Brothers & Sisters Episode 5: “Call Mom” Review/Recap

So the big question is, can I catch up in my recaps? The only bad part about doing recaps so late is that I forgot what happens. Then I end up rewatching the episodes again. Anyways here’s “Call Mom”.

“Call Mom” is all about finding your spot in life whether it be Nora trying out to be on the radio , Luc being an artist and Kitty/Justin/Kevin finding themselves.

Nora does not get her radio job right away. It becomes a competition between Nora who is just a homemaker to Dr. Alexandra Kirby, a well known psychiatrist with hit books.

The only way Nora is able to secure her radio job is by having her children calling in.

Kevin calls in with a fake name Devon and tries to get his mom talk about how to make a really good cherry pie. Dr. Alex switches the conversation and talks about womb envy with Kevin.

Nora starts to get nervous and has to receive a pep talk from Kevin.

“What have I ever acoomplished?”

“Me,Kitty, Tommy, Justin, Sarah…” He goes on to explain that any average mother would crumble under the pressure of he and his sibling’s problems, but she didn’t. It’s her job to spread her advice to others who need it.

Nora proves this when Kitty calls in later as Katherine. She’s having a bit of a problem with Jack. When Jack tries to go all the way, she pushes him aside. She isn’t ready for that yet. She still hurts for Robert.  Dr. Alex tries to set up in to give her own opinion, but Nora swats her away.

Nora tells Katherine in response to Dr. Alex, “Statistics can’t hold your hand at night or share a cup of coffee in the morning,  Katherine you are grieiving for the husband you lost and the life you had invisioned and now that’s all the gone, you have to give up the life’s that you’ve planned,  find the life that’s waiting for you,all of our lives, we grow up by by loss, by  moving on, how we handle those losses is how we define who we are.”

Kitty ends up going home to Pasadena to wait for her mom. Jack arrives minutes later to explain to her that she doesn’t know who he is. He was an investment banker at one time, became disillusioned and he too wanted to start over in life.

Justin doesn’t call in, but ends up listening to what his mom has to say. He too feels lost without Rebecca. He goes up to Ojai and visits the place that sells the Date Shakes. He’s asked out on a date by the worker, but after listening to his mom’s voice on the radio, he refuses.

Sarah neither listens or call in to the radio. She is dealing with her own sort of problem, but Scotty is there to help out. Sarah thinks Luc is cheating on her especially when Luc buttdials her by mistake and she hears french women’s voices on the other side.

She hauls Scotty and herself over to his hotel. She goes over to where is and starts accusing him of cheating. Luc explains as does this woman that this is a business meeting, nothing more. Sara returns home to his study to stare at his painting. She wonder when was the last time he painted. Luc returns moments later to see her staring. She asks him, what happened to you?

“I’m still the man you met at the picnic.”

“When was the last time you picked up a paintbrush? Modeling was a way to support your passion, it looks like you’ve given it up.”

Luc sighs and explains that with his first check, he bought her a ring. Awww!

In the end Nora gets the job, Sarah still gets Luc and… Scotty cheated on Kevin!??!?!


Brothers & Sisters Episode 4: “Righteous Kiss” Review/ Recap

So I hate to break it to non Justin fans… this was another Justin filled episode.

Last episode ended with Rebecca running into Justin’s arms when Holly couldn’t remember who she was again. Holly also disappeared. Rebecca ended up spending the night with Justin. Justin is over course ecstatic, but Rebecca isn’t so sure. They get a call from David who alerts them that Holly is missing.

Where does Holly end up going to? William’s house. Only problem is William is dead as Nora tries to rationally explain to Holly. Holly’s story line is really the most tragic this season because honestly Kitty doesn’t seem to be too depressed. She’s too busy kissing Jack the handyman. Well, I shouldn’t say that. She’s confused after she kisses him and calls it just an instinct. After all, Robert was just buried.

Nora and David end up taking Holly to the hospital. Both Justin and Rebecca meet up with them. Rebecca has some alone time with Nora and explains because Nora is her mom figure since Holly, her own mother can’t remember or can’t feel anything toward her own daughter. Nora gets excited when she learns hat Justin and Rebecca spent the night together and might be trying to work things out. Rebecca explains she still loves Justin so much, but she’s trying to find herself like Justin found himself when he went back to war. Nora thinks Rebecca should do what’s right for her.

