“The Walking Dead”

The Walking Dead returns

The Walking Dead returns

Here’s a thing you should know about me, I hate scary movies. When I heard about “The Walking Dead”, I said to myself… that sounds scary or stupid, not really sure what to think. I also thought it was on one of those channels like HBO or Showtime you have to pay to watch it on so yet another reason why I didn’t watch it.

Anyway, I heard people talking, I saw Facebook posts going “OMG, WALKING DEAD WAS AMAZING LAST NIGHT….” I think you already know what happened, I decided to watch it. You know I like to join that bandwagon. I started watching it and is it possible to say, I love those damn walkers?

The suspense is this show. It reminds me of “Legend” with Will Smith which I love watching because I love the dystopian feel of society, but I also love jumping slightly. This is my limit of scary if I had to say.

I guess I should tell people who haven’t joined the bandwagon what it’s all about… “The Walking Dead” is in its second season of the world being taking over by zombies or walkers. There is a disease, an infection that I don’t think we’ve been told what it is, but it changes its victims. After one walker, comes many… If you are bitten or scratched, you will turn into one of them. Very few humans are left in this society.

“The Walking Dead” talks places in the South where Rick, a sheriff in his previous life has woken up from a gunshot to the changed society. Rick played by Andrew Lincoln and the leftover humans are trying to find a safe place in the world.  “The Walking Dead” is based off the comic books by Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, Cliff Rathburn and Tony Moore.

Another reasons is those characters such as Dale or Rick, Shane or Lori. My favorite is Daryl, that redneck that everyone loves to hate, but I think everyone is starting love him. Daryl is such a great character that is evolving from an abusive one side look at the world. He really showed a change in the second season when he was out looking for Sophia. Daryl is played by Norman Reedus.

Like most shows including “LOST”, the second season has found it’s sophomore slump for 8 episodes of trying to find Sophia. The last episode concluded with the outcome and what an outcome it was.  I’m interested to see where “The Walking Dead” picks up when it returns February 12th. I hope “The Walking Dead” has a good suspenseful second half.

“The Walking Dead” returns February 12th on AMC  at 9 PM.


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