Revenge Ep4: “Duplicity”

Revenge ABC

Revenge ABC

Emily’s victim this week was Dr. Michelle Banks. This episode also has this mother theme for all of the characters.

In Amanda’s life Banks was the court appointed psychologist that Vicotria persuaded to institutionalize Amanda and keep her away from her father in return for a private practice with a list of Hampton housewives with their dirty laundry as clients.

In Emily’s life, Dr. Banks is her psychiatrist for the past year because as Nolan puts it Emily is keeping up with appearances.

Dr. Banks is the speaker at the mother, daughter tea party luncheon that Victoria is holding. Emily buys a ticket in honor of her dead mother.  The situation begins to unravel as the video presentation shows Dr. Bank’s sessions being aired over a website called, Emily and Nolan’s work. Emily is included in part of the video as not to draw suspicion.  Obvioulsy Victoria flips out and Dr. Banks suddenly mysterious disappears. I’ll get right back to that.

Other mom issues:

  • Some of the dirty laundry aired was Victoria saying that she wished Charlotte was never born, never felt close to her.
  • Declan goes and tries to sell his mother’s wedding ring. Charlotte lets him know it’s a fake. Tells him to keep it as a memory.

Other side issues:

  • Can’t stand Tyler Burrell, Daniel old roommate. He sabotages a dinner for Daniel and Emily. He takes Daniel’s phone and gets Daniel drunk. Awesome. I know it’s Emily’s fake relationship, but still… she should be the one to ruin it.
  • Emily’s dinner is a no show that is until Jack shows up.
  • Conrad goes to see Lydia… obviously Conrad and Victoria’s marriage should’ve ended a long time ago.

So what happened to Dr. Banks? Oh lovely Emily locked her up in a storage unit owned by Grayson Global. Eventually Emily lets her out. Emily just wanted Dr. Banks to have a fair share of what she went through.

Also learned was another truth back in the future. It’s a storm and Amanda is hiding behind a counter. She sees Victoria take a laptop and hand it off to Conrad (I believe). Her father does not see any of this, but she does. Victoria also sees her see all of this.

This show is a great soap opera type of show. It’s also great is that it doesn’t overload you with so many characters and their side A, B, or C stories. We really are just focusing on Amanda/Emily. Emily VanCamp must love playing the evil person. She always has this great “I’m out for retribution and I’m pissed off look”. Nolan is also the unfathomable sidekick that she can’t just get rid off. She shouldn’t ‘be so mean to him. He’s helping her out quite a lot.

Can someone please tell me how many people are in that photograph? I’m just dying to know how many people Emily has to go ruin their lives. On a side note: I hope she doesn’t ruin Ashley’s life. I wonder if she’s a true friend or a fake friend to Emily. Anyone “Revenge” fans’ thoughts?

Also great music being used by Music supervisor of the show including Agnes Obel.


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