Geeky Christmas Cheer!

I’ve disappeared for two months. Let’s try to move past this fact.

Christmas is coming fast at me as usual, so I thought, why not do a condensed version of the 12 days of Christmas? Now,  you’re thinking, whatever does she mean? It means nothing except you’ll get multiple posts in a day.

Let’s talk about my overly need to tape everything on my DVR. Yes, I am that type of person. So last night, I taped “Geek Love”

“Geek Love” is TLC’s newest show about geeky people looking for love because everyone is looking for love. Unless, you are anti-social.

It was very entertaining because 1) I am Geek  2) It was filmed at New York Comic Con. It also had a nice touch of intimacy with the people showing a little bit of their lives through their web-cameras. You had an Iron Man looking for love. You had two Robins looking for love. You even had a guy named Chewy who could make Chewbecca’s wookie sounds.

Now looking at a review at Entertainment Weekly, it looks like TLC is testing the waters for this show. I would love to see more of this show over “Toddlers and Tiaras”.

The other part of this post involves more Geek Knowledge. This morning I read a nicely done piece on Kotaku about how many video games are still only directed at guys. Let me tell you, there are a lot of girl gamers out there. I play occasionally, but I know there are some hard-core girl gamers out there.

The article discusses how especially in Batman: Arkham City, the girls are slutty, slutty and slutty. It’s disappointing that the game makers stoop to this level.  Also, I still really want to play this game.

Here’s the EW article and the Kotaku article. Enjoy! Just click on the picture to get to the story.

EW On "Geek Love"
EW On “Geek Love”

Kotaku article

Kotaku article

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