Brothers & Sisters Episode 4: “Righteous Kiss” Review/ Recap

So I hate to break it to non Justin fans… this was another Justin filled episode.

Last episode ended with Rebecca running into Justin’s arms when Holly couldn’t remember who she was again. Holly also disappeared. Rebecca ended up spending the night with Justin. Justin is over course ecstatic, but Rebecca isn’t so sure. They get a call from David who alerts them that Holly is missing.

Where does Holly end up going to? William’s house. Only problem is William is dead as Nora tries to rationally explain to Holly. Holly’s story line is really the most tragic this season because honestly Kitty doesn’t seem to be too depressed. She’s too busy kissing Jack the handyman. Well, I shouldn’t say that. She’s confused after she kisses him and calls it just an instinct. After all, Robert was just buried.

Nora and David end up taking Holly to the hospital. Both Justin and Rebecca meet up with them. Rebecca has some alone time with Nora and explains because Nora is her mom figure since Holly, her own mother can’t remember or can’t feel anything toward her own daughter. Nora gets excited when she learns hat Justin and Rebecca spent the night together and might be trying to work things out. Rebecca explains she still loves Justin so much, but she’s trying to find herself like Justin found himself when he went back to war. Nora thinks Rebecca should do what’s right for her.

What is Rebecca’s plan: to got to New York. She submitted a photography portfolio and got a job with Tribeca Magazine.

The other Walkers not tied into the Holly issue are busying making costumes for Cooper’s “Romeo and Juliet” play. Sarah is making the costumes because she is trying to suck up to the other moms who have connections to an elite school for Cooper. Luc can’t understand why she’s trying so hard. It’s like she’s having a second fake personality for these moms.  Kevin, Scotty, Saul and Saul’s friend Charlie come over to help her sew these very intricate costumes for a kid play.

Kevin and Scotty want Saul to make Charlie his boyfriend because Saul really likes him. The only problem is Saul hasn’t told Charlie about being HIV positive. When Saul tells him, Charlie lets him down. He just had a boyfriend for 20 years who was HIV positive. The last ten years were the worst for him. He doesn’t want to go through that again. Poor Saul, but like Kevin and Scotty said he should keep on trying to find someone who will be okay with it.

I’m so happy that Cooper had an episode because I missed seeing that little kid. We have seen a lot of Paige in these past couple of episodes and honestly were was Cooper’s awesome story line? His story line was cute: He being Romeo didn’t want to kiss Juliet because eww she’s a girl. Luc tells him it’s just a kiss, but if he really wants it to mean something, he must feel it from his heart.

During the actual play, Cooper gives his Juliet a big kiss. It was so cute and funny! The only people that didn’t approve were the moms that Sarah was trying to impress. Sarah confronts them at the end and says what horrible people they are then she left with her hot french man.

Finally the worst part of the episode, Rebecca goes to sit with her mother. She tries to connect with Holly. Holly is sick of people telling her about their perfect relationships they had with her. Rebecca She talks about Holly’s first husband Daniel who died in the war. Holly says I must have loved you if I told you about David, what can’t I feel anything now? This of course the factoring decision as to why Rebecca heads back to New York.

Now Rebecca must tell Justin…

They begin by comparing themselves to Coopers play which they missed…

“Too bad we missed it… it’s our play… two star crossed lovers” in relation how it was for a long time between Holly and Nora and how they were enemies. They somehow made it work.

Justin: “We have a chance to make it right”

Rebecca: “You grew up so much, I need that so much… this is my chance, I have to go.”

Justin tries to act all strong when Rebbeca leaves, but he breaks down when Norah confronts him. So sad! Hopefully Justin can move on. Oh wait…he does I heard about how Dave Annable’s wife Odette is coming on to play a love interest for him. That’s one thing the Walkers are good at… moving

Rebecaa, Emily Vancamp’s last scene was very nicely done I thought. We see Holly and David at a cafe. Suddenly the screen jutters between foucs and out of focus. I of course had no idea what was going on… it turned out it was mirroring Rebecca’s camera. Camera takes one last shot of them, smiles and walks away.



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