Castle Ep4: “Kick the Ballistics”

You’re thinking what happened to the third episode of “Castle”. I watched it. It was good and I’ll get around to it, but when I saw the fourth episode preview, I knew I had to watch it right away. It’s all about Detective Kevin Ryan who I can’t get enough of. It must be that Irish in him.

“Kick the Ballistics” was set with a different tone than most “Castle” episodes. Even the title didn’t have its classic intro. But the thing is… that’s what I like about “Castle”, it can do these types of episodes.

This episode ties back to 3XK serial killer who stole Ryan’s service weapon. The victim is college student Jane Herschfield. She was shot twice. Beckett finds out that it was Ryan’s stolen gun. Poor Ry! Cops deal with different things and having your weapon stolen is definitely one of them.

Jane was a tutor to one of the Lee’s, Ben. The Lee’s are part of the Chinese Mafia dealing in drugs. No, I don’t remember the highly complicated chinese name of the gang.  She was also an insider to Detective Carver in Narcotics. Jane planed on leaving the city that day of her death. She canceled all her appointments, took money out of her account and stored a bag at Grand Central Station with men’s clothing and an asthma inhaler. The asthma inhaler belongs to Ben. Ben and Jane as Castle puts it are Rome and Juliet.

When Lee’s family found out, Phillip shot Jane. Castle found out Phillip did it by going through old case files. The 3XK killer gave Ryan’s gun to Phillip while they were both in jail and got in a scuffle. Ryan’s gun was not a prize, but a curse since the serial numbers were registered to him. The 3XK wants to get rid of it.  They only found out it was Phillip at the last minute because Phillip when he went to jail was arraigned under his Chinese name. His anglo name was never officially registered.

Now one thing that we didn’t mention is obviously how did Phillip admit since his family already hired a very protective lawyer. Ryan and Esposito dress up as college kids to try to talk to Ben. They have to do this very quietly because if the Captain ever found out they would be benched. Ryan is able to drive some guilt to Ben, to make him understand what his family did. Ben becomes on their side.

Ben is wired and they listen in while Ben tries to have a conversation with Phillip.  The conversation turns into a confrontation. Once again, the music underneath this scene is epic. It really sets the scene.  The police storm. Phillip drops the weapon, but not before Ben pulls out his own weapon and shoots himself. This is when I’m sure Ryan had two deaths now to deal with. Thankfully, I was wrong.

After Phillip get a life sentence and is gone, Ben appears. It seems he did some awesome stunt work and is now going in witness protection program. He is finally free of his family’s business. Ryan is finally cleared of his gun that was missing…somewhat.

This episode was a great episode. It did have it’s little humor, but it had it’s great drama. Dealing with Ryan’s stress, the editor and the sound editor of the episode does this great mashup of quick edits and noisy sounds of the city and also when Ryan gets coffee. The music was a large part of this episode which was very somber, but these edits also had a factor in creating this new tense tone.  Maybe I’m a little bias because I love Ryan, but especially the confrontation between Phillip and Ben was one of the best parts. Had Ryan gone to far when he wouldn’t call the team to go on? Did anyone else think Ryan helped lead to the death of another individual?

Side notes:

  • Finn McQueen: Jane’s old boyfriend. He did small jobs for the Lees. He was also the one who set Jane up as a tutor.
  • Jerry Tyson: 3xK serial killer. He never appears in the episode. At the end Phillip wants to bargain info about Tyson, but Castle tells Beckett not take it. It would only be fake.
  • Clifford Lee: only mentioning him because he was on “Lost”. Whoo!

Castle Ep2: Heroes and Villains

Castle writers like to incorporate things their actors love… a.k.a Nathan Fillion and the rest of the cast’s love for comic books. Come on you know how they all get excited for Comic Con.

This second episode of their new seasons deals with just that… a superhero/vigilante called Lone Vengeance and  crimes he tries to take under his own wing. Castle and Beckett come in to the comic book fun when a the murder victim has been split into “2 1/2 men” as Castle says.

The episode does a good job of framing the wrong people of trying to figure out who the real Lone Vengeance is. Castle tried making an elaborate back story to fail to realize that it’s based off an actual real online comic book. Side note, Richard Castle now makes comic books of he and Beckett’s journeys.

The Suspects:

1. Tony the Butcher, an italian mobster who had a bad falling out with the murder victim. They rule him out because of the L shape scar on his butt.

2. Then a guy hanging around the crime scene who buys a samurai sword. He just turns out to be a wanna be that has no skill and as Castle points out Lone Vengeance doesn’t want help since he’s “lone”.

The comic book starts to mirror real events that only the superhero would know about including the incident with Tony the Butcher. The team look to the writer, Sean Elt. Problem is Sean Elt doesn’t exist. It’s an anagram  for Stan Lee who clearly didn’t do it. They are able to track down a crimes journalist who writes as Sean Elt.  Now it looks like it’s all wrapped up until Beckett asks if the murder victim was killed a certain way and the journalist agrees. They realize he’s so  not the killer. Surprisngly it turns out the journalist is covering for someone, someone in the NYPD. I got all excited because I’m like omg it’s Ryan because I just love Ryan and he just seemed so excited about the case. Anyway… it’s not.  Side note: Ryan and Castle were the awesomest fanboys in this episode. Gold Stars.

