“Royal Pains” Season 1 DVD Review

So I did things a little backwards.  I started watching season 1 of “Royal Pains” after watching the season 2 premiere on USA Network.

I guess that says I was entertained by it so much that I wanted to see it form the beginning and here’s top five reasons why I’m sticking around for Season 2.

5. Hoping Tucker’s storyline will return

I really enjoyed the whole Tucker/His Dad/ Hank’s story line. I know the writers are making room for Hank and his father story line/ Boris’s storyline, but I’m still interested to see if the Bryant family will make a return and if Tyler’s father is still an addict. Hank in a sense, is the big brother to Tyler

4.Divya and Evan’s relationship

It’s that love/hate relationship. They help one another out, they work with one another, but they also despise one another in a brother/sister kinda way. I don’t think  and I hope the writers won’t make them a realtionship because I just don’t think it would work, but I love the realtionship they have right now.  The “I don’t want to be with you, but I have to” kinda relationship where they put up with one another when they really don’t want to.

3. Boris’ mysterious illness

Of course you need a big story line to continue throughout your seasons and this totally takes the cake. Obviously since I started watching “Royal Pains” a little backwards, I knew about Boris’ illness, but still it was interesting to see how it developed over time with the whole renting a shark out and using it’s embroyonic cells. I’m dying to know and probably along with the rest of the audience what the hell is Boris’ big genetic disease?

2. The Location

Let’s face it, I soon became addicted to this show because I’m a New Yorker, but more specifically I’m a Long Islander and even more specific I spend parts of my summer out in Suffolk County. I’m not a city-it, but I’m not a born and bred Hampton-ite. Let’s also put it out there that my family has a house in Hampton Bays, nothing the City-its would come party down at. Still it’s fascinating to see the whole t.v. production down in Long Island, my home.  Everytime I see one of those green signs that say New York 51 miles, South Hampton 10,  I know I’m home.

1. Evan and Hank’s Relationship

Listening to part of the director’s commentary, I learned that Evan and Hank were supposed to be best friends, but it was later changed to brothers. I think it works so much better and its more funny that they are  brothers. Granted, I don’t have brothers, but I know how siblings act and its exactly how Evan and Hank act. One minute they are trying to help one another out, the next they are making fun of one another. It’s all good fun. This has got to be the number one reason why I’m sticking around for this show.

Extra Special 1.  The music

T.V. Shows with good soundtracks keep me entertained. I’ve grown new love for The Blue Van group who did the title track for the Royal Pains intro. It’s always a treat for me to fill up my itunes just a little bit more.

DVD Side notes:

  • I didn’t really listen to the commentary because quite frankly after listening to the “Psych” commentary, I’m very biased with straightforward commentaries. It was interesting, but it didn’t hold my attention quite enough.
  • Interesting to find “High Top Fade Out” on the first disc.
  • Bloopers as always a high point for me: I loved Paul Costanzo and his Jew run going. Very funny.
  • I tried skipping the intro with their skip intro button, but I still got it. Maybe my dvd player doesn’t like me.

I’ve decided that what really draws me into the show are the characters and their family like relationships with one another. Once again, USA is all about characters and I approve of that so much.

Well here’s to the new episode tonight on USA Network at 1o P.M. where the cast of Royal Pains head to Puerto Rico/Cuba for two episodes!