What is Rebecca’s plan: to got to New York. She submitted a photography portfolio and got a job with Tribeca Magazine.

The other Walkers not tied into the Holly issue are busying making costumes for Cooper’s “Romeo and Juliet” play. Sarah is making the costumes because she is trying to suck up to the other moms who have connections to an elite school for Cooper. Luc can’t understand why she’s trying so hard. It’s like she’s having a second fake personality for these moms.  Kevin, Scotty, Saul and Saul’s friend Charlie come over to help her sew these very intricate costumes for a kid play.

Kevin and Scotty want Saul to make Charlie his boyfriend because Saul really likes him. The only problem is Saul hasn’t told Charlie about being HIV positive. When Saul tells him, Charlie lets him down. He just had a boyfriend for 20 years who was HIV positive. The last ten years were the worst for him. He doesn’t want to go through that again. Poor Saul, but like Kevin and Scotty said he should keep on trying to find someone who will be okay with it.

I’m so happy that Cooper had an episode because I missed seeing that little kid. We have seen a lot of Paige in these past couple of episodes and honestly were was Cooper’s awesome story line? His story line was cute: He being Romeo didn’t want to kiss Juliet because eww she’s a girl. Luc tells him it’s just a kiss, but if he really wants it to mean something, he must feel it from his heart.

During the actual play, Cooper gives his Juliet a big kiss. It was so cute and funny! The only people that didn’t approve were the moms that Sarah was trying to impress. Sarah confronts them at the end and says what horrible people they are then she left with her hot french man.

Finally the worst part of the episode, Rebecca goes to sit with her mother. She tries to connect with Holly. Holly is sick of people telling her about their perfect relationships they had with her. Rebecca She talks about Holly’s first husband Daniel who died in the war. Holly says I must have loved you if I told you about David, what can’t I feel anything now? This of course the factoring decision as to why Rebecca heads back to New York.

Now Rebecca must tell Justin…

They begin by comparing themselves to Coopers play which they missed…

“Too bad we missed it… it’s our play… two star crossed lovers” in relation how it was for a long time between Holly and Nora and how they were enemies. They somehow made it work.

Justin: “We have a chance to make it right”

Rebecca: “You grew up so much, I need that so much… this is my chance, I have to go.”

Justin tries to act all strong when Rebbeca leaves, but he breaks down when Norah confronts him. So sad! Hopefully Justin can move on. Oh wait…he does I heard about how Dave Annable’s wife Odette is coming on to play a love interest for him. That’s one thing the Walkers are good at… moving

Rebecaa, Emily Vancamp’s last scene was very nicely done I thought. We see Holly and David at a cafe. Suddenly the screen jutters between foucs and out of focus. I of course had no idea what was going on… it turned out it was mirroring Rebecca’s camera. Camera takes one last shot of them, smiles and walks away.


Brothers & Sisters Episode 3: “Faking It” Review/Recap

“Faking It” has a lot of the Walkers faking something. Sarah is faking her age. Justin is faking his marriage. Kitty is faking her name. Norah is also faking her age. Sadly, the only one not faking it is Holly.

Sarah thinks Luc thinks it’s her 40 birthday. When she first meet him in France she thought it would be a fling and lied about her age. Now that he stuck around, she’s in a bit of a fix. Sarah tries this whole episode to avoid her brothers and sister from spilling the beans on how old she really is. Luc is planning a birthday party and she tells them all to not come. Kitty finds an excuse, Kevin can’t because the birthday part is at Scotty’s restaurant.

Kitty’s excuse: Kitty is staying up in Ojai trying to find her self. She wants to know what her real reason is to live. Turns out not to be cooking or living in the country. From the heart Kitty is a city girl with a blue tooth phone and all. This is why she lies when handyman Jack comes over to fix her faucet. She says her name is Leslie Callpepper, the woman whose house she is renting.

This goes smoothly until Kevin shows up at her door. Kevin pretends to be her hick neighbor. He sets up an excuse for Kitty not to show up, but to cook dinner for Jack. Kitty ends up picking the toughest thing to make… a soufflé.

