Chanel ads… they make me fall in love with fashion

It seems like I’ve disappeared whether with movie or t.v. reviews and I’m sorry. School has been busy and I haven’t had my heart in it for awhile.  I’ll come back as school slows and something catches my eye. Apparently this maybe the week, I need something to calm my fear and sadness for Japan (日本). I am a Japanese language minor at my school and the news has been breaking my heart. So here goes my meditation in chanel ads.

I’ve fallen in love with the Chanel Fashion House about two or more years ago (I can’t remember) and I have to say the ads for their perfumes always draw me in..

Nicole Kidman from 2006. Very Moulin Rouge esque…

The flawless Keira Knightley. For my prom four years ago, I was dying to have my hair like this, but alas it only looked perfect on her. So I guess I have been in love with Chanel more than two years then haha

Another small Chanel movie with Audrey Tautou… perfection

Can’t wait for the new Keira ad to come out…

As Rachel Zoe says… I die for Chanel (not that I can afford it)



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