lithgow won for “Dexter” on Showtime: I finally caught up with all four seasons of “Dexter” and I thought he deserved this award. He was awesome as the guest star for the whole season. Really terrific. During his acceptance speech he thanked HBO instead of Showtime. Haha
  • Neal Patrick Harris won twice, once for the Tony Hosting and once for his guest role on “Glee”: I’m happy he won for the Tony’s, but I don’t know if he should’ve won for “Glee”. I loved him on his episode, but actually thought the Emmy should have gone to Mike O’Malley in playing Kurt’s father. He does such a nice job in dealing with Kurt’s sexuality as a very manly father especially in the episode when he through Finn out after offending Kurt.
  • “Wizards of Waverly Place” won for the second year in a row
  • “Psych” did not win it’s nomination for musical direction with “Mr. Yin Presents”: Oh well.
  • I still need to watch the Pacific.

Onto the Primetime Emmys:


Thanks to I had my own ballot to fill in! Red Carpet at Seven and Jimmy Fallon and the Emmys at 9!