“Person of Interest” Review

Let’s be honest. I put this show into my schedule because I just wanted to see Benjamin Linus… I mean Michael Emerson back in action.

“Person of Interest” is a clever show that also frightens me. It’s a post 9/11 world in New York City where Michael Emerson plays Finch or Mr. Finch as he likes to be called. He recruits the likes of  John Reese, an ex special operations kind of guy.

The problem: Finch created a mega security computer which analyzes everything for the government to let them know of the latest threats against society, terror kind of plots. The downside of this it, the government doesn’t care about the other threats… the smaller threats.  That’s where Finch comes in again. He created a back door to his system to just get the social security numbers. That’s all he gets. If he got more like names and motives, the government would find out what he was doing.  The best part of Finch is he made a lot money in the past, but he actually wants to do something with is life. Not just making money.

The numbers don’t tell him whether the people are the victims or the instigators of the crimes. That’s why he enlists Reese. Finch obviously isn’t the type to handle a gun or beat someone up… Reese is.

You also have Taraji P. Henson who plays a NYPD cop, Carter, looking for more of the man named Reese. He was a hobo when she first met him. He lost his girlfriend and his life was in shambles up until Finch gave him his secret job of tracking this people whose social security number turns up that week.  She knows he did some special forces work, but then he disappears of the grid.

It’s off to a good start. It’s a good show for CBS. It’s also created by Christopher Nolan’s brother. Clearly the Nolan brothers think outside of the box and actually think beyond reality t.v. Thank god for that.

The show’s a little creepy because the scenes are all intercut with footage of security cameras tracking everyone’s every move. It’s creepy, but true.  It’s something we all fail to realize except for maybe Finch, but hey.. he designed the system.

Person of Interest airs on CBS every Thursday at 9 P.M. 


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