FOX Block: Quirky Kind of Love

My Wednesday T.V. night was gladly spent watching FOX. First we go to Glee!

“Glee!” and I have a rough relationship. Sometimes I love it. Sometimes I hate it. I especially hate it when it wins awards because it’s campy because it doesn’t follow story lines. It jumps around and has a great time and I’m not against the singing, but I need storylines. That’s why I watch television.

Anyway, let’s say I was pleasantly surprised by the season premiere episode, but also it’s only the first episode. Storylines might not be followed, though some cast members of Glee said that Ryan Murphy has gotten back to the old roots of Season One. Okay, I hope I can believe you.

Nothing I really hated in this episode. Watching “the Glee! Project” this summer, I soon realized that Ryan Murphy has already used one of the three people who won some type of prize. Lindsay has started her two, three episode arc as a theater competitior that Rachel and Kurt now have, specifically Rachel in hopes of landing a spot at the fake NY University NYADA. Don’t ask me what it stands for… I already forgot. Can’t wait for Damien to come on, another one of the winners, but that’s probably because he’s Irish.

I think the only two other things to mention of this episode is that Blaine now goes to McKinley so he can be with Kurt which could be a bad thing for me, personally because Ryan Murphy likes using Blaine… a lot. I felt he overused him last season. He’s cute adorable, great voice, but don’t overuse him, Ryan Murphy, I’m warning you. Darren Criss is now a full time cast member with Chord Overstreet out the door. He was great with singing Tom Jones’ “It’s not Unusual”, but we shall see.

The other high point for me was Quinn being a Skank. No, I did not insult her that’s her new click. I love her hair. I love her Ozzy Osbourne glasses. I can’t wait to see what this different side of Quinn brings.

One thing we need is more Brittany. I can never get enough of one-liners, but maybe that’s the point… she’s a one liner character. You can’t have too much of her.  Also the Kurt/Rachel friendship has grown on me. Let’s see if it lasts.

Glee Songs:

  1. We Got the Beat
  2. Anything Goes/Anything You Can Do: Favorite Song
  3. Ding Dong the Witch is Dead
  4. It’s Not Unusual
  5. You can’t Stop the Beat

After Glee! came the sitcoms of “New Girl” and “Raising Hope”

“New Girl”… I have to say I loved it, but I also have a feeling a lot of people won’t like it. It’s one of those quirky comedies that people just don’t gravitate toward then. The same could be said to what happened to “Pushing Daisies”. It got canceled in case you didn’t know.

Anyway the character of Jess is Zooey Deschanel. I don’t mean she’s played by Zooey…. the character is Zooey. Quirky, different, out of the box. I would like to note that she has a love for “Dirty Dancing” and “Lord of the Rings”. So that’s the type of person she is and I like that type of person.

What also plays into this comedy is her three new roommates. Coach, Schmidt and Nick. They are just the perfect combination. Coach is a personal trainer, Nick just got out of a relationship and is a bartender and Schmidt has douchebag characteristics that his friends are trying to break by making him pay money to a jar called the Douchebag Jar.

I think I just found my new favorite comedy. Let’s hope other people agree so that it lasts longer than “Traffic Light”. What? Yeah that comedy that FOX had last year for like five or something episodes.

“Raising Hope” is another one of those quirky shows that people don’t like, don’t get or don’t care. They did get two Emmy nominations, but I don’t know what that means for them.

I enjoyed the season premiere with Jimmy having a gift as a singer, but loses it because his father accidentally hits him in the head with a golf club. Only on “Raising Hope” They then try to bring the gift back but only find it when they are all drunk.

The baby is also one of the reasons I watch “Raising Hope” and she’s gotten bigger. I’m glad they’ve kept her, but I’m hoping she keeps her cuteness as the show progresses because she is one of the high points of why I watch the show. She is freakin’ adorable. The smile, the dimples…. ahh I melt.

They  had a little distasteful 9/11 joke, but hopefully people can look past it. I did, but I don’t know how others did or will.

So pretty much my Tuesday is Fox Block, catchy no? What do you watch tonight? Anything that I should’ve watched instead of Fox all night?


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