Brothers & Sisters Season Premiere: “Homecoming”


This quote below will tie up the whole episode. It’s a flashback episode where the first scene connects to the last scene fyi…

“Sarah just trying to move on, Kevin was trying to save every family in the world except ours, Mom was like she become someone else, but someone came  home and turned out to be a hero in more ways than one and me I had to make a choice that no one should every have to make.”

I’m calling this Justin Hero Episode which made me very happy because Justin is my favorite.

So this first episode takes place a year after the accident which left Robert dead, right? Well, apparently we were all wrong.

Robert didn’t die, but apparently was in a vegetative coma and Kitty has been taking care of him. Fun fact: you never see Rob Lowe’s face because he isn’t on the show. I wonder whose hand it was. Honestly I think it would have been better for the show if Rob had died the night and not dragged it out for the whole episode.

Let’s take a look at the quote from the very first few seconds of the episode.

“Sarah just trying to move on…”

  • So what has Sarah been doing for this whole year? Oh she’s just trying to sell Narrow Lake for 55 million dollars. Also Luc (not Luke apparently) decided he needed a way to earn money so become a sexy underwear model. Now that gives the Walkers something to talk about.
  • Sarah actually wants to move to Paris and move on. Hold up Sarah, what about your children? I know you didn’t see them on the show much, but Paige and Cooper did have importance in your life, right?

“Kevin was trying to save every family in the world except ours…”

  • Kevin has returned to the lawyer world. He now does pro-bono work. First case that we see that becomes important: Kevin gets Mateo, a boy to be returned to his father, rather than go to juvie.
  • Scotty has opened his own restaurant with Saul. It’s called “Cafe 429”
  • Scotty and Kevin have not tried for a child again.
  • Kevin to my surprise is very upset Robert is incapacitated. Considered him a best friend… really? I guess I thought they were close, but maybe I should rewatch the end of last season again.
  • Saul has a new boyfriend. All we know is that they like to play backgammon.
  • Each of the Walkers have really only ate at the restaurant once.
  • At the end of the episode: Kevin and Scotty find Mateo sleeping outside “Cafe 429”. Scotty invites him in and Kevin warns, “one night.”

Mom was like she become someone else

  • Nora works at a florist’s shop now. Odd…
  • “Be the mother you were when I left”: Justin to Nora
  • The accident left Nora very shaken. You had a couple things happened.
  1. Robert, her daughter’s husband pretty much dead.
  2. Holly didn’t die, but completely lost control of her short term memory and maybe even her long term memory or a.k.a amnesia-ish. She remembers who Nora is, she doesn’t remember that they are friends. She still thinks William is alive. Is this kind killing Patricia Wettig’s character? You don’t really want to bring her into a scene if all her character can do is cause mass hysteria by not being able to remember anything? I really was starting to like Holly so hopefully by some miracle, she might return.
  3. Justin went off to war again leaving his marriage in shambles. We find out that Rebecca has just got up and left. She literally moved all of her things out of Justin’s apartment.

Finally here comes Justin’s heroic homecoming!

Everyone was worried that Justin was going to come home with a problem again whether injury, drug addiction or PTSD. Guess who didn’t come home with any problems and turned out being the most sane of the Walkers? Yep, my Justin!

Now Justin tries multiple times to bring Kitty into the reality of the situation that Robert isn’t going to wake up. Kitty pushes him away multiple times.

Justin’s homecoming dinner was supposed to be at the Scotty and Saul’s restaurant, but that got changed because Justin freaked slightly that Rebecca moved out and his mom forgot to tell him.

Everyone relocates to Nora’s house… this is where all hell breaks loose. First reason why: the wine was late in arriving.

Kevin lets loose that Sarah plans on moving to France. Sarah lets them know that the deal with Narrow Lake is almost done. Justin doesn’t understand why they would want to sell something they worked so hard to get. He asks them all what they are doing with the money.  This i where the drama and awkwardness ensues.

No one really answers him or they avoid him. Sarah goes to yell at him, but Nora tries to soothe her.

Justin says “After the accident, you all went to your rooms and shut the doors.” Sarah is about to tell off  Justin, but then remembers he was away in war. Justin doesn’t care, he says, “No, don’t let it go. No one is talking to one another.”  The change of location comes up. Justin continues, “What? So we would behave ourselves? We need to be in each others faces. We need to invest in one another. We need to be Walkers.” He goest through everyone’s problems and stops at Kitty. Kitty says “he just does what he always does, runs away.” Nora tries to quiet her again, but Justin makes her speak.

What Kitty eventually says: She blames Justin for letting Robert die, for walking away and leaving her husband.

Justin’s response: “We were both soldiers, it was the right thing to do. we were two soldiers who made a choice. I think that’s why I went back.”

Kitty: “You don’t understand. you don’t know what your asking me to do. your basically asking me to kill him. he’s not a soldier, he’s just my husband. This is not one of your war stories Justin, this is my life.”

After all of this dinner doesn’t happen. Kitty leaves and everyone disperses.

Take two: Nora finds Kitty at the Hospital.

Kitty: “I can’t even go in there tonight, do you know.. how much he looks like Robert, but it isn’t him. I don’t think it’s
Robert anymore, it’s just me. I just can’t say it: Goodbye.”

This is finally the telling sign that it’s time to let go.

A very quickie funeral happens.. I’m really only happy that Justin is in his uniform and that’s about it. I guess they saved money and time without using Rob Lowe at all.

Honestly I loved that Brothers and Sisters came back, Justin’s big part in this episode, but I was slightly annoyed that they kept Robert alive- kinda for a year.

Last shot is beautiful with Kitty leaving the flowers at the scene of the accident. The flowers are focused on such a low angle as Kitty walks away. Just some good t.v. making!

Remember now:  Rob Lowe is gone...(Spoiler) Rebecca’s character storyline will be wrapped soon because she as well will be leaving the show. Will Holly survive the full 19 episodes (remember they cut back on the episode number too)?  Hopefully some good drama will come about very shortly.

Tomorrow night’s episode: Is Nora a lesbian? I hope some classic Walker phone conversations come into play.


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