Brothers & Sisters Episode 3: “Faking It” Review/Recap

“Faking It” has a lot of the Walkers faking something. Sarah is faking her age. Justin is faking his marriage. Kitty is faking her name. Norah is also faking her age. Sadly, the only one not faking it is Holly.

Sarah thinks Luc thinks it’s her 40 birthday. When she first meet him in France she thought it would be a fling and lied about her age. Now that he stuck around, she’s in a bit of a fix. Sarah tries this whole episode to avoid her brothers and sister from spilling the beans on how old she really is. Luc is planning a birthday party and she tells them all to not come. Kitty finds an excuse, Kevin can’t because the birthday part is at Scotty’s restaurant.

Kitty’s excuse: Kitty is staying up in Ojai trying to find her self. She wants to know what her real reason is to live. Turns out not to be cooking or living in the country. From the heart Kitty is a city girl with a blue tooth phone and all. This is why she lies when handyman Jack comes over to fix her faucet. She says her name is Leslie Callpepper, the woman whose house she is renting.

This goes smoothly until Kevin shows up at her door. Kevin pretends to be her hick neighbor. He sets up an excuse for Kitty not to show up, but to cook dinner for Jack. Kitty ends up picking the toughest thing to make… a soufflé.

Meanwhile back in the city, Nora hates her job and feels so odd because of all the young people. She runs into an old friend who says plastic surgery will do wonders for that attitude. Nora thinks about this for the whole episode and includes Sara with this idea to get rid of a few wrinkles. In the end, Nora ends up finding an easier solution. She quits her job at Zoe’s Florist shop and says she’ll find a job that wants all her years of experience. My question is what happened to Nora’s charity work? Did Narrow Lake deplete all of her money? Also what happened to Zeke Phillip’s offer for a talk radio show? Hopefully episode 4 will catch us up eventually…

The biggest story line and no, I’m not showing favoritism because I love Justin is the Justin/Rebecca/Holly triangle. Not a love triangle.. that would be weird. This episode is the first episode we see Rebecca. I forgot she worked at Maddox Foods. David stops by to talk to Rebecca and tells her it might be okay to try again to speak with Holly. She asks why the sudden change? David tells her Justin has been by talking to Holly.

This make Rebecca go straight to Justin’s house  or really just to the front door. She won’t go inside the house. She only asks Justin what he told Holly. Justin told Holly about how they fell in love. He tells Rebbecca to come in, but she won’t.

What does Justin end up doing?  Repainting the turquoise color that Rebecca picked out a gray color. He is stuck choosing between elephant ear and rainy sundays. Saul finds him repainting and asks why? Justin explains the fear he saw in her eyes. “I know she was scared. She saw something she wants and she know she can’t have. I know that expression.” Justin finally tells the biggest secret of them all…. he and Rebecca have been divorced for awhile now ever since he was deployed in Afghanistan.

Justin and Saul are late to Sarah’s “40th” birthday party.  They get there to see Kevin, Nora and Sarah are on the phone with Kitty who is making a soufelle which ends up slowly dying. As Saul lets slip that Justin and Rebecca are divorced, Luc and Scotty come out with a cake. Justin remarks that Sarah hasn’t been 40 for a while. This ends the dinner party. Later Luc laughs with Sarah. He knew how old she was a long time ago because he saw her driver’s liscense. He said in France, they don’t care about age.

When Rebecca goes to see her mother, it seems to be going okay. They seem to be discussing Rebecca’s love for dance when as the conversation goes on, Rebecca realizes that Holly still has no idea who she is. Example: Holly asks why do you keep on calling me mom? Rebecca leave the house quickly, leaving Holly very confused.

Rebecca returns to Justin’s house, actually goes inside and goes to him, crying about her mother. She suddenly decides she can’t stay. “I can’t trust you, Justin.”  Justin responded, “I’ve changed. I’m not the same as I was last year. You can’t know, but you can let me prove it to you. You know why I haven’t told anyone about the divorce, because you haven’t either. You haven’t given up on us.” Rebecca tries to leave and says she must get home. Justin says a bit sadly, “Rebecca, you are home.” They kiss… will it last? Probably not… Bittersweet in a way then.

This episode ends in a cliffhanger when David realizes that Holly is no longer home, she has left the house. This wouldn’t be a big deal, but in her state… it’ a serious matter!


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