Brothers & Sisters Episode 5: “Call Mom” Review/Recap

So the big question is, can I catch up in my recaps? The only bad part about doing recaps so late is that I forgot what happens. Then I end up rewatching the episodes again. Anyways here’s “Call Mom”.

“Call Mom” is all about finding your spot in life whether it be Nora trying out to be on the radio , Luc being an artist and Kitty/Justin/Kevin finding themselves.

Nora does not get her radio job right away. It becomes a competition between Nora who is just a homemaker to Dr. Alexandra Kirby, a well known psychiatrist with hit books.

The only way Nora is able to secure her radio job is by having her children calling in.

Kevin calls in with a fake name Devon and tries to get his mom talk about how to make a really good cherry pie. Dr. Alex switches the conversation and talks about womb envy with Kevin.

Nora starts to get nervous and has to receive a pep talk from Kevin.

“What have I ever acoomplished?”

“Me,Kitty, Tommy, Justin, Sarah…” He goes on to explain that any average mother would crumble under the pressure of he and his sibling’s problems, but she didn’t. It’s her job to spread her advice to others who need it.

Nora proves this when Kitty calls in later as Katherine. She’s having a bit of a problem with Jack. When Jack tries to go all the way, she pushes him aside. She isn’t ready for that yet. She still hurts for Robert.  Dr. Alex tries to set up in to give her own opinion, but Nora swats her away.

Nora tells Katherine in response to Dr. Alex, “Statistics can’t hold your hand at night or share a cup of coffee in the morning,  Katherine you are grieiving for the husband you lost and the life you had invisioned and now that’s all the gone, you have to give up the life’s that you’ve planned,  find the life that’s waiting for you,all of our lives, we grow up by by loss, by  moving on, how we handle those losses is how we define who we are.”

Kitty ends up going home to Pasadena to wait for her mom. Jack arrives minutes later to explain to her that she doesn’t know who he is. He was an investment banker at one time, became disillusioned and he too wanted to start over in life.

Justin doesn’t call in, but ends up listening to what his mom has to say. He too feels lost without Rebecca. He goes up to Ojai and visits the place that sells the Date Shakes. He’s asked out on a date by the worker, but after listening to his mom’s voice on the radio, he refuses.

Sarah neither listens or call in to the radio. She is dealing with her own sort of problem, but Scotty is there to help out. Sarah thinks Luc is cheating on her especially when Luc buttdials her by mistake and she hears french women’s voices on the other side.

She hauls Scotty and herself over to his hotel. She goes over to where is and starts accusing him of cheating. Luc explains as does this woman that this is a business meeting, nothing more. Sara returns home to his study to stare at his painting. She wonder when was the last time he painted. Luc returns moments later to see her staring. She asks him, what happened to you?

“I’m still the man you met at the picnic.”

“When was the last time you picked up a paintbrush? Modeling was a way to support your passion, it looks like you’ve given it up.”

Luc sighs and explains that with his first check, he bought her a ring. Awww!

In the end Nora gets the job, Sarah still gets Luc and… Scotty cheated on Kevin!??!?!


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