“Moneyball”: Brad Pitt does it again

Now I know most of you are going to think… she’s a girl… and he’s Brad Pitt. Of course, she is going to love the film no matter what.  Now, that’s partially true.  However, I also enjoyed the movie he produced. “Moneyball” is about the two things in it’s title… money and baseball.

Time and time again, people question how can we pay athletes such massive amounts of money to play a game? Billie Beane and Peter Brand worked out a system that worked to their pathetic budget for the Oakland Athletics. They didn’t have to pay the athletes stupid amounts of money because they couldn’t.  Let’s start with what I know:  I know a little baseball and I have heard of “Moneyball”, the book by Michael Lewis. No, I’ve never read it. Do I plan on reading it now? Yes, yes I do.

It’s still a bizarre concept to me because baseball statistics still bewilder me and that’s okay. I got the main idea of what Beane and Brand, both brilliant men, were trying to do.

“Moneyball” as the movie, and not what the Oakland Athletics overall strategic accomplishment, was well done starting with  the writing by Aaron Sorkin. Once again like “The Social Network”, Sorkin has a way with making the complicated, simplified.

Besides the writing, the acting was better than I thought it was going to be. I didn’t expect Jonah Hill, normally a comedian, to come off so well as Peter Brand, an economist from Yale. I also didn’t expect Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill to work so well as a team. Pitt and Hill had chemistry as Beane and Brand. I think that’s what made the movie work. If you didn’t have this combo, the movie might have fallen a little flat.  Even Phillip Seymour Hoffman who is not my favorite actor, always pulls through in who he was portraying. My Dad said he played a pretty good Art Howe.

So you have a well written script, good choice in casting and the last part that I thought made this movie an enjoyable movie was the editing of stock footage of the Oakland A’s real games with the movie shots. I even thought mixing all the statistic computer shots worked really well.

If you had to guess, what Oscar nominated movie did I enjoy more today, “Tinker Tailor Solder Spy” or “Moneyball”, you would assume it’s “Moneyball”. You are a correct, but once again… it’s not because of Brad Pitt. Well, okay a little bit… It was also because it was a good enjoyable movie where I even learned a couple things.

Any baseball fans, really love this movie? Do any of you guys, really hate it? Let me know!

Oscar Nominations:

  1. Best Picture
  2. Best Actor in a Leading Role: Brad Pitt
  3. Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Jonah Hill
  4. Best Film Editing
  5. Best Writing (Adapted Screenplay)

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