Revenge Ep12: “Infamy”

Revenge ABC

Revenge ABC

This episode is like the earlier episodes in “Revenge”. Emily focuses in on one person that has crossed her path, the wrong way. This time around it is Mason Treadwell, a well known author. His success is due to the many books he has written about David Clarke.

Emily clues us in that before Mason was Mason, his name was Leo Treadwell, an impartial journalist. He believed David was not guilty. He even met with Amanda Clarke as a child and said he would help her dad. Of course the lovely Graysons change this. When Leo went to interview Victoria, Conrad and she changed his favor with bringing him into their inner circle. Thus the outcome was a very bad book full of lies about David Clarke. Little Amanda would read this book, believe it and then destroy the one picture she has of her dad.

Now Mason is back in town to do a reading of his memoirs at Victoria’s. Emily baits that Nolan wants a biography after what happened with Tyler. Victoria also tells Mason that Amanda Clarke is back in town. Mason decides he wants to a retrospective interview wit her.

However when Mason interviews Amanda, Emily speaks through Amanda to Mason. “You didn’t print a word I said to you, you were paid famously, but the truth will come out. Tell the truth at Victoria’s.”

Remembering the promise he made to Victoria, he does not tell the truth. This of course makes Emily angry and thus sets her plan into action. Nolan takes Mason out to dinner per Emily’s advice. When Emily is alone in Mason’s house, she collects the David Clarke interview tapes and then torches the place including the only copy of Mason’s memoirs.

Back home, Emily watches one of the tapes and finds a surprise on one of them, she might have a half-sister and her name is Charlotte.

Side Relationship Drama:

  • Conrad is trying to prevent Victoria from getting the stocks in Grayson Global. (Ryan Huntley did have a doctor fake her duress by the way.) Daniel tries to get his trust signed back over to him including his stocks. With his mother and his stocks, they could take the company. However, the only way he can get them is by turning 30 or getting married. Ashley overhears this plan of Daniel wanting to get married early and tries to warn Emily like a friend. Emily doesn’t care.
  • Declan and Charlotte are in rocky waters as she prepares for prep school. Declan doesn’t quite fit that part. She was reading Paradise Lost, he was reading the Sparknotes.
  • Amanda is wild and Jack is too tightly wound. They come to a truce when Declan tells him to loosen up. With all the cash tips they made that week thanks to Amanda’s crazy bar tending, Jack and her are heading to the Atlantic City.

Classic Lines of the night:

  • Nolan: I haven’t been this disappointed since Phantom Menace.
  • Amanda: Serious? Jack: Like a heart attack.

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