Castle Ep4: “Kick the Ballistics”

You’re thinking what happened to the third episode of “Castle”. I watched it. It was good and I’ll get around to it, but when I saw the fourth episode preview, I knew I had to watch it right away. It’s all about Detective Kevin Ryan who I can’t get enough of. It must be that Irish in him.

“Kick the Ballistics” was set with a different tone than most “Castle” episodes. Even the title didn’t have its classic intro. But the thing is… that’s what I like about “Castle”, it can do these types of episodes.

This episode ties back to 3XK serial killer who stole Ryan’s service weapon. The victim is college student Jane Herschfield. She was shot twice. Beckett finds out that it was Ryan’s stolen gun. Poor Ry! Cops deal with different things and having your weapon stolen is definitely one of them.

Jane was a tutor to one of the Lee’s, Ben. The Lee’s are part of the Chinese Mafia dealing in drugs. No, I don’t remember the highly complicated chinese name of the gang.  She was also an insider to Detective Carver in Narcotics. Jane planed on leaving the city that day of her death. She canceled all her appointments, took money out of her account and stored a bag at Grand Central Station with men’s clothing and an asthma inhaler. The asthma inhaler belongs to Ben. Ben and Jane as Castle puts it are Rome and Juliet.

When Lee’s family found out, Phillip shot Jane. Castle found out Phillip did it by going through old case files. The 3XK killer gave Ryan’s gun to Phillip while they were both in jail and got in a scuffle. Ryan’s gun was not a prize, but a curse since the serial numbers were registered to him. The 3XK wants to get rid of it.  They only found out it was Phillip at the last minute because Phillip when he went to jail was arraigned under his Chinese name. His anglo name was never officially registered.

Now one thing that we didn’t mention is obviously how did Phillip admit since his family already hired a very protective lawyer. Ryan and Esposito dress up as college kids to try to talk to Ben. They have to do this very quietly because if the Captain ever found out they would be benched. Ryan is able to drive some guilt to Ben, to make him understand what his family did. Ben becomes on their side.

Ben is wired and they listen in while Ben tries to have a conversation with Phillip.  The conversation turns into a confrontation. Once again, the music underneath this scene is epic. It really sets the scene.  The police storm. Phillip drops the weapon, but not before Ben pulls out his own weapon and shoots himself. This is when I’m sure Ryan had two deaths now to deal with. Thankfully, I was wrong.

After Phillip get a life sentence and is gone, Ben appears. It seems he did some awesome stunt work and is now going in witness protection program. He is finally free of his family’s business. Ryan is finally cleared of his gun that was missing…somewhat.

This episode was a great episode. It did have it’s little humor, but it had it’s great drama. Dealing with Ryan’s stress, the editor and the sound editor of the episode does this great mashup of quick edits and noisy sounds of the city and also when Ryan gets coffee. The music was a large part of this episode which was very somber, but these edits also had a factor in creating this new tense tone.  Maybe I’m a little bias because I love Ryan, but especially the confrontation between Phillip and Ben was one of the best parts. Had Ryan gone to far when he wouldn’t call the team to go on? Did anyone else think Ryan helped lead to the death of another individual?

Side notes:

  • Finn McQueen: Jane’s old boyfriend. He did small jobs for the Lees. He was also the one who set Jane up as a tutor.
  • Jerry Tyson: 3xK serial killer. He never appears in the episode. At the end Phillip wants to bargain info about Tyson, but Castle tells Beckett not take it. It would only be fake.
  • Clifford Lee: only mentioning him because he was on “Lost”. Whoo!

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