Meanwhile back in the city, Nora hates her job and feels so odd because of all the young people. She runs into an old friend who says plastic surgery will do wonders for that attitude. Nora thinks about this for the whole episode and includes Sara with this idea to get rid of a few wrinkles. In the end, Nora ends up finding an easier solution. She quits her job at Zoe’s Florist shop and says she’ll find a job that wants all her years of experience. My question is what happened to Nora’s charity work? Did Narrow Lake deplete all of her money? Also what happened to Zeke Phillip’s offer for a talk radio show? Hopefully episode 4 will catch us up eventually…

The biggest story line and no, I’m not showing favoritism because I love Justin is the Justin/Rebecca/Holly triangle. Not a love triangle.. that would be weird. This episode is the first episode we see Rebecca. I forgot she worked at Maddox Foods. David stops by to talk to Rebecca and tells her it might be okay to try again to speak with Holly. She asks why the sudden change? David tells her Justin has been by talking to Holly.

This make Rebecca go straight to Justin’s house  or really just to the front door. She won’t go inside the house. She only asks Justin what he told Holly. Justin told Holly about how they fell in love. He tells Rebbecca to come in, but she won’t.

What does Justin end up doing?  Repainting the turquoise color that Rebecca picked out a gray color. He is stuck choosing between elephant ear and rainy sundays. Saul finds him repainting and asks why? Justin explains the fear he saw in her eyes. “I know she was scared. She saw something she wants and she know she can’t have. I know that expression.” Justin finally tells the biggest secret of them all…. he and Rebecca have been divorced for awhile now ever since he was deployed in Afghanistan.

Justin and Saul are late to Sarah’s “40th” birthday party.  They get there to see Kevin, Nora and Sarah are on the phone with Kitty who is making a soufelle which ends up slowly dying. As Saul lets slip that Justin and Rebecca are divorced, Luc and Scotty come out with a cake. Justin remarks that Sarah hasn’t been 40 for a while. This ends the dinner party. Later Luc laughs with Sarah. He knew how old she was a long time ago because he saw her driver’s liscense. He said in France, they don’t care about age.

When Rebecca goes to see her mother, it seems to be going okay. They seem to be discussing Rebecca’s love for dance when as the conversation goes on, Rebecca realizes that Holly still has no idea who she is. Example: Holly asks why do you keep on calling me mom? Rebecca leave the house quickly, leaving Holly very confused.

Rebecca returns to Justin’s house, actually goes inside and goes to him, crying about her mother. She suddenly decides she can’t stay. “I can’t trust you, Justin.”  Justin responded, “I’ve changed. I’m not the same as I was last year. You can’t know, but you can let me prove it to you. You know why I haven’t told anyone about the divorce, because you haven’t either. You haven’t given up on us.” Rebecca tries to leave and says she must get home. Justin says a bit sadly, “Rebecca, you are home.” They kiss… will it last? Probably not… Bittersweet in a way then.

This episode ends in a cliffhanger when David realizes that Holly is no longer home, she has left the house. This wouldn’t be a big deal, but in her state… it’ a serious matter!

Brothers & Sisters Season Premiere: “Homecoming”


This quote below will tie up the whole episode. It’s a flashback episode where the first scene connects to the last scene fyi…

“Sarah just trying to move on, Kevin was trying to save every family in the world except ours, Mom was like she become someone else, but someone came  home and turned out to be a hero in more ways than one and me I had to make a choice that no one should every have to make.”

I’m calling this Justin Hero Episode which made me very happy because Justin is my favorite.

So this first episode takes place a year after the accident which left Robert dead, right? Well, apparently we were all wrong.

Robert didn’t die, but apparently was in a vegetative coma and Kitty has been taking care of him. Fun fact: you never see Rob Lowe’s face because he isn’t on the show. I wonder whose hand it was. Honestly I think it would have been better for the show if Rob had died the night and not dragged it out for the whole episode.

Let’s take a look at the quote from the very first few seconds of the episode.

“Sarah just trying to move on…”

  • So what has Sarah been doing for this whole year? Oh she’s just trying to sell Narrow Lake for 55 million dollars. Also Luc (not Luke apparently) decided he needed a way to earn money so become a sexy underwear model. Now that gives the Walkers something to talk about.
  • Sarah actually wants to move to Paris and move on. Hold up Sarah, what about your children? I know you didn’t see them on the show much, but Paige and Cooper did have importance in your life, right?

