“Smash” may just be the break NBC was looking for

“Glee” made it okay for every other show out there to use music in their show. “Smash” is no exception.

Lord, the previews for NBC’s “Smash” started a long time ago. I can’t remember when, but I remember it was a long, long time ago. I know why they were doing it. They wanted to get your attention. They are desperate for a new hit show.

Now with all the previews hitting me every day of the week, you might wonder, why would I ever watch this show? Haven’t I had enough? Well, to be honest, I was watching “The Voice” which was on before, “Cake Boss” ended last week and I was already taping “Castle”. So I was all set and I didn’t even have to change the channel.

Like I said earlier, “Smash” has music, but unlike “Glee”, it’s original songs which is always good stuff. Debra Messing has arrived back to television as Julia Houston, a workaholic writer who loves making plays with her co-writer Tom Levitt. They start to joke around with the idea of  making a play all about Marilyn Monroe. They start to do a demo and it gets accidentally released by an assistant whose mom put its on youtube. It becomes viral and they decide to go forward with the backing of Eileen Rand played by Anjelica Houston.

You would think everyone would be sick of Marilyn by now especially since of the Oscar Buzz for Michelle Williams? I thought I would be too, but the music is catchy. The baseball song Ivy sang was particular fun and entertaining, just like a broadway show is supposed to do.

Vying for the part of Marilyn is Ivy played by Megan Hilty and Karen played by Katherine McPhee. Ivy has always only had ensemble parts. She has worked with Tom and Julia and they want her to have the lead part. Too bad, the snarky british director Derek Willis played by Jack Davenport has his sights set on the very green Karen.

Now looking at the two, the ads makes you want to pick Karen as your go to pick for Marilyn. She’s down on her luck and her parents don’t believe she can do it. Katherine McPhee, as an actress, is different. I’ve seen in the “House Bunny”, but I don’t know if that counts, though I throughly enjoyed it. Don’t get me wrong, she has a great voice, but I also like Ivy.

Ivy has her own sob story of how her mom has clearly picked a favorite of her children and it’s not her.

You don’t know who gets the part which is the whole gimmick of this season, how many callbacks does it take to get the part? Will it be Ivy who Julia and Tom had in mind or will the newcomer get it? Derek will become an interesting catalyst for both woman as he looks for his leading lady, but also who will entertain him in his private life?

“Smash” airs Monday at 10 P.M. after the “Voice” on NBC


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