Laziness doesn’t distract me from celebrity news…

So scouring the late night celebrity gossip, I have a three things that I want to highlight.

1.The thing that made me laugh today….

Kristen Bell and her emotional sloth meltdown on the Ellen show.  This girl loves sloths. She also loves a good cry. Please just watch this if you love to laugh.

2. Kelly Kapoor being awesome.…Mindy Kaling got a comedy ordered from FOX. I honestly can’t see “The Office” lasting many more seasons so Mindy has got her feelers out there. I read her book and she’s a pretty funny girl. I’m happy for her that FOX is looking at her stuff. The Hollywood Reporter says it’s Bridget Jones-esque with Mindy as the star, running her professional and personal life as a doctor.  Side note: her mom is a doctor.

You go Mindy Kaling!

You go Mindy Kaling!

Click on the picture from the Hollywood Reporter story!

3. Taylor Swift… I still love you 

T-Swift did not nab the role of Eponine in the film production of “Les Miserables”. As much as I love Taylor, people including myself did not want her to play Epionine. She just doesn’t have this strong film presence that a character like Eponine deserves. She has got a great stadium presence and she owns the show, but I’m happy that she and the producers decided not to see eye to eye. Samantha Barks has received the role. She just recently played Epinone in the 25th anniversary edition with Nick Jonas. Check out her singing below!

Well, are you upset T-Swift wasn’t picked? Are you happy for Mindy Kaling? Have you ever cried for Sloths? Let me know!


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