“Kevin was trying to save every family in the world except ours…”

  • Kevin has returned to the lawyer world. He now does pro-bono work. First case that we see that becomes important: Kevin gets Mateo, a boy to be returned to his father, rather than go to juvie.
  • Scotty has opened his own restaurant with Saul. It’s called “Cafe 429”
  • Scotty and Kevin have not tried for a child again.
  • Kevin to my surprise is very upset Robert is incapacitated. Considered him a best friend… really? I guess I thought they were close, but maybe I should rewatch the end of last season again.
  • Saul has a new boyfriend. All we know is that they like to play backgammon.
  • Each of the Walkers have really only ate at the restaurant once.
  • At the end of the episode: Kevin and Scotty find Mateo sleeping outside “Cafe 429”. Scotty invites him in and Kevin warns, “one night.”

Mom was like she become someone else

  • Nora works at a florist’s shop now. Odd…
  • “Be the mother you were when I left”: Justin to Nora
  • The accident left Nora very shaken. You had a couple things happened.
  1. Robert, her daughter’s husband pretty much dead.
  2. Holly didn’t die, but completely lost control of her short term memory and maybe even her long term memory or a.k.a amnesia-ish. She remembers who Nora is, she doesn’t remember that they are friends. She still thinks William is alive. Is this kind killing Patricia Wettig’s character? You don’t really want to bring her into a scene if all her character can do is cause mass hysteria by not being able to remember anything? I really was starting to like Holly so hopefully by some miracle, she might return.
  3. Justin went off to war again leaving his marriage in shambles. We find out that Rebecca has just got up and left. She literally moved all of her things out of Justin’s apartment.

Finally here comes Justin’s heroic homecoming!

Everyone was worried that Justin was going to come home with a problem again whether injury, drug addiction or PTSD. Guess who didn’t come home with any problems and turned out being the most sane of the Walkers? Yep, my Justin!

Now Justin tries multiple times to bring Kitty into the reality of the situation that Robert isn’t going to wake up. Kitty pushes him away multiple times.

Justin’s homecoming dinner was supposed to be at the Scotty and Saul’s restaurant, but that got changed because Justin freaked slightly that Rebecca moved out and his mom forgot to tell him.

Everyone relocates to Nora’s house… this is where all hell breaks loose. First reason why: the wine was late in arriving.

Kevin lets loose that Sarah plans on moving to France. Sarah lets them know that the deal with Narrow Lake is almost done. Justin doesn’t understand why they would want to sell something they worked so hard to get. He asks them all what they are doing with the money.  This i where the drama and awkwardness ensues.

No one really answers him or they avoid him. Sarah goes to yell at him, but Nora tries to soothe her.

Justin says “After the accident, you all went to your rooms and shut the doors.” Sarah is about to tell off  Justin, but then remembers he was away in war. Justin doesn’t care, he says, “No, don’t let it go. No one is talking to one another.”  The change of location comes up. Justin continues, “What? So we would behave ourselves? We need to be in each others faces. We need to invest in one another. We need to be Walkers.” He goest through everyone’s problems and stops at Kitty. Kitty says “he just does what he always does, runs away.” Nora tries to quiet her again, but Justin makes her speak.

What Kitty eventually says: She blames Justin for letting Robert die, for walking away and leaving her husband.

Justin’s response: “We were both soldiers, it was the right thing to do. we were two soldiers who made a choice. I think that’s why I went back.”

Kitty: “You don’t understand. you don’t know what your asking me to do. your basically asking me to kill him. he’s not a soldier, he’s just my husband. This is not one of your war stories Justin, this is my life.”

After all of this dinner doesn’t happen. Kitty leaves and everyone disperses.

Take two: Nora finds Kitty at the Hospital.

Kitty: “I can’t even go in there tonight, do you know.. how much he looks like Robert, but it isn’t him. I don’t think it’s
Robert anymore, it’s just me. I just can’t say it: Goodbye.”

This is finally the telling sign that it’s time to let go.

A very quickie funeral happens.. I’m really only happy that Justin is in his uniform and that’s about it. I guess they saved money and time without using Rob Lowe at all.

Honestly I loved that Brothers and Sisters came back, Justin’s big part in this episode, but I was slightly annoyed that they kept Robert alive- kinda for a year.

Last shot is beautiful with Kitty leaving the flowers at the scene of the accident. The flowers are focused on such a low angle as Kitty walks away. Just some good t.v. making!

Remember now:  Rob Lowe is gone...(Spoiler) Rebecca’s character storyline will be wrapped soon because she as well will be leaving the show. Will Holly survive the full 19 episodes (remember they cut back on the episode number too)?  Hopefully some good drama will come about very shortly.

