Boycotting the X Factor: A Rant is Below, Be Warned

There are just too many reality shows. There I said it. I need a break. Let me clarify, I need a break from reality competition shows. I’m gonna be honest. I do watch a couple. I just finished watching “America’s Got Talent” and I’m thrilled that Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. won, but I was ready for September to start so I could get some awesome storylines back into my life.

My sister jokes that my mom and I watch every reality show we see. That’s why she joked that when we saw the commercial for “X Factor” last night that even though my mom and I vowed not to watch it, we would eventually succumb to it.  Here’s the truth Katie: I will not watch it.

Simon Cowell, you should’ve never left “American Idol”. You say “X Factor” is different. Yeah, I heard the differences, but still in the end it’s a singing competition. Sure, the prize is five million dollars.

Remember that little story that if money grew on trees, we’d all be rich. Well in my mind, we’re all poor since we’re all taking in the money.  The same goes for these reality shows including “America’s Got Talent”, “American Idol”, “X Factor” and a million other shows. They all say that you become a winner in the end, but if all these shows have winners, you still don’t have the number one winner. You have a whole new gene pool should I sayof winners from shows trying to compete again. I don’t even know if that made sense to anyone, but I just find it nauseating that we have like twenty winners from these seperate competitions.

Let’s not stop at the “X Factor”, we also have shows like the “Sing Off”, “Work of Art” on Bravo and on Lifetime “Project Accessories” or whatever they’re calling it. I just need a break. What happened to my real television shows? We all can’t be winners in the world.

I know the “X Factor” is popular in the U.K. I have no problem with that, but why don’t we leave it there?

This is only a rant on reality competition shows. Stay tuned for reasons why I hate “Jersey Shore”, but I have guilty pleasure of “The Rachel Zoe Project”. Also why I know so many reality shows exist.

Hypocritical comment: I just saw “Top Chef” premieres in November 2nd in Dallas. yeehaw! To combat this whole rant: I watch this show because you learn about food, but these people already have business, careers in these passions.

Bring on the comments!


One thought on “Boycotting the X Factor: A Rant is Below, Be Warned

  1. I like your point about having a whole new pool of winners. Except, heaven forbid, maybe they are just setting us up for the ultimate reality singing showdown where they have all of the winners compete against each / fight to the death.

    I don’t plan on watching the X Factor either. I’ll still to The Biggest Loser as my guilty pleasure.

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