“Grey’s Anatomy” Season Premiere Discussion


Lord, no more natural catastrophes. It’s like Seattle Grace is a magnet for anything and everything. We’ve already had a ferry crash, car accidents galore, shootings, bombings, George getting hit but a bus… oh wait let’s add a sink hole because those are so common.  That’s the first problem I had. I’ll get to my other problem….



So first you have to wrap your head around that like I mentioned a sinkhole surrounds this episode, but then you also have to remember what happened in the season finale which might be a bit hard for some, by which I mean me.

Here’s what I was supposed to remember:

  • Meredith messed up Derek’s trial because she wanted to give Adele the medicine for her onset Alzheimer’s.
  • Alex catches her doing it.
  • Cristina is pregnant, doesn’t want the kid. Owen does… issues ensue
  • Also I failed to mention that Derek finds out about what Meredith did and thus they separate.
  • Did I forget to mention that they still have Zola, a foster baby girl from Malawi that they’re trying to adopt?
  • April is also Chief Resident
Fastfoward to tonight’s episode:
  • Meredith gets fired.
  • Everyone still hates Alex…except maybe Arizona who wants him to succeed in Peds.
  • Derek is still not talking to Meredith.
  • Owen and Cristina are still not speaking, she’s still pregnant
  • Avery wants to do plastics. Sloan does not want him because he feels some resentment toward him because of Lexi.

Main things to take away from this episode:

  • Meredith is no longer fired. Richard takes the blame. (I thought this was a smart decision. Apparently he can still be a doctor. I think he was in the preview of next week’s episode and now he can spend more time with Adele)
  • Bailey takes over Richard’s trial.
  • Meredith and Derek however lose their baby since Meredith disappeared for four hours with said baby to hide from social worker. Lots of miscommunication. Oh and they’re still not talking.  Side note, Derek’s finally building his house he has been talking about for the past three seasons.
  • Alex is no longer hated by everyone. He and Meredith make up because Arizona tells him to do after Cristina accidentally stabs him with a syringe of something which makes him faint.
  • Cristina has the abortion, but Owen is back with her.
  • Sloan and Avery are in agreement to work together. I think.
  • Teddy and Henry are adorable. Just needed to be said.
That’s the gist of what  I felt I need to know. Sinkhole, not important. Not to me personally.
Back to my problems of this start of a new season… I’ve missed the cast of “Grey’s Anatomy” by which I mean Season One and Two before Izzy got cancer and George got run over by a bus. I’m sorry I’m horrible at adjusting to change. Don’t get me wrong, I love Avery, Lexi and April. They are the last ones left and I don’t have a problem with them, but when this episode started I realized I missed the camaraderie they including Alex, Cristina and Meredith had since they’ve been through so much together. It took a while to get back to that. It took about two full hours for them to become friends again.
It’s in it’s 8th Season. The actors are getting tired which means the characters are getting tired… I’m even getting tired. I will continue to watch this show because I’m a fan of it, but am I getting tired of the different scenarios? A little bit.
The one reason why I do stick around is that Shonda Rhimes and her team remember to implement humor into some of the scene, but also that the writing staff still writes beautiful quotes and writing to make it flow like a drama. They can still write good open and closes you can hear Meredith reading.
Favorite quote: (Meredith to Owen in response to why Cristina doesn’t want a kid) “Trying pretending to love a kid as much as she loves surgery will almost kill her…Do you know what it’s like to be raised by someone who doesn’t want you?  To know you stood in the way of your parent’s career? I do. I was raised by a Cristina. My mother was a Cristina. And as the child she didn’t want, I tell you don’t do this to her. She’s kind and she’s caring and she won’t make it. The guilt of the child she resents will eat her alive.”

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