Down the “Rabbit Hole”: “Rabbit Hole” Discussion

I think we kinda figured that Nicole Kidman was going to get a nomination for her portrayal of Becca, a grieving mother in “Rabbit Hole”. What kinda surprised me more was that Aaron Eckhart didn’t get a nod. Both Aaron and Nicole portrayed two parents dealing with grief in two different ways. They are like the yin and yang of dealing with grief.  The reason for the grief however is the same… their four-year-old son Danny was killed eight months ago.  He ran out to chase his dog and was hit by a car.

Nicole’s way to deal was to pretend that everything was fine. She tries to hide her emotions in her gardening, in her cooking and trying to be happy for her sister’s pregnancy. She even tries to catch up with people from work, but many years have passed since she has worked their and they have moved on. She goes to counseling sessions with her husband (Sandra Oh is also there), but after some time. She can’t. They just don’t work  for her with people wallowing every day at the same time. Howie will still continue to go after she’s left.

For a while I didn’t know why this movie was called “Rabbit Hole”. The only thing I drew connections to was maybe possibly “Alice in Wonderland” and how Alice kept fell down it and everything got all topsy turvy. I was kinda close in some sense. With the death of Danny, Becca and Howie fell down a rabbit hole and their lives were thrown upside down and completely changed. The real reason for it being named “Rabbit Hole” was that involved the title of the comic book that Jason was drawing.

Jason is a seventeen, eighteen-year-old boy  who hit Becca and Howie’s child. We also see how Jason is dealing with the tragic accident. The most heart wrenching part for me of this movie was when he told Becca, he thinks maybe he was driving too fast. He thinks the speed limit in the area was 30 and he was going like 31, 32… I expected him to say like 45 or something, but when he said 31/32. It broke me down and it definitely broke Becca.

Becca checks on him routinely throughout the movie to see how he is doing, but also a way of dealing with her own grief. They meet and discuss normally things, but they also discuss the idea of parallel universes. Nicole Kidman calls this universe, the sad version of us.  The idea of parallel universes come into play because that’s what Jason’s comic book is all about, “Rabbit Hole”, a kid losing his father and finding an alternate version of him in an parallel universe.

At first I thought this relationship was weird because we didn’t know who the boy was. It just looked like Nicole Kidman was creeping on a teenager, but as discussed above, there’s a reason. The one person who can’t understand this is Howie and flips out when Jason comes by to drop off the comic book. This is a great scene.

I think my reasoning to why Aaron Eckhart didn’t get nominated was that his portrayal of a grieving parents was what the academy voters expected too see. In my belief that’s why I loved him in the role because I think that’s what makes him so fragile and good in this movie. He wants so bad to find happiness again. The only way he can find it is by watching an old video of his son or looking at his artwork. Becca eventually takes the artwork down and deletes the video accidentally. This is the scene the award shows have been showing for Nicole. Here we go..

I know I discussed a couple time a few of my favorite scenes, but the ending is my favorite where they discuss a cookout which stands for them moving on one day, one thought at a time. There is a whole back forth of with a the continuing phrase of then…and then what? It ends with Aaron saying I don’t know.. something though.

Besides Aaron Eckhart’s not getting a nomination, I was also disappointed that Anton Sanko, the composer didn’t get a nod. It’s a given for me to have good music in the movie. It tends to make me fall in love with a movie over another. Sanko’s music has a very sweet, flowing melody of just moving on and going with the flow. I definitely suggest you checking out.


Nicole Kidman: Best Actress


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