I want a dragon: “How to Train Your Dragon”

I love vacation… it gives me more time to watch movies.

I was concerned when I at first started to watch “How to Train Your Dragon.” Was this movie only being nominated because there hadn’t really been any animation films besides “Toy Story 3” and “Despicable Me” and was it going to be too cheesy? Well the end result was positive: I enjoyed it… alot.

“How to Train Your Dragon” comes from the DreamWorks Studio. I’m glad that they put an end to the “Shrek” movies and made this one. Yes, I know there was fourth Shrek movie that came out this year, but let’s forget about that one and let’s focus on the success of “How to Train Your Dragon”

The storyline was basic, Vikings lives primarily revolve upon slaying dragons. Turns out dragons aren’t that bad. One Viking Kid, Hiccup (yes, that’s his name. I thought I heard it wrong at first) ends up training and becoming best friends with the most deadly dragon. He eventually persuade the other Vikings to feel the same way. By the way, Hiccup names his dragon, Toothless.

Hiccup has the normal role of an outcast in this movie because he’s different. He doesn’t have the normal build of a Viking and he likes to invent. It also doesn’t help that his dad is the numero uno Viking. Yes, this storyline is a tad repetitive. It’s okay. I let it slide and focused on the animation of Toothless.

Toothless and the other dragons acted like badly behaved, but adorable puppies. Just look at his eyes and you can see what I mean. They helped win this movie over for me. It also helped that one of the voice talents was Craig Ferguson which made me laugh.

One of my favorite parts of this movie is when Hiccup learns that Toothless can’t fly because part of his tail was destroyed. So Hiccup being an inventor, invents a partial tail for him. I especially like the symmetry of this at the end of the movie. Watch the movie and you will see.

Kids will enjoy this movie, but like most movies from Pixar and DreamWorks, adults can enjoy it too.

The only thing I’m bummed about is: I didn’t get to see it in 3D. Normally I could care less about a movie being in 3D, but I’m interested to see what parts of it would have been in 3D.


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