My newest latest addiction… “Hunger Games”

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So last week, I started reading one of my new christmas books… “Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins and I could not put it down. Good thing I also asked for the other two books, “Catching Fire” and “Mockingjay”. I end up reading all three books in 15 hrs… that’s how good they were.

People are calling these books the next “Twilight” by which I mean I guess the only comparison is a love triangle and that’s they both are highly loved by a wide fan base. Not as wide as Ms. Rowling’s but it’s getting there. This is where the comparsion stops.

“Twillight” as we all know is a vampire lovestory, “The Hunger Games” is a war story about a country torn into 12 districts after the destruction of North America.

“The Hunger Games” is a first person narrative told by Katniss Everdeen, District 12 girl who ends up in a brutal reality games known as the hunger games. The hunger games are where 24 kids, two victors from each district (boy and  a girl) must fight to the death and only one can win. The Capitol bets on who will win the games.

My favorite character in the books is not Katniss, but the other District 12 Victor, Peeta Mellark who is a kind compassionate boy. Katniss learns that while most of the victors fight to kill, Peeta looks for the compassion in the people.

The two books after “The Hunger Games” have their flaws, but it’s not a big deal when you realize you have to more books to read about Katniss and the 12 districts in Panem.

It’s an adrenaline read to find out about the games….I’m actually rereading them right now.

The biggest news coming out of these books is who will play who…. Lionsgate has picked up the rights and hope to have something out by 2013.

Collins is helping write the screenplay, the director is Gary Ross, but at the moment there is no big named Hollywood Actress who can play Katniss Everdeen. Alot of actresses are just too old… Katniss is supposed to be around 16-years-old.  The best rumors I’ve seen about casting is for Katniss and Peeta’s mentor, Haymitch…. either Robert Downey Jr. or Hugh Laurie. I’m hoping RDJ because when reading the books I could see him playing that role great.

Anyway as I get immersed into this fanbase of the “Hunger Games” Ive come across the main webpage for all “The Hunger Games” like info is

For more “Hunger Games” movie info, check out Hunger Games central where has set up a base for all thing Hunger Games movie releated.

One of the best treats I found online is from John Lyde who luckily has is own camera equipment to shoot an awesome movie clip for “Hunger Games” because he is such a great fan. However, DO NOT WATCH IF YOU DON’T WANT TO BE SPOILED!

On a side note another awesome thing I found was beautiful jewelry inspired by the Hunger Games from Tena from Forks, Washington.

Check the other jewelry at the forks forest

The only thing I’m really not thrilled about is the audiobook for “The Hunger Games” where an older women Carolyn McCormick reads as Katniss in a very monotone voice. Maybe I’m just used to Jim Dale reading for “Harry Potter”, but I was hoping for something better.

Take a read and let me know what you think of the books…


One thought on “My newest latest addiction… “Hunger Games”

  1. My favorite character ends up being Cinna. LOVE him and wish we could have seen even more of him!

    Peeta is a very close second though 🙂

    I just reviewed to the first book over at my site. I would love to hear more of your thoughts!

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