Brothers & Sisters Episode 2: “Brief Encounter” Review/Recap


One quote at the end of the episode really sums up whatever was doing during this episode… once again Nora Walker is the owner of the quote. Each piece of the quote is directed at each of her children.

To Kevin: “Kevin, who are you?  When did you become so cynical and hard hearted that you would leave that boy in jail? when any fool would know he didn’t break into the restaruant for the moeny… he’s all alone in the world, he doesn’t have any one to take care of him. He broke into the restuarnt hoping you would find him and help him…”

-Remember Mateo? The case that Kevin was working on in the first episode, well he came back to surprise Nora when she went over to Scotty and Saul’s restaurant. He broke on and Kevin angry at him, wanted to get rid him. Mateo ends up getting arrested a little bit later and Mateo lets him sit in jail. Nora is annoyed and told Kevin, Mateo was gong to Kevin because he was looking for help. In the end Kevin and Scotty help find Mateo’s Abuela who hasn’t seen in a while.

To Justin: “And Justin,  if you wants to save your marraaige, you have to start acting like a husband. A good husband takes care of his wife’s family even when she can’t.”

While at the party ( what party? I get to that in Sarah’s little section) Sarah tells Justin to find a nice girl. Justin gets annoyed, he’s still married. Nora really doesn’t think he is acting like a husband. Even if he can’t get to Rebecca, he can help Holly. This is what Justin ends up doing. He ignores David’s request to leave him and his family alone and sit and speaks with Holly about Rebecca.

To Kitty:  “Living in limbo and trying to avoid the furture isn’t going to help  help you one little bit netiher is inventing a fictional life for your mother. You need to take the first painful steps of your new life. They don’t have to be big or profound, they just need to be something, honey.”

Kitty’s story bothered me a little bit. She didn’t really seem that depress as the other characters were letting on about burying her husband. Kitty seemed to be preoccupied with uncovering a secret of her mothers.  After seeing her mother speak on the phone quietly, disappear randomly and follows her to a woman’s house, Kitty thinks her mom is a lesbian. Mayhem ensues when she tells her sibling this.  By far I love Justin and Scotty’s response. When Nora enters the picture, she thinks they know about her job. Both sides are confused by what they are talking about. Only until the end when Nora says she needs the money, does it become clear that she is not a lesbian.

To Sarah: “I’m not going skip you. What on earth were you think of  bringing Paige to this party? She doesn’t need you to be her friend, she needs you to be her mother. Unlock the damn door, go in there, clean her up and take her home.”

Finally I can tell you about the party… The part is an advertisement campaign for the Luc because Luc has become a sexy underwear model. Sarah allows Paige to attend the party because she believes this will make her teenage daughter like her more. Paige is trying to find a position in her life to be in the “it crowd”. Paige ends up breaking off ties with her friend Agie because Agie is too childish. At the party, Paige meets the daughter of a plastic surgeon. The daughter ends up getting them both getting drunk which lends Paige in the bathroom, puking her brains out.  In the end Paige is friends again with Agie because Agie doesn’t desert her when Sarah grounds her. My only question is… where is Cooper? I hate when children actors just disappear. I understand why it happens though.

“Why are you all standing around her? You have things to do.. go.”

As the Walkers split up, Nora goes to get a drink and meets Zeke Phillips, a talk radio show producer. He has an interest in Nora ad the advice she just spewed out to her children.

Side note: Nora tells Kitty to find somewhere to go, to rent.. to find herself. Kitty finds a place in Ojai to find herself.

This is the passage that Nora gives to Kitty to read about finding her way. It’s from Walden with a couple editorial marks thanks to Nora.


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