House Episode 4: “Massage Therapy”

It’s a general rule that cases on medical shows will somehow link to the characters. Sometimes I’m oblivious to these links, but at least “Massage Therapy” provided a link that I could see. That said link was all about whether to sever the link to a relationship?

House and Cuddy seem to have a “fine” relationship. Cuddy doesn’t stay over. They sleep together, hang out for a little bit and then she must leave to go home to care for her daughter. House explains to Wilson, he doesn’t like Cuddy’s daughter. Cuddy has never asked House to stay over. House still has his prostitute/masseuse come over. Cuddy isn’t so pleased with the last one. She tells him to use a physical therapist for his leg pain. He tries to sway her by providing her with a gay hooker who House tells her is a masseuse.

Cuddy’s reaction: You are trying to sabotage our relationship because you are afraid of serious relationship.

House: You won’t let sleepover because of your daughter.

Cuddy: I need to protect her.

House: Call it what if it is, I’m no the only one holding back.

The patient, Margaret comes into the hospital with sever vomiting, abdominal pain. House’s team including new lady doctor, Dr. Kelly Benedict figure out that “Margaret” really isn’t who she says she is. Once again as in last week’s episode, the same mantra comes about…. Everybody lies. They find out that Margaret is really Jenny who says she got into a cycling accident which broke her ribs. Another lie, they break it down again and she admits to having an abusive first husband five years ago. She was in Trenton that previous day for a help meeting.  Or that’s what she says at the moment.

Her husband, Billy ends up leaving to go and find said abusive husband. He comes back with a bloody nose. The said abusive husband was not her husband, just a colleague. There wasn’t even a support group for abused women in Trenton like she said.

This case with Margaret is a test for the new doctor, Dr. Kelly Benedict who Chase hired. Everyone thinks Chase hired her so he could sleep with her. I was hoping this wasn’t true, but it turns out I was wrong. I’ll explain later.

House goes through different options to why Chase hired her. Maybe because she reminded him of Cameron, maybe because, after a getting an answer wrong and is fed the information Chase, House thinks that she is a dumb version of Cameron and that Chase wants revenge to fire her. Last option was that Kelly Benedict reminded Chase of his mom. House actually goes through the process of actually obtaining a slide of Chase and his mother to compare the similarities.

Chase says that he hired Kelly because of that she is fresh off her psychiatrist degree and second she was editor of her College Paper so he thought she could handle pressure. Bad thinking on Chases’s part… Kelly tells him editor just means a writer. A person in charge of the paper is called Editor-in-Chief.

Foreman is unhappy with Chase. I kinda thought they were buddies after working together for seven years, but I guess that isn’t the case. Foreman talks with Chase about how Kelly is dead weight. Chase confronts Foreman and asks why do you act different, you think your job is higher up then mine? He ticks off that his title, salary and responsibility is no different than Chases. The only thing that is different is Foreman’s ego and attitude.  He only picks on  Kelly because he is afraid to take no House. That shuts Foreman up.

As Kelly’s job hangs in limbo, the patient’s symptoms start to disappear. She no longer has a fever or needs a pacemaker. House finds out that her fever disappeared a yesterday, but Kelly never informed him. Kelly tries to save her job by reasoning that since the patient’s delusions still remain that maybe it is biopolar disorder.

It’s not biopolar disorder. House comes to the conclusion that after speaking to a doctor in Trenton that Jenny does have an underlying disease that she has dealt with for awhile. She changed medications which led to her symptoms. Jenny is schizophrenic.  House scoffs at Kelly saying a psychiatrist should have figured that out.

House tells Chase that he can give one more chance, but as Chase sees Kelly packing up her things and he now has a chance to go out with her, he doesn’t mention the second chance. This is when I got a little annoyed. I thought Chase would tell someone about a job opportunity rather than a lay he wants. I just thought he was better.

Carl asks House what he should do. How can he still stay married to her. House says if you want to give up , that’s a reason to leave her. Carl says he can’t, that’s too hard.

Mirroring his own relationship, House says to Carl, “It’s always too hard.”

Both Carl and House do not give up. Carl goes back to comfort Jenny and House stops seeing his masseuse. Cuddy in return let’s him have dinner at her house and let’s him meet her daughter.


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