House Episode 2 “Selfish”: Recap/Review

House and Cuddy sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S – wait they haven’t told anyone yet? “Selfish” is all about just that, after their relationship gets out can House and Cuddy still work as employee and employeer? Cuddy wants to go to Human Resource and let them know about their relationship. House doesn’t really care either way.

Oh and Alyson Stoner is the patient is in this episode. ( I thought she was quite good in it. Very different what I saw her in *cough* Camp Rock *cough*)

House tells his team of all men( I miss 13 and Cameron) about his relationship when he first walks in.

Here’s out it goes down. Taub: in favor, Foreman: indignant and Chase: in different. Wilson still doesn’t believe him. When House tells him that he’s going to Human Resource and Wilson says that no big deal, House has been to H.R. 74 times.

House’s case this week as I said is about Alyson Stoner. Alyson Stoner a.k.a Della, Junior Ms. Everything, collapses suddenly at a skateboarding event. Important fact:  Hugo, her brother, has muscular dystrophy. Looking through all her activities including basketball, science club etc… House realizes that Della is living  life for Hugo, doing things he can’t do.

Della eventually has kidney failure and starts to spit blood. House has to do a procedure on the lung. He has two options. He takes the more riskier option to Cuddy. She says yes and House is surprised. He tells the team that he didn’t get cleared for the trickier procedure. ” I heard yes, but I really saw no.”

Hugo and his parents tell the doctors that Della has never really been sick. Della unfortunately tells them that she has been lying.  She has had an ear ache and chest congestion for over a year.

House and his team are once again running out of time. She gets a new lung, but eventually rejects it. House’s team finds out that she has sickle cell trait. The only option left is to get a half of lung and her brother Hugo. Cuddy warns House not to tell the parents of this option.  She says to him, ” we don’t compromise one life for another.”

House eventually goes against Cuddy’s wishes and tells the dad when he comes in House’s office asking if there is anything left to be done. House tells the dad this last option., The Dad and Mom must now decide saving their daughter or keeping their sick son alive a little bit longer. If they take half of Hugo’s lung, his life span will be cut in half. Della eventually learns what they plan to do.

In the middle of the night, Della escapes from her bed and is found barely hanging on, on one of the hospital staircases. House proclaims, “The brother, the saint… the sister, the martyr.

House asks what is the parents answer… they won’t take the lung. House begins to yell at them which then Cuddy comes to join this conversation. She is furious to learn that he went behind her back. House tells the Cuddy, “Life has handed them a crappy choice. It’s easy to choose.” Cuddy responds angrily back, “Not everything is a math equation.” They declare that their first fight is the first honest reaction they had all day with one another.

Hugo overhears their whole conversation with his parents and immediately tells Della, she must take his lung. She say’s she can’t. Hugo says he can’t leave without her.

Hugo: “You do so many great things, but I just get to watch. It’s not me, it never will be.” Giving half of his lung, his answer is this, “Then I really can share everything you do. Don’t make me live without you.” Eventually Della concedes.

Oh I forgot to mention their H.R. thingie, didn’t I? House and Cuddy tell H.R. they it won’t be a problem. Through the course of Della’s case, they learn that they are lying to one another and hurting the patient. House realizes the only option is to get a new supervisor. Problem, no one can handle supervising House. Only Cuddy has been able to control him for the past seven years.

The next episode as I’ve already watched it, but have yet to post on it,  discusses their two relationships, their work and their personal. It really is a work in progress.



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