Revenge Ep5: “Guilt”

Revenge ABC

Revenge ABC

“Guilt” is one of those episodes that starts off with a dramatic beginning like in the Season premiere of “Revenge” and it flashes back. Luckily, you find out what happens in this episodes from two days earlier that leads up to the event of Lydia falling onto a taxi cab. May I also say that Emily’s voice over is nicely linked to the fall since “the guilty always fall.”

Two days earlier or should I see even farther back, Emily/Amanda is watching the news of tragic plane crash of 197. Why are kids so fascinated by the news? I guess it’s stuff that parents usually try to block. It’s like the red button. If you’re told not to touch it, you  really want to touch it.  Also the more of David Clarke (James Tupper) the better. Side note: Just figured out that he was on “Grey’s Anatomy”. ABC sure does take care of their people…

This is only episode five, but I will continually love the relationship of Nolan and Emily. Nolan is to Emily like Ashley is to Victoria Grayson. He’s always there for her and willing to do anything for her. First, he tries to protect her by putting “Shamu” a.k.a little whale web-cam in her house. That gets kind of messed up since Lydia wants her summer house back and Emily gives her a box of things including “Shamu”.

Lydia is the one that falls so this is episode is primarily Lydia centric, though I could talk about Nolan and Emily’s relationship forever. One thing I don’t have want to talk about is Declan and Charlotte. They are like the teenagers of “Terranova”…. no one cares. If I stopped watching teenage drama on “Gossip Girl”, what makes you think I want to see it on ABC or FOX? Anyway….

Emily tries to frame Lydia for being the saboteur of Victoria’s luncheon. Why else would she have a signed book from Dr. Banks and have none of her footage aired? It can’t be Emily since all her dirty laundry was aired. That’s okay though because Lydia is really out to get the Graysons already. She plans on destroying them at the Open Arms Benefit, a foundation for the victims of Flight 197 where the Graysons are ironically being honored for. She’s even a got a lovely speech written that starts… “Victims of Fraud and Deceit, the monsters behind this, all this time are Victoria and Conrad Grayson”.  Not to worry in case you have a fondness for the Graysons… Victoria is warned by Frank and pretends to forgive Lydia… as if.

What also occurs during this banquet is another problem from another object in the box, a photo from a New Year’s Eve party from 2003 and there seems to be a familiar girl in the picture. Apparently, Amanda Clarke worked the party, not Emily.  Nolan knows all this thanks to “Shamu”. Emily can’t get the fax of the people  who worked the party that Lydia is getting because Daniel interrupts her planning.  Once again, Nolan is there to save the day when everyone is at the party. Almost…

On the way home from the party, a little before Nolan get there,  Lydia is cornered in her apartment by Frank who beats her like crazy which makes her” accidentally fall over the ledge.”

When Nolan arrives to collect his things, he hears sirens and sees Lydia below. He rewatches the Frank attack on “Shamu”. Too bad, when Nolan tries to call Emily, she is too busy with Daniel in the bedroom. Before this Daniel and she had to pick up Charlotte from her crazy driving experience with Declan in which Daniel asks for a bar tending job from Jack. Like I said, the least amount of teenage drama I could muster. Two sentences is fine enough.

I must apologize to Windsong who loves to discuss Revenge with me. Clearly, something happened these past two months of me watching the episodes and forgetting that I have a blog and people to talk with about this exciting show. This is also the perfect time to catch up, a new episode of Revenge isn’t on until February.

Lydia on "Revenge"

Lydia on "Revenge"

Side note: Didn’t Lydia look a little Diane Kruger in that dress?


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