Tomorrow night’s episode: Is Nora a lesbian? I hope some classic Walker phone conversations come into play.

Brothers & Sisters: “Light’s Out” Recap/Review

For once all the Walkers had the same problem in this episode titled “Light’s Out”: The Closing of Ojai.

The closing of Ojai mirrored what is happening in  today’s society.  Businesses are closing, people getting laid off, etc.

In this episode it is made clear that Ojai is now owned by the bank after all the Walker’s debts. Their goal is still sell the building and everything included. Their saving offer comes from the Mr. Right of the Building Parking Structure company thing. That’s right, he just wants to tear it down and build on it. He wants the land and not the building. Nora of course rejects this offer because the building is her and her family’s history and their whole life.

Sarah is forced to face the reality that her workers who have been with the company forever might not be getting jobs. This terrifies her and she starts making deals with other companies to hire her workers. The prices to pay: she hands over three semi’s to sweeten the deal.

The only problem with bartering the trucks: They aren’t hers any more. They are the banks and as Kevin’s puts it, no matter how nice you were thinking about your workers, it’s still embelzzment.  Kevin asks how she was going to pay for them? Sarah was going to sell her house like Susan is going to do in “Desperate Housewives”.

Tommy says, “You’ve gone so far over the line, you can’t even see it.”

The solution in the end: Pedro, one of their drivers is going to buy the trucks and start his own business. Yeah for small business owners!

Now as anyone knows, when you lose your job, you start looking for another. Holly and Rebecca start to do that, only problem the both go after the same job without knowing it. Holly however is too overqualified and Rebecca is a perfect fit at Maddox Thompson Food Company.

Now the only person who isn’t thrilled about this: Justin. Justin wants to go to Haiti for a year to help those in need while Rebecca could take pictures.

The person who isn’t thrilled about this: Rebecca. She’s happy getting a start to her career.

Now Nora has to find someone to buy the building. She decides to go to her old friend and architect, Roger Grant. Remember him? Well he’s moved on to more modern buildings and women.  He would like to see the building knocked down because it’s a a knockoff of original buildings. It’s not one of his proud accomplishments.

Nora responds: “I don’t give a rats ass about your girlfriend. It’s the disdain you have for your own history that bothers me. You just want to plaster all over the imperfections of your career. As if you can just Botox your whole past away. Look, I don’t love my wrinkles and I’m certainly not fond of my neck , but I’m not ashamed of them. It’s  who I am. It’s a record of the life I have lived. The building is humble and simple and I love it. I’m just so sorry you don’t.”

Later on Nora receives old blueprints from Roger as a gift. A second gift under Roger’s blueprint: blueprints to Narrow Lake.

William was going to build a house for Nora with Nora’s sewing room, Nora’s bathroom etc. The only thing Sarah and Nora can’t figure out is why Dennis York would want this land? Well, isn’t he a creep who likes Nora a little too much? Maybe he wanted to be extra close to her.

Sarah sweetly tells Nora, “It’s not just a house, it’s a love letter to you. He really did love you.” William, not Dennis.

The only side story to this main story is the Politician arc.

  • Kitty is practicing to be a comedian for the Gold Rush Dinner. Turns out the only way Kitty can be funny is by being smart assy. She can’t do that. What does she decide to do? Have her more funny husband give the speech because Sarah’s in trouble with the whole Ojai thing. It’s the perfect excuse for a dinner full of small businesses and family.
  • Robert’s super mysterious job: I still have no idea what is going. All I know is, he’s committee is going to pass this billion dollar contract that I believe included the Somalian Police. On the other side he would be getting $7 million dollars from another guy. He seems to be doing a bit of backstabbing and lying to support whoever he wants to. I’m sorry all the Senators and Politicians start to look alike being all old, white haired and maybe mentioning their names once. I called the Politician Dude in the bathroom: Clint Eastwood because he had the same sort of voice.
  • Kevin asks Robert: “If you were doing something covert, dangerous, unethical, you would tell me, wouldn’t you? Robert responds, No I wouldn’t, but I’m not.” Un-huh Robert, do you want me to tell you what the difference between ethical and unethical?

Now all the Walkers end up in the Ojai building for the last time. As Saul declares, “this is the fist time the family is silent.” They all start drinking the Irish Whiskey brought in honor of William and Scotty starts to sing an old Irish song, “Parting Glass”. That’s right, he starts to sing. Actually I thought he had a pretty good voice.

