“Extradition II: The Actual Extradition Part” Review

I know I normally do longer reviews, but as I did this for my school’s paper, I thought it would suffice my opinions on the latest episode as my schedule is very busy. This is also posted on my main psych blog… pineapplechunks.wordpress.com

The cast and the writers of “Psych” prove what they do best after coming back from hiatus: they make you laugh and feel something at the same time.

The case was easy to solve, but as it’s the fifth season, it’s probably not the main reason why fans stick around. Fans stick around for the relationships whether it be Shawn’s infatuation with past art thief Despereaux or Shawn’s relationship with Juliet moving from friends to something more.

In “Extradition II: The Actual Extradition Part”, Shawn and Gus return to Canada to meet up with a criminal they put in jail, Despereaux. He wants to show them he is still the best. Shawn is excited and Gus is annoyed. So it’s usual business for them.  The case gets a little messy when two people are killed. Shawn knows Despereaux doesn’t kill, he just goes for the expensive art.

The case wasn’t too hard to solve especially after a new character was introduced halfway through the episode, but once again the fans maybe aren’t too concerned about that.  The Shawn and Gus classic jokes and bickering made up for that.  So did the “Shules” romance.  In case you were wondering, “Shules” is like the “Brangelina” of “Psych”.

The last episode before the hiatus ended with the kiss between Juliet and Shawn that the fans had all waited for.  When the show returned, the relationship was where the audience had left off.  Shawn wanted to talk to Juliet about what they had. It wasn’t a good time for Juliet. Juliet wanted to talk to Shawn then. It wasn’t a good time for Shawn.  Juliet told him, maybe their moment passed. “Shules” fans winced from that hurt. Could it really be over for this couple before it even started?

The “Shules” fans were saved the agony because Shawn didn’t let the moment pass.  Thank goodness for Shawn taking control of his heart for once!

Shawn as always makes a gushy moment somewhat witty. He wants give up his motorcycle a.k.a. his freedom and really wants to buy a car because of Juliet. James Roday who plays Shawn always knows how to do the lines justice when Shawn’s love for Juliet is on the line. Also a good thing for Roday because we know he hates to ride that thing.

Roday and Maggie Lawson who plays Juliet are probably happy with this result. The two date in real life.

P.S.: I loved that last ten minutes especially with the bridge in the background and that an old lady called Juliet a slut, haha…loved it!



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