House Episode 3: “Unwritten” Recap/Review

I loved this episode, but that might have to do with the fact that I’m a writer. Fun fact for me at least: I figured out what was going on straight from the beginning. I’m surprised it took House so long, but I guess that’s because he didn’t see the imaginary Jack Cannon disappear and reappear.

“Unwritten” is an episode where a writer, Alice Tanner finishes her last book of the Jack Cannon detective series. She puts it in the manuscript in the safe as she talks to a boy with a scar on his face. She says, “I’ll be done with you.” She takes out a gun and tries to kill herself. The boy disappears, he appears to be a figment of her imagination.  As she goes to place the gun in her mouth, she has a seizure. The bullet instead hits the side of her face as her housekeeper finds her lying on the floor.

Meanwhile House is very happy to have as his patient. He’s a BIG fan of the book. He wants to find out why she wants to kill herself because he wants to save the Jack Cannon series. House being a big fan of this book series makes Foreman, Wilson, Taub and Chase laugh because these books like the “Twilight” series are meant for teenage girls.  House ignores them.

Alice tries to get out of the hospital. House won’t let that happen and proceeds to put her on a 72 hour psych watch.

Alice does not help House’s team in any way. She will not tell them anything about her medical history. When they go to do an M.R.I. scan she cries out in pain. She has three screws in her leg. They couldn’t have prevented this because she never told them on her medical forms about any metal screws in her body. House proceeds to tell his team, well he writes on the back of Taub’s jacket… EVERYBODY LIES.

House must find a way for Alice to cooperate with them as they are running low on the number of hours they have left. He offers her a new way to die besides shooting herself…. a needle with a narcotic in liquid form.  He tells her to take to choose between life and death. She stabs herself with the needle. It was just water. With that little stunt, Alice has gained herself another 24 hrs in the hospital. Alice, angry at him, tell hims that Jack dies in the last book.

Now in the middle of trying to figure out what’s wrong with her,  House also wants something else… the next Jack Cannon book and to find out whether she was lying. He proceeds to take Cuddy out on a date to Alice’s House without telling her whose house it is. When Cuddy finds out, she doesn’t object. They are both trying to find things they have in common besides work. Well, at least House is. He believes Cuddy is.

While at Alice’s house, he starts to rifle through her things. He finds out from the housekeeper that Ms. Tanner keeps her manuscripts in the safe. The safe is obviously locked. House than proceeds to do the most drastic of things, take out her typewriter ribbon and takes it back to his office.

He then enlists Sam, remember Wilson’s ex-wife that he is now dating again?, to reconfigure the MRI machine so he can read the typewriter ribbon. House is able to read the book and finds out she was lying, she ends the book on a cliffhanger.

House is able to however to accomplish one ting with reading the book, he can compare Aunt Helen in the book to Alice. Alice did tell them that authors write what they know. Chase asks how he can be so sure? House proceeds to tell his team that Alice kills herself halfway through the book. Both Alice and Helen have symptoms of joint pain,  sensitivity to light, depression and fatigue. The team decides on Lupus. House can’t let it be that because Lupus has no cure, Alice will kill herself and the Jack Cannon series ends on that cliffhanger.

He finds out what half of Alice’s problem is when he and Cuddy double date with Wilson and Sam. They go go-carting where Sam and House are both ubber competitive. Sam almost wins, until House pulls her go-cart plug with can. Cuddy ends up spraining her shoulder thanks to Sam. She rubs it where the seatbelt was. The sprained shoulder leads House to think about how Alice’s housekeeper mentioned that Alice’s shoulder were always in pain.He comes to the conclusion that Alice was not in a skiing accident, but a car accident.

The car accident led to her an adrenaline secreting tumor that leads to her seizures. She has hyperthyroidism. House tells Alice she can finish and give Jack the proper ending. Alice responds, you don’t know what Jack wants.

This solution is all fine and dandy until when talking to House, she has paralysis. Taub comes up with post traumatic seroma which when left untreated can end in paralysis and seizures.

The team can’t find records of the car crash. House thinks she’s still lying. Working with Cuddy, they realize that Alice Tanner is her penname, Her real name is Helen.

Helen had a son who had died in the car accident. He had only a learner’s permit, it was raining, he died and she let him drive . He was her world and writing she could hold and feel him still.  House wants her to keep writing. He investigates and says Jack had a brain aneurysm and that’s why he crashed.

This is a very nice thing because we find out that House made it all up so she would continue to write.  House was being selfish because he loved the books and wanted her to changed the ending. When Helen tells him she won’t change the ending and she will leave it as a cliffhanger, he is closing to tell her that he lied and that Jack died because she let him drive.

Her reason for the cliffhanger: She says everyone can choose Jack’s fate however they want. How many answers do you get in life?

House sees Cuddy and resists telling Helen the truth. He just tells Helen, her son was lucky to have a mom like her.

What Cuddy and House learned from Jack Cannon: They don’t have to have anything in common. Their relationship works differently.

Cuddy: “Who cares about common? Common is boring. I like being with you. You make me better. I hope I make you better. What we have is uncommon…”

What I learned from this episode: I want a safe for my future manuscripts and a typewriter just because they make cool sounds and old fashion font that I love.


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