How many friends do you have?: “The Social Network” discussion

This movie… is good. I think it’s obvious. I think what makes this movie so good is that it’s a smart movie. It doesn’t make you feel like they had to dumb down the movie for it’s viewers, but actually trusted them with understanding a story.

What am I talking about? Fincher decided to combine the two law suits together that Mark Zuckerberg played by Jesse Eisenberg faced into one movie. Zuckerberg at one point even says, “I’m getting confused. I’m dealing with two lawsuits right now”.

One lawsuit involed the Winkelvoss twins who believed that Zuckerberg stole their idea. The Winkelvoss twins are both played by the deep voiced Armie Harmer. There’s a great video on NY Mag that went into depth to show the process of transforming Armie Harmer with old movie tricks, but also new technology.

The other lawsuit was more personal… it was between Mark Zuckerberg and his former best friend Eduardo played by Andrew Garfield.  Both Andrew and Jesse show how these two characters slowly break up, tear apart a friendship that was strong and stable. The question was brought up multiple times during the movie…. was Mark angry and cut Eduardo out of the facebook deal with the stocks because he was motivated by jealousy.  Eduardo had bee accepted into a highly prestigious club, the Phoenix, while Mark had not.

My favorite scene involved the chicken and how Eduardo made a chicken a cannibal a.k.a meeting a chicken eating another chicken. Oh look I found the scene 🙂

Besides the movie dealing with the law suits, it also dealt with that in the end Zuckerberg and his friends were just college kids in the end and by the way were making a multi-billion dollar venture. For instance inside the house Zuckerberg had a team of people working on the code for Facebook meanwhile five seconds later they are trying to hanglide into the pool from the chimney . Even the way Zuckerberg got interns was college fun. He had them a do a hacker code, but also do shots at the same time.

I know there’s been the talk of whether the “Social Network” is as true to the drama of Mark Zuckerberg’s real life. Truth is, no one knows except Mark.  From what the director David Fincher compiled together from both sides painted a great story. Once again I’m taking it for it’s story. I’m not here to discuss how much I was angry, but also fascinated by Zuckerberg. When I speak about Zuckerberg, I speak about his character portrayal by Jesse Eisenberg.  The only thing I will say is that Mark Zuckerberg is a brillant man to develop such an idea, but also how sad it was to see at the end that that real law suit regarding Eduardo was settled with an undisclosed amount. I wonder if it was worth to break a friendship to be a billionaire? Anway no more judging…

Here we go…

Jesse Eisenberg is the man at being this character of Mark Zuckerberg. Honestly Jessie just needs an award for talking so fast and the scary thing is… you’re actually able to understand him.  He’s brilliant. The opening scene just grabs you when he starts going on his livejournal and starts pulling his girlfriend apart one post at a time.  Yes he seems like an egotistical jerk, but I can’t help it that he pulls it off so great.

The other characters are great as well though I don’t know why Justin Timberlake was getting so much attention for playing Sean Parker, the founder of Napster. He just bothered me. He just seemed such a one note character.

Meanwhile I fell i love with the character of Eduardo played by Andrew Garfield. I’m surprised he didn’t get a support actor nom, but alas there are only so many spots open on the nomination bored.  The best scene came from Andrew at the end and he and Mark are yelling at one another.

With regards to the original score… it’s weird how I feel about it. The piano and chorus parts such as played on the trailer I love. The techno beats… I’m not so sure. I understand how it fits together with the whole feel of computers and technology and the face past industry that Facebook was becoming, but I’m a fan of the orchestra sound over the techno sound.

Oscar Nominations:

-Best Achievement in Cinematography

– Best Achievement in Directing: David Fincher

– Best Original Score

-Best Actor: Jesse Eisenberg

-Best Achievement in Editing

– Best Sound Mixing

-Best Adapted Screenplay


One thought on “How many friends do you have?: “The Social Network” discussion

  1. I thought the movie did an excellent job, as you pointed out, of commercializing some experimental techniques by showing multiple lawsuits and the past in parallel. It was also ironic to see one form of media portraying the advent of another form of media. All in all it was a better movie than I expected and really inspirational in that it reveals what it takes to build a great idea – drive and better execution than the other guy.

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