I made an mp3 of it, but I’m not sure how to put in on so Houston, we have a problem.

Side notes:

  • I thought it was very clever how they decided to edited this episode together with Paige doing her video project. Very clever especially at the point when the editor edited everyone’s silence when trying to think why Ojai was important.
  • Holly + Saul= Platonic Relationship, there’s a lot to be said for good companionship.

Also anyone else thinking the Walkers are going to turn Ojai into the restaurant that Scotty wants to open? He said it would be awesome once renovated.

Oh good part of doing this discussion so late….. the finale is only a day away!

Brothers & Sisters: “Love All” Recap/Review


This episode made me very happy,  but also made me very sad. Why, you ask? Justin was in the majority of this episode=happy, Justin thinking about going to the war in Afghanistan=not happy

“Love all” mainly dealt with Sarah and her problems and Justin and his problems with a little bit of Robert and Kevin’s problems on the side.

Sarah’s problem was that Cooper was acting out. Why  is Cooper acting out in class and at home? It’s all because Mommy’s boyfriend is here to stay. Cooper just thought Luke was here for a vacation not for life. Mayhem ensues on Sarah’s part. Cooper acts obnoxious, Sarah tries to reprimand him, but Luke counters with a different idea. Cooper ignores them both. Some of Cooper’s antics include jumping into the pool with his clothes on when Luke went inside to get a towel. Another one of his antics includes stapling a girl’s ponytail in school. In the end of the episode Sarah finally has a talk with Cooper about the changes happening. He seems satisfied, but granted this is happening in the last 10 minutes of the show. They wouldn’t want to end with an unhappy child. Sarah points out to Luke: Do you really want to live us? You haven’t lived my 13 year old teenage daughter yet and you already know how stubborn I am.  In the end Luke and Cooper have some bonding time by doing some karate.

The only one he does seem to listen to is his Uncle Justin. In past seasons, Cooper and Paige gravitated to Justin. Remember, he was the one who gave Paige her diabetes insulin shots?  Uncle Justin and Cooper play video games because Sarah calls it her babysitting tool. Justin then still starts to talk about his time in Afghanistan. Cooper of course thinks it’s cool. Nora does not approve.

Justin has been dealing with the stress from his fallen friend’s funeral. He’s been distant  from Rebecca who’s put an offer in for the little bungalow she’s had her eye on. Justin, on the other hand is making dinner and bringing over pictures to his fallen friend’s wife. You also notice like Nora that Justin has started to wear his dog tags again. He found them when he changed for the funeral and his military uniform was there.  Nora asks Justin why he would go back? Is he thinking about going to a war that almost ended his life?

Justin later tells Rebecca who feels the same way about Justin’s distance and indifference. He tells Rebecca he wants purpose in his life. Rebecca is the only one who gives him purpose, but he wants to fit in somewhere else.

The lighter aspects of this episode is that Kevrah is back! Kevrah is Kevin and Sarah who were the ultimate tennis team. Both Kevin and Sarah were bummed out. Kevin is bummed because his lack of a job and purpose. Sarah is bummed because Cooper and Luke are being difficult. Robert arrives at Nora’s to drop off Evan and sees the two other Walkers starting to drink wine before 11 o’clock. Remember, Robert it’s 5 o’clock somewhere. Anyway he’s on his way to practice in a tennis tournament, Kevin and Sarah get energized and beg to come along. Robert allows them and Luke to come along.

During the tennis match, it’s first Kevin and Robert v. Sarah and Luke.  Sarah and Luke start to bicker and Robert decides that they probably should switch to be better off.

The other think we learn about his Robert’s super secret job….kinda. Robert’s committee  he is told is to give money to an enemy company, Bill Stanton, who wants the funds to train the somalian police. The Senator, Joe who has no last name but is a Republican,  told Robert to do this because he wants to find out if Stanton is pooling money somewhere else for his own benefit. Robert plays in the tennis charity tournament that is sponsored by the Bad Bill Stanton. They make a deal in the clubhouse. Kevin is a witness to their handshake and can’t understand why Robert is hanging out with the enemy. Robert smartly replies, you aren’t my communications head anymore.

Robert is concerned about the effect it will have on his wife’s campaign. Mean Senator Man said you’re wife doesn’t have a shot. Robert smiles and say’s don’t count my wife out. In the end of the episode, Kitty resurfaces briefly with her endorsements intact. Kitty was gone for this episode because she was out getting endorsements for her campaign. Oh politics…. why are you so complicated with your backstabbing and money?

