White Collar and its conning is back!

During the summer, I was off and on with “White Collar”. I kept on forgetting to tape it. I don’t know why. Was I losing interest? However that changed with the cliffhanger episode that ended the first half of Season 3 in August.  Who doesn’t love a good kidnapping?

The third half of season 3 picked up where they left off last August. Peter is back at his house where Elizabeth is taken from. In order to get Elizabeth back, Neal and Peter must give the treasure to slimy Keller. They must also find Mozzie who has already taken the treasure and does not want to be found. Good thing Mozzie loves Mrs. Suit.  This relationship might even be better than Neal and Peter’s.

The episode had its usual conning going on, but it also highlighted the character’s strengths… even Satchmo. Tim Dekay showed great dramatic change in his character thanks to Elizabeth being kidnapped. Peter would do anything, even a con job to get his wife back . However, one thing bothered me about Peter. Peter seemed to be too forgiving of Neal and Mozzie for lying about having the treasure. I’m sure it was the pressure of finding his wife, I’m sure the writers will make up for that.

Tiffani Thiessen also showed great change in Elizabeth. We’ve only seen bits of Elizabeth in the past as a doting wife who like to go to art galleries with Mozzie. She’s been cunning before, but never like this. She depended on her husband saving her, but she also depended on herself. In a closed off room with a locked door, a guard and shatterproof window, how would she ever get out?  She used her brain, her nice diamond ring from Peter, a well placed thermostat and a bite from Satchmo. This was probably my favorite part of my episode even over the whole con in the warehouse. She saved herself with a little help  in the end from Dianna and Jones.

The “White Collar” writers however also saved their creepy, slimy talking villain…. Keller. Keller was caught by the F.B.I., but he also  confessed in front of the Russian Government to be the only one who stole the Nazi treasure so he could give it back to Russia. Now he’s safe from the Russian  mob. He’ll come back again to twist the New York lives of Mozzie, Neal and the Burkes.

Neal is also safe from confessing he stole the treasure. Too bad, he just got a letter from the government that he will have  a hearing to free himself of his anklet. Seems like an amazing gift, right? Well,  Neal’s allegiance will be tested again in the second half of this coming season. If Neal is free of his anklet and free of his treasure, will he fly the coop? After all, once a con artist, always a con artist.


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