15 Do’s and Don’ts for the Golden Globes: 2012 Edition

So I’ve decided after watching the Golden Globes on delay, thanks work and my other television shows that this post will be about Do’s and Don’t thanks to the globes.

  1. Do Watch “Homeland” on Showtime. Claire Danes won as well as the show itself.
  2. Do Go see “The Descendants”. George Clooney won as well as the film itself.
  3. Do Act your age. Madonna, your dress did not fit you. I hope you fair better for the Super Bowl, but probably not.
  4. Don’t be surprised if the teleprompter acts up. It’s a machine, it doesn’t have to obey your every command.
  5. Don’t let Ricky Gervais host again. He was boring. Let Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy present because their singing was adorable and also on key.
  6. Do let Claire Danes and Kate Winslet’s stylists pick out clothes for you. Their dresses were divine.
  7. Don’t forget your eyeglasses at your table like Meryl Streep.
  8. Do hand up the eyeglasses if you see she needs them. Sir, I’m looking at you when George Clooney handed them to you and you wouldn’t go up on the stage.
  9. Do try to improve your Spanish since Antonio Banderas talks way too fast for your high school Spanish education.
  10. Do mug the cameras like Tina Fey. It makes it more entertaining for the viewers. It isn’t the Oscars after all.
  11. Do ask Baz Lurhman why Michelle Williams wasn’t cast as Daisy in “The Great Gatsby”… a great missed opportunity.
  12. Don’t overtan like an Oompa Loompa… Rob Lowe take note of this one.
  13. Don’t let the dog upstage even though he’s adorable speaking for “The Artist” cast.
  14. Do make sure you are standing by the mic. Standing a foot away will make you very hard to hear.
  15. Do enjoy yourselves since there is no alcohol at your seat for the Oscars!



One thought on “15 Do’s and Don’ts for the Golden Globes: 2012 Edition

  1. Seriously!! Michelle Williams would be incredible as Daisy in “The Great Gatsby”!! She’s got that whole sweet ingenue thing going on. It would have been some damn fine casting!! Good Call!!!

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