However the person that’s in the NYPD is Officer Ann Harris. She like Beckett has a bad past where her father was killed during a robbery gone wrong. Instead of Beckett who gets involved in her mother’s death through her career as a cop, Harris takes up the job of being a superhero. So it’s omg it’s her? She killed the victim…. no.  Beckett and her have a heart to heart and Beckett trusts her. Harris is a cop and had done her own mini-investigaton. She said the killer knew the victim would show up in the alley, he was a creature of habit. So that only leaves one person left…. Tony the Butcher.

Tony had a custom suit made and became a copy cat of the Lone Vengeance to kill the victim who he had a bad falling out with.  Kill the snitch and frame the superhero that had injured him. Too late Castle and Beckett found out.

With Castle, you can normally guarantee that The important thing that important to the character normally happens in the last minute or two of the episode.

Behold your golden nugget:  The writer of the comic book (the Journalist) and Officer Harris leave knowing they love with each other. Beckett gave Harris before she left this whole long speech of leaving things in the past and realizing someone loves you. Hmm… maybe she should listen carefully to her words. When they leave, Castle comments “a writer and his muse fighting crime just like us.”Then Harris and Journalist kiss and Castle and Beckett get all awkward with saying goodbye and see you tomorrow kind of thing.

Side note: Alexis is getting on my nerves since she’s going to Stanford in January to be with her boyfriend Ashley. She at first wants to take classes with him, but Castle talks her out of it. She’s being such a teenager. And why would you miss your prom?

“Castle” Premiere Review

You’re confused, I know you are. You’re thinking wait…. you stopped blogging like 3 months ago. Yeah I know…. I can’t help that television started again. You’re also thinking wait… you don’t watch Castle. Let’s just say it was a really long summer and also it’s Nathan Fillion, come on, you gotta love him.

The Actual Review:

The Season Finale had everyone talking including me. The new fans and the old fans. It was a great cliffhanger. We knew they wouldn’t kill off Kate, but still when one of your characters gets shot at, you feel something especially with Castle and those three magic words.

Overall this episode had what I love about television… character development that made sense.

The episode takes place directly after the shooting. The editing, the music, the lighting help make for a  great, fast paced, heart racing nine minutes. Once again, we knew she wouldn’t die, but still. Great acting from everyone especially including Ryan and Esposito working hard to find the killer and of course the other Castle clan. The only part that I was a little confused, by was (I’m at fault for skipping around in the third season) that Kate had a boyfriend… oops! I’m about halfway through the third season though. I watched Season One and Two over the summer after seeing about five of the last episodes of the third season on ABC.

After those first ten minutes of the heart racing episode we’re left with a 3 month after arc. You’ve got a new captain who as Ryan calls her Iron Gates, Castle and Beckett not talking for 3 months because Beckett needs time and her, finally returning to work. You’ve probably just realized that I switch between calling Kate and Beckett a lot… I guess I’ll stick with Beckett for the rest of this review.

The whole 3 months not speaking was great because it shows the tension that is still there, but also the blank stares of Ryan and Esposito not understanding this was perfect since Castle has being helping them for the past three months.  As the episode continued it still had this dark dramatic lighting which added to the shooting still looming over them. Speaking of the shooting still looming, Beckett explains she’s fine… she’s not. Thank you character development that she suffers stress, she’s afraid of being faced with a gun, hand shaking… thank you writers for doing this.

This episode did have another homicide of a superstar and her boyfriend framed wrongly, but that wasn’t important and even the characters knew it. Solving the case was just a point of the gang getting back to their jobs and working with each other. The new Chief had kicked Castle out of the precinct, but luckily the Mayor and Castle are still buddies.

Everyone got their own dramatic moments, but there was also still humor in the show. Castle brings flowers because Beckett’s opening a flower shop or Ryan reading People Magazine.

“Castle” makes the show seem more human with the blending of humor and drama effortlessly, the way we find it in our everyday lives though most of us probably aren’t shot at by a sniper. Can’t wait to see what this season will bring.

Plot Points

  1. Beckett tells Castle she doesn’t remember anything from the shooting, but at the end she says she remembers everything even the I love you! But only of course to the psychiatrist
  2. Montgomery’s files sent to a man with the last name Smith who calls Castle up… Beckett can’t be involved with the case at all. A secret that Castle has to keep? Keep her alive or risk their friendship?
  3. Fire in a warehouse destroyed the money trail from Beckett’s mom’s murder. The accidental fire happened 3 weeks after her mothers death. Beckett can’t believe this is an accident, but it seems so.
  4. Beckett no longer has boyfriend, score for Castle!
-“You’re a writer, not a cop. You need to stop pretending” – Alexis Castle