Revenge Ep6: “Intrigue”

Revenge ABC

Revenge ABC

It’s really fun going back to watch episodes a second time around because you pick up on new things including costume, music or just another layer to a character like Tyler.

“Intrigue” centers around July 4th weekend and the big annual party that the Graysons throw. There are two main stories going on in this episode, you have the relationship angle, but you also have the remnants of what happened to Lydia.

 4th of July Party with Relationship Angle:

Ashely with her handy dandy iPad is behind the helm to control the undertakings of the festivities. The only person that won’t be attending would be Daniel.

Daniel is starting his new job at the Stowaway as a second bartender with a double shift. Jack isn’t happy about rich boy working, especially since rich boy is definitely dating Emily now, hence the double shift. Victoria is not happy either. Tyler let’s it slip that maybe Emily made him get the job. Gotta love this evil kid’s effort to undo this relationship.

Nolan is also trying to undo the relationship between Daniel and Emily, but I find it, this time, endearing. Nolan knows the truth and isn’t being a jerk without a reason. Tyler is creepy and Nolan is endearing. Nolan keeps coming over to egg Jack on that Emily might have feelings. Nolan is trying to make Emily happy and stop playing the game. He is the older brother that she never had.

Nolan drags Jack and Declan to the party. Declan goes after Charlotte still playing the whole Romeo & Juliet angle of coming from different worlds. (Declan stole from a lobster net to make a profit. Too bad the net belonged to two burly men)

Jack talks with Emily down at a dock and gives a real deep metaphor about a sailboat which I can’t really care to write down. Let’s face it, Jack loves boat analogies with love.  Jack tells Emily, “Tell me the truth and then I’m done with this and I won’t ever bother you again.” Emily tells him, he is talking to the wrong girl.  I, like Nolan, ask myself, Emily is all this really worth it? Emily is just pushing him farther and farther away. Come one Emily, he even came over to fix your front porch swing in this episode. Now that is some love right there.

4th of July Party with Plotting Angle:

Nolan tells Emily the truth about Lydia. She’s not so paranoid, but he is. By the end of the episode, Nolan has every right to.  Emily and Nolan decide to send the video to the Grayson and let them bury their employee.

Conrad is the first to view it and decides to fire Frank. Gives him a nice big severance/blackmail check to keep him quiet. However, Frank will do the opposite, especially after he learns Conrad has the video. He was not aware that Lydia’s apartment had surveillance.

Frank goes over to Lydia’s apartment and watches security footage and learns that Nolan entered the apartment. This is where I freaked out because Nolan is my buddy and Frank is pretty scary. Frank corners Nolan at the party and is about to blow off his kneecaps, but Tyler and Emily interrupt the situation.

Frank disappears, only to see that Nolan and Emily go off to the side to discuss what happened. He only reappears to warn Victoria of the danger late at night. Victoria will not listen to him, she has seen the video. Conrad finds him and throws him out of the house. Frank may know the truth, but no one will listen.

The only other problem really going on in this episode was Tyler, being Tyler. He goes to the bar and has a drink with Daniel. While Daniel is busy, Tyler slips something in his drink. Tyler purposely smashes his head on a beam as he leaves the Stowaway. He explains that Daniel was drinking and he did this and it’s all Emily’s fault.

Emily and Tyler’s twisted relationship, goes to yet another level when they have a great conversation during the dinner date.  It really made more sense when I saw this episode a second time. There’s this underlying tone that Emily speaks with that gives this conversation, a second meaning. Emily can tell that Tyler isn’t who he talks himself out to be.

Tyler: I’m just trying to tell a story.

Emily: I believe that.

Tyler: Why don’t you tell your girlfriend to take a step back? Who does she think she is talking to?

Emily: That’s a very good question. 

Side notes:

  • Great music again especially from Peter Bradley Adams
  • Loved Emily’s dress at the July 4th party. Just found out it is designed by Jason Wu. Lovely
  • Does anyone really believe Ashley and Emily are really friends? I can never quite figure this relationship out.



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