The next episode deals with Ojai finally going bankrupt. Sarah is still doing the drilling in this episode but the same thing is occurring. The drilling company needs more money to drill more. What a surprise.

Good Justin + Army Quotes:

1)Justin and Nora

Justin: What do you want from  me? My friends are dying and I’m dealing with a buying a house and a degree I’m gonna get in 7 years.

Nora: I’m onto Justin… the funeral, the dog tags, all those war stories. I know where this is headed.

Justin: Don’t put words in my mouth.

Nora: You wanna go back to this hideous war.

Justin: I-dont.

Nora: Don’t lie to me. I’ve been through this twice with you. The last time almost killed you, why would you want to go back? Your life is great. You’re in med school, you have a wife who you loves you. You made a commitment to her, you can’t just walk away from your life.

2) When asking Robert if he talked to Justin about rejoining.

Robert: Look Nora… I just listened. The first time you enlist is about a bunch of things, but if you re-enlist, its about giving back to people who you love in a way no one else can possibly can.

Nora: Well that’s easy for you to say, you’re not going back to war.

Robert: Well, we all go to war in different ways.

Nora: But I don’t want my son going back to this war ever again.

Robert: But that pull is awfully strong.

3) Rebecca and Justin

Justin: Becca, ever since the funeral, I’ve been thinking about how much Jake and the others mean so much to me. And they mean so much more than anything else going on in this war. See, I don’t think I want to be a doctor anymore. It just doesn’t feel right. You know it’s all about being the best and not a team and there’s one place that felt like I belonged to a team. Those guys had my back-

Rebecca: Don’t you dare-

Justin: Look, let me talk because I’m feeling. It doesn’t mean I’m going to act on it. I’m not happy…

Rebecca: Justin, if its about the house…

Justin: You don’t have to explain all that. You are the only thing that works in my life. You are the one true thing. I just want to feel like I belong somewhere else too.

Rebecca: You will.

2 more episodes to go, hopefully we will find out what Justin will do, what Narrow Lake has hidden and what’s Robert’s plans?

“Where’s the Smoke?”: Brothers & Sisters Recap/Review


Last night’s episode, we had babies, green cards, psychics, army fatigues and mysterious jobs. Sounds like the usual “Brothers and Sisters” that I love.

Like any episode of B&S, it starts out with a phone conversation or shall I say ichat conversation with multiple siblings. First we had Kitty who was paranoid at 5:30 in the morning because a news article was calling her and Robert the catastrophe couple due to all their medical issues. Robert is unfazed by this and is more concerned that he didn’t stay up to watch the whole baseball game last night. Sure, this may seem like normal guy fashion to be concerned about your sports team, but Kitty knows something is up. Robert is usually more concerned about politics rather than so and so’s batting average.

She ends up ichating with Sarah and thank goodness for me since I didn’t have my glasses on to read the T.V. screen, decides to call Sarah and eventually ends up talking with Kevin on the other line. Also good thing, we have two way calling now.

Sarah is still depressed that Luke is leaving and apparently in this episode, he is leaving today. Sarah let’s it slip that she is more emotional than ever. Kitty thinks she might be pregnant. Kevin’s problem is that he is panicking about Michelle’s pregnancy. He’s doing what his doctor told him not to do, going online to check out other people’s comments about Michelle’s levels for pregnancy. I don’t remember the exact name for them, all I remember they had to be double for the second test.   Like anyone knows when you don’t feel well or you have something medical going on, you leave WebMd alone because you can end up self diagnosing yourself with 50 things and end up having none of the above.

Then we have Nora who is at the hospital with Saul. Apparently their mother was in town visiting her friend Eunice, but ended up in the middle of the road, getting hit by a bus. Ida’s (Nora’s mom) memory is failing that’s how she got hit by a bus. Luckily she only got a sprained ankle? Is that right? Well, that’s why we have t.v.  It’s actually very sad her losing her memory and all.  The problem is that the doctor won’t let her go until Saul and Nora make plans for her at a nursing home or somewhere because she can no longer live alone.  Nora decides to take it up in her Nora fashion to let her mom stay at her house.

This plan doesn’t go so well. They don’t have the best relationship and the argue a lot. Ida at one point asks about their old dog Bingo. Bingo died 20 years ago. Nora leaves her mom in the house to go shopping and returns to find out that her mom has left the burner on, leading to a fire. Nora blames herself, afraid to face the reality of the situation.

Meanwhile my lovable Justin and his new wife were going through the wedding registries to realize they got a lot of wedding gifts that their little apartmetnt can’t hold. Justin suggests new shelving while Rebecca suggest a cute new bungalow for sale. They of course have no money thanks to Justin’s loans and Rebecca sinking her money into the Ojai bankruptcy problem. While discussing this situation, Justin checks his email and finds out one of his buddies from Iraq was killed. Bummer x a billion.

Kevin and Scotty to take their minds off waiting for Michelle’s phone call, go to a psychic. Kevin doesn’t want to go, but Scotty does. The psychic with a little help from Scotty, tells them that someone is going on new journey, someone will be arriving bring clouds and smoke and that a new light a.k.a baby will come.

Turns out the cloud and smoke was Ida and the fire that happened. Kevin and Scotty were so cute when they walked into the kitchen, saw the ash from the fire and began to jump up and down with excitment. I then l liked how Sarah and Kitty go to the back room and discuss how Sarah might be pregnant. She was unable to take her test because Luke came home at the wrong time and she doesn’t want to tell him yet.  Why did I like Kitty and Sarah discussing this? Well, Kevin barges through the door and says “Scotty, Sarah stole our baby!” It was cute, but also a little sad if Kevin didn’t get his baby.

Dinner doesn’t really happen because Sarah and Luke go home to take a pregnancy test. Kevin and Scotty leave because Kevin is throwing a fit.

It turns out that Sarah isn’t pregnant but not before finding out that Luke thinks a baby is the only thing that will keep them together when he goes back to France. Sarah is not pleased. Sarah is pleased though in the end of the episode when Luke wins the lottery: He gets a green card!

Kevin and Scotty meanwhile, go home and discuss that if they don’t get a baby, they could always get a dog. As they discuss what kind of dog they want, they get a phone call from Michelle. They’re pregnant, yeah!!!!!!! I’m so happy for my t.v. couple!

Ida tells Nora that she wants to got a nursing home/retirement home and that it’s her choice, not Nora. Nora is upset because she’s a very a hands on person and likes to help. She also wants a relationship she never had with her mother. It turns out when they are heading to Ida’s new home, Ida has an episode pretending that Nora is her friend Eunice. She then discusses how proud she is of Nora with all her great children. Nora realizes that her mother really does love her in her own unique way.  Once again, it really bums me out about people losing their memory. Without your memory, you have nothing. You’re stuck in a different time. Ahh, anyway off of being depressing.

Right, I forgot to mention after all my discussing of babies and people losing their memories,  that Kitty had lunch with someone in the U.S. Government to discuss that it was discrimination that Robert didn’t get his super secret job because of his heart condition. Turns out that that wasn’t the case, that was just a cover.  It turns out if Robert didn’t take the super secret job because he was black balled. If he took this job says another government official, he wouldn’t be able to help his country…whatever that means.  I gotta tell you I’m pretty P.O. that I still don’t know what Robert’s job is. It’s even more frustrating than the whole Narrow Lake thing.

Finally my Justin goes to the funeral and runs into Robert. They have a discussion that there are more important things going on in the whole world than in their corner of their world. So this leads Robert to take another super secret job for his country. Great so now there’s two jobs I don’t know about. I feel like it has something to do with the military because Robert was in it, right?  Anyway more importantly, Justin is thinking about enlisting again to be an army medic!!!!

I know, I know it’s good that he wants to serve again, but all I kept saying was NOOOOOOO!!!!! Don’t go, you’ll get killed!!!! I think from the preview for the next episode pretty much shows how much of the family agrees with me and disagrees with Justin’s thought about rejoining. Also remember  the psychic’s someone is going on a new journey? Who can it be? Robert or Justin? Or both?

Quick things:

1. Saul’s shirt and tie combo? What was up with that costume designer? Someone had a little fun. Also Ida doesn’t know her son is gay. Really, Ida? Look at that shirt and tie combo and tell me no straight man would wear that.

2.Cooper and Paige are once again at Joe. Thank you convenient divorce! Also thanks for random baby crying and toys scattered on the floor, but no appearance of Evan. Clearly no one wants to hire the kids if they definitely don’t have to.

3. I can feel that Rob Lowe is definitely leaving the show. I can sense it.