Terra Nova: I like it, but do the studios heads at Fox like it?

Terra Nova is like a movie for television. But Terra Nova is also for people who love Pandora and Jurriassic Park combined. It’s also for people like me who need a Hugh Jackman for television. It’s also a pretty fascinating show.

No one was happy at my house that the television was being used to tape Terra Nova. I was happy especially when I finally got around to watching it which was today. Obviously….

You’re probably thinking what’s the point of this review, it seems this girl likes everything? Not true. I wanted to try this show because I enjoy sci-fi shows. What I find out I have for this show… is fear.

Fear that it will not succeed. It looks awesome… right up until you get to the dinosaurs. They are scary, but that’s not what I’m talking about it. Anyway yeah you heard me dinosaurs. The world is 2149. Pretty much the earth that the Shannon family lives on is messed up. There are population caps, you have to wear breathing masks and there is no moon.

How do the Shannons get to Terra Nova? Jim and Elizabeth have an extra kid. Jim gets sent to jail. Elizabeth and her two older children get sent to Terra Nova two years later because she’s a really smart doctor. I know doctors are smart, but she’s really smart. Jim breaks out of jail and he and his younger daughter become stowaways of the walk across the light.

They can’t send them back because they get put into a different a time stream where the dinosaurs are roaming. (I hope I have this right because this wasn’t totally explained).  There back to the dinosaurs. Back to the fear part of this show…

Let’s talk about “Firefly” or “Pushing Daisies” or just recently “The Cape”. Good shows. They did not last long.  They didn’t have enough viewers. They had devoted fans, but the question how many fans will equal devoted fans? Will it be the “Chuck”  show where fans had to write letters to keep it going for another season?

It drew 9 million viewers, but will this number stay? Also the budgets for these episodes for special effects on “Terra Nova” is huge and the question is, is it gonna be worth there money to keep producing?  Steven Spielberg is executive producer, but I think that can only do so much. He only have so much money he is willing to put. So many questions and concerns.

Now besides the dinosaurs that kinda stick out like sore thumbs and the Shannon kids that are annoying me. That’s right I’m talking about Josh Shannon who is bummed that he doesn’t have his girlfriend anymore so he tries to find a new one and almost gets sliced open by a dino.  Even Elizabeth Shannon, I’m not too entirely keen on. But hopefully episode two we warm up to each other.

Plus sides: It looks like a movie. It has a drama that feels different from “Law and Order” I love that Stephen Lang has moved to another home base. I loved him in “Avatar” and so did the creators of “Terra Nova” that’s why the scooped him up. He’s fantastic. As is Jason O’Mara who plays Jim Shannon, but that’s also because he reminds of Hugh Jackman with an American accent. My question is why couldn’t he keep his Irish accent since his wife has one?  Anyway I’m loving these men characters.

Also “Lost” flashbacks, mysteries on the island… I mean planet. That’s what I’m feeling. Also the Sixers, I’m calling you the “others”. There I feel better that I got that off my chest.

I’m excited for the next episode, but I’m also nervous that this will get canceled just like “The Cape”. Good luck “Terra Nova”!



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