Grey’s Anatomy Ep 2: Take The Lead

The Fifth Year Residents a.k.a. the characters we actually care about since we’ve followed the ones still left from Season One, are finally embarking on what they’ve studied for… solo surgeries.

Also important: Richard stepped down as Chief, gave the position to Owen. Bailey is not happy and Torres warns Owen not to anger Bailey. You want her on your side.

What also is being decided during this episode is another bet…the characters of “Grey’s Anatomy” wager a lot. This time the wager is whoever has the poorest outcome with their surgery, has to teach all of the skills labs.

 Meredith (Aneurysm):

Meredith has the hardest surgery because a) it’s an aneurysm b) she and Derek are still not getting along. They still don’t know about Zola and Derek’s clinical trial was moved to Texas. Richard tells Meredith that, “if you can’t communicate with your Attending, you have no business in that OR.”

Derek backs her up when the patient questions about her success right with it being her first surgery.  The OR is a little shaky when Derek and Meredith start to argue, but Meredith clips the aneurysm successfully.

 Avery (Cleft Lip on Child)

Avery’s confident in that he will have a successful surgery. However Arizona is not. She wants the procedure a certain way… the way Avery is not doing it. She wants Sloane to do it.  Avery eventually concedes in the operating room when Arizona starts to fret about how the smile will change this child’s life. Will he be bullied? Will he get married? Will he die alone?

Cristina ( Mitral Valve a.k.a Heart)

Cristina has this complicated surgery that she is dying to do, but something stops her. Her patient has to get her appendix out. Trouble is Cristina can’t remember how it’s done. She goes to the skills labs and tests the interns on the test. It all goes well until the middle of the surgery when she forget the next step. Teddy chastises her, but she also can’t remember. The one who does remember: the OR nurse.

Alex Karev ( Bowel Resection)

As the seasons go on, Alex is turning out to be my favorite character because he gets complex. We all know Meredith is a hot mess, but Alex was always a quiet hot mess that we slow learn about his insecurities. Everything thinks he takes Dr. Webber’s easy bowel surgery because Alex wants to win the wager. April finds out that it’s quite the opposite. Alex is just so terrified and nervous to do it on his own. In the end after all his prep work, he learns the bowel is too badly damaged to fix.

When it comes to who loses the wager, everyone says Alex, but April steps in. She being his intern during the surgery knows how he is really feeling and turns the blame to Avery who loses by default.  He didn’t even touch his patient.

With April, she learned from Torres, that you might not make friends as the Chief Resident, but you also want to work things out so that they respect you and end up on your side.

The episode ends with Crisitina and Owen get over their awkwardness of aborting their baby when they eat bad Chinese food. They are in the process of healing.

The same cannot be said for Derek and Meredith. Derek won’t divorce her because of the post it note promise. They end up learning that to make their marriage work, they can’t work together. Derek can no longer be her Attending.

This episode was better than premiere. It went back to focusing why people are still trying to watch Grey’s Anatomy… the characters. Meredith is whiny, but we are still dying to know if Derek and Meredith’s relationship will ever work and personally for me, I get curious about Alex all the time.


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