“Safe and Sound”: Beautifully Rustic

Taylor Swift in "Safe and Sound"

Taylor Swift in "Safe and Sound"

About two months ago, I wrote in regards to the Taylor Swift and the Civil Wars “Safe and Sound” for “The Hunger Games Movie.”

My thoughts were these: “Quite frankly, I love it. It has this great southern, coal miner daughter’s sound to it and that’s just what you want. Hello, Katniss Everdeen is from the District 12, the coal mining district.”

Now upon seeing the music video released by MTV, I believe this more than ever. It is has this great rustic quality. I’m thankful that Lionsgate did not cheesify this song with intermixed clips from the movie. (Secretly, I might have loved this)

It is beautiful done. I saw on JustJared that Ms. Swift filmed it in Nashville which makes a great location. The location was love, the choice of wardrobe was beautiful and even the hint of the Hunger Games with Swift finding the mockingjay pin was very nice.

Mockinjay pin

Mockingjay pin

The only thing I was confused about was the disappearing deer. Can anyone explain this to me?

The full soundtrack was also released  including my girl Miranda Lambert and a new song from Taylor Swift and the Civil Wars. It is set to drop March 20th.

Click below to get to the Billboard article with all the other artists on the album!

The Hunger Games soundtrack....

The Hunger Games soundtrack....

So Swift fans, did you love the video? “Hunger Games” fans are you happy with the outcome and the soundtrack list?


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