Terranova and its future

Courtesy of FOX

Courtesy of FOX

A couple months ago, I said I would give watching Terranova a chance. Sure, the dinosaurs are a killer bummer, but after watching the 2 hour season finale, I have to say… I hope this show comes back for a second season.

FOX aired a two episode finale on Monday. It wraps this season’s story up nicely just in case, FOX can’t put it back into its schedule which I hope isn’t the case.

The biggest two problems with this show and why people stopped watching it is 1) Everyone hates the damn dinosaurs. For the millions of dollars FOX spent on the dinosaurs, they still didn’t look that real. 2) No one wanted episodes focusing primarily  on the Shannon’s adolescence kids. Even Zoe, the youngest is cute, but we can only take too mch. Thankfully, the show runner has cut down on both of these things.

The finale, however showed what Terranova is capable of… intense action, drama and stories that we cared about specifically Commander Taylor and his son Lucas’ strained relationship. That kid just won’t die.

The finale primarily dealt with Lucas finally bring the people from 2149 to the past and the people of Terranova fighting against them. It incorporated a lot of the characters who each have different attachment to their new home. Washington’s story was one of the best of the night. It really showed you the type character that the writer’s were making. You get to see Josh’s situation shift again which is better because let’s face it, he does get whiny sometimes. Jim Shannon still gets the best action sequences, but that’s okay, I like him. Elizabeth and Malcom were even pretty badass for scientists.  Also Commander Taylor can do wrong. I love that character.

This is what the show runner needs to keep showing to the FOX executives. Keep us, we will cut down on the budget with only a couple dinosaurs throughout the next season and maybe a little less of Sky. Sorry, she’s just not my favorite. I do like the soldier Riley however. Did you see the way she diffused that bomb?

The other thing thing I’m nervous for the show is its future. Not if or will it be picked up, but the LOST feel to it that it might bring for the second season. At the end, a new mystery comes up. I’m all for mysteries as long as long as they get solved. LOST, I’m still looking at you for the three toed statue.

If you like Terranova, check out for fun the Terranova Confessions on tumblr.  Click on the picture to get to the site. The same goes for the official website of Terranova.

Terranova on Fox

Terranova on Fox

You can also follow @TerranovaonFOX

Terranova Confessions

Terranova Confessions


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