Revenge Ep7: “Charade”

Revenge ABC

Revenge ABC

Conrad and Victoria Grayson are celebrating their 25th anniversary, can you believe it? I don’t think they can either. A New York Times reporter comes to interview them and they try to act very much in love like the ice king and queen would. The reporter also interviews Daniel. When Daniel doesn’t let slip who he is dating, Tyler is very helpful in this part.

Franks Story Angle:

Back at Emily’s house, Frank is waiting for her. He finds her gun and wants her to talk. Emily says she will pay him, but that isn’t what he wants.As he leaves, Emily calls the warden and explains her problem. Frank reemerges at the hospital where Victoria is. He promises to redeem himself to her.

Frank goes of to Allenwood, a juvenile maximum correctional center  where he found out Emily went.  That was confidential, but “he broke the sealed records”. The warden tells him he needs a warrant for what else he may want. Franks does not follow the rules and comes back later at night. He does not play nice and picks the locks. He realizes that Emily Thorne is not who she appears to be. The file for Emily Thorne holds the picture of a different girl.

He traces this girl to a strip club where the girl is posing as Amanda Clarke. He tells her where Emily is. She tells him they can go together. Frank calls Victoria and warns that Emily who is not who she appears to be. Too bad, Amanda whacks Frank on the back of the head. She drives his car back to the island to meet Emily. Oh won’t Emily be so surprised?

Relationship Angle:

Emily will be surprised, but first she must see through the Grayson’s 25th anniversary intimate dinner which turns more into a dinner where Declan Porter who Charlotte invited, can’t control himself. He is bitter that Emily can’t see what she means to Jack. She had stopped by earlier in the day and gave him a  mariner’s compass for fixing her porch swing. That’s not just a friend’s gift.

The only person missing from this little rendezvous is Tyler. Tyler is busy talking things over with Nolan. Nolan learns that Tyler has had a restraining order against a Leslie Montgomery who turns out to be a dude.  The talking eventually leads to the bedroom where Nolan enjoys himself. Emily will not be pleased when she finds out.

At the end, Daniel and Emily are sitting on the porch swing. Daniel says “I Love you” to Emily as she strokes the swing that is a memory of her past.

Side notes:

  • Nolan has a bodyguard now whose name is Big Ed
  • Lydia wakes up from her coma, has amnesia.
  • Conrad moves out
  • Daniel and Emily are on the other side of the fold of the paper. Jack and Emily are not amused.

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