“Revenge”: Quick Facts

I’m already reviewing this show for another site, so here’s another spin for you. Since this is a drama with a lot of twists and turns that I throughly enjoyed, you also need to make a mental note of everything happening.


  • Emily Thorne is Amanda Clarke. Same person.
  • She wants revenge, cue title of show.
  • Why? Her dad, David Clarke, was framed for the embezzling of money to the hijackers of Flight 197, killing over two hundred people.
  • Framed by who? Mainly people of the Grayson Family including the woman he loved, Victoria Grayson.
  • Victoria Grayson is married to Conrad Grayson, the CEO of  the Grayson Global where Emily/Amanda’s dad was the hedge fund manager.  As you can tell Victoria was having an affair.
  • Who told? Lydia Davis. The secretary of Grayson Global. Also bff to Victoria
But obviously there are more people involved.
  • Emily comes to the Hamptons like 13 years later.
  • She is able to catch Lydia and Conrad in an affair. She sneakily sets up Conrad to have a heart attack with a trail of little clues to Victoria to realize her husband is cheating.
  • Lydia is bye bye since Victoria is Queen Hamptonnite. Emily who is renting Lydia’s house will now be a permanent resident there.  One person down in Emily’s little black book or shall I say company retreat photo.
Side facts that will undeniable be important:
  • Jack Porter is desperately in love with Amanda. He named his boat after her. Jeez… He doesn’t know Emily is Amanda though his dog seems to know. His dad owns the tavern. These are the people you want to hang out in the Hamptons with. Not Victoria’s icy queen posse.
  • Nolan Ross, Internet Billionaire knows Emily is Amanda. He helped Amanda become very rich. Her father invested in Nolan’s internet company. Nolan spots Emily as Amanda because he picked up on her dye job and saw her when she was a teenager, not as child like Jack did.
  • Double Infinity is the symbol between Emily and her father.
  • The murder in the beginning is Daniel Grayson. He was engaged to Emily. You know who murders him… Jack Porter
Fact you probably you should know: Show starts out in the present time, but then goes into like a fourth month flashback that I can pretty much guess will take up the whole rest of the season right up until it’s May Finale.
Side note that has nothing do with anything: Eric from Gossip Girl has a new job as Jack Porter’s little brother… Declan who has a thing for Victoria’s daughter.
Enjoy these quick facts? Let me know…. I’ll probably keep doing them to keep my mind sane.

3 thoughts on ““Revenge”: Quick Facts

  1. Thank you, I am always distracted by somebody when watching this show, so glad you filled in the little details. Hope you keep them coming. This is my new show to watch this season. Though I hope it’s not “One & Done”, meaning after she takes revenge, there isn’t a story line to continue, which will lead to cancellation. Very interesting plot and I love participating on their Facebook page to see if I am correct in whom she is going to take down next.

  2. We don’t know it was Daniel for sure who was killed. Also, we don’t know that it was Jack who pulled the trigger. He was just the one who dragged the body further up shore. Just saying 🙂

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