Revenge Ep2: “Trust”

Emily Thorne… she’s a fun, mischievous character, isn’t she? This week’s episode she was bent on getting back at her daddy’s former best friend, Bill Harmon.

Bill Harmon was the financial advisor to Grayson Global. He was also David (Emily/Amanda’s Dad) best friend. He was there for her birthday when she got Sam as a pet. I still never understood how Sam became Jacks. It probably has to do with Jack was her best friend and wanted to take care of what she left behind. Anyway back on track. Harmon like Lydia was one of the witnesses who said David was behind the whole financial mess of Grayson Global.

We also find out more of Nolan Ross. Nolan Ross is a quirky, smarmy character. He’s brilliant, but no one really likes him. Maybe it has to do with being the richest young adult on the planet. Nolan wants to be part of “this club” as he calls he and Emily’s little thing because Emily’s dad was the only one who believed in Nolan. David invested his own personal money into Nolan.

Nolan also buys Jack’s boat. I think I failed to mention this last week. Jack’s Dad’s Tavern is being taken by the bank since his dad doesn’t have the money. In return Nolan wants sailing lessons. He also wants to have a friendship with Jack. I think this has a thing to do with boys and their girls. For both boys, Amanda is the one that got away.

Now besides all these side stories, the main story, “the A story” of how Emily sabotages Bill Harmon is very simple with the help of a little bird. She becomes an investor in Harmon’s company. She tells him she wants to invest in All Con. Nolan has been suppling info to her and she’s been showing the public a.k.a Bill that she and Nolan are old friends. Harmon puts all of his investors shares into this deal only later to realize that Nolan wasn’t planning to invest in it at all. Oops!  Now everything seems okay if none of the investors find out that their portfolios are all crap.

Guess what? They find out. Emily sneaky little girl, gets all the investors info and pretends to be a fake little assistant at the company. Another one down the drain.

That’s the one thing that’s clever about this show. At the end of these two episodes, you see how she does it. You see how Emily uses her spy-ish behavior by wearing gloves and breaking into his computer to get the list.

Side Notes:

  • Declan still has the hots for the Grayon’s little girl Charlotte. Too bad her boyfriend doesn’t like this.  “Stay on your own side of the economy”
  • This episode was Amanda’s birthday. Nolan bought Lydia’s house since Victoria was trying to outbid Emily.
  • Lydia and Conrad meet up in the city. She loses everything in her prenup. She wants him to pay her back
  • Victoria has a her husband’s head security checking up on Emily.
  • Jack’s dad has a heart attack at the end of the episode.
ALSO WHY DOES NO ONE RECOGNIZE HER FACE? SHE ONLY GOT A DYE JOB?  (unless she got some plastic surgery though I don’t think so)
Song of the episode: “Avenue”  -Agnes Obel  played at the end of the episode.
What did you think of the episode? When do you think Jack will figure it out? Also what do you want to see of these episode summaries, do you like the bullet points better/ summaries too long? Comment below!

4 thoughts on “Revenge Ep2: “Trust”

  1. Nothing is ever too long when discussing Revenge. Is it just me, or does it seem like Victoria suspects that Emily is Amanda? Or is she just overly suspicious because she is protective of her son. She has this “Bring Emily Down” attitude and the girl hasn’t done anything… YET! Vicky needs to get a grip on that daughter of hers and reel her in. Anyway now that it’s been revealed that Amanda took the identity of a woman who was sleeping with Lydia’s husband, I wonder how this plays out. I hope that’s what Vicky was referring to when she said to Emily, “Did you think I wouldn’t figure out it was you”. I don’t want her cover to be blown! Great recap again!

    • Thanks the comment! I’m glad you’re enjoying “Revenge” just as much as I am. Victoria just reminds me of this ice queen. She’s played zoo evilly. Can’t wait to see Wednesday’s Episode.


    She actually didn’t get a dye job. Her hair was naturally blond. It seems she died it while in juvie. Now, it’s been un-dyed.

    She was apparently 8 or 9 when the whole thing happened and it is implied that she and her father only spent the one summer in the Hamptons. It’s been 17 years and children, especially girls, change a lot. It’s easy to recognize someone in spite of changes if you saw a lot of them, but how much time are you thinking anyone, except Jack Porter and Bill Harmon, whom she called “uncle”, spent with her as a child. Would you remember one kid you spent one summer with 17 years later? Even if she did have the same name?

    It’s evidence more of the fact that none of these people who set out to destroy an innocent man cared about what happened to his innocent child. Even Victoria, who tried to rectify things, couldn’t be bothered to worry about the child in place of helping the man she loved.

    Additionally, no one is expecting her to be back. Context and triggers matter. There are no triggers (like the same name) that would alert them. People don’t see things they don’t expect. Although, I do think the dog will bring Jack to suspect.

    And, no, I don’t think Victoria suspects. It’s been strongly implied that she has the over-protective, nobody’s good enough for my boy attitude. Additionally, I don’t think she likes having unknowns tread on her domain. It might lead to her suspecting, but I don’t think suspicion is the trigger for her attitude.

    Actually, I think the lack of recognition is not one of the big believability issues for this show, it’s perfectly in line with the psychology we have about how unreliable human memory is. I’m more confused about the dog being 17 years old and in great shape and the fact that the Bill Harmon didn’t realize that the person he’s pursuing to invest with him (Nolan) had a 49% owner that was his “niece” (would have been a big red flag to him) and didn’t figure out who she was that way. This would be basic research for a broker pursuing a big investment and easy enough to find her and a picture. And Frank ought to notice the amount of time she’s spending with Nolan, do some research on his company and figure it out